In supporting every wrong by Pakistan, Turkey trying to emerge as a new radical Islamic axis

New Delhi, Oct 26: Turkey was Pakistan’s lone supporter at the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) plenary which had last week kept Islamabad in the grey list. Turkey had tried everything possible to ensure that Pakistan is let off.

It even suggested a special visit to Islamabad to make an onsite assessment of Pakistan’s implementation of measures to curb terror funding. It was seen more as an effort to plug holes in the legal framework to curb terror funding. 

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Pakistan-Turkey radical Islamic nexus at FATF

New Delhi, Oct 24: Turkey was the lone supporter of Pakistan at the Financial Action Task Force ( FATF).

While Saudi Arabia and China also spoke for Pakistan to be removed from the grey list on technical grounds only Turkey was left to support Islamabad. This clearly shows the new found radical Islamic nexus between the two countries, officials told OneIndia.

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Pakistan sets agenda for August 5 with outreach to Malaysia, Turkey

pakistanNew Delhi, July 28: In the next couple of days, Pakistan has planned a host of propaganda programmes against India. This comes in the wake of a year going by on August 5, when the Indian Parliament abrogated Article 370 or the special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

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J&K resident who wanted to join ISIS deported from Turkey

isisuaeA resident of Jammu and Kashmir who attempted joining the Islamic State has been deported to India from Turkey. Srinagar resident Afshan Parvaiz was deported from the Turkish capital of Ankara on May 25 and whisked away to an undisclosed destination by security agencies in Delhi.

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Telangana youth attempting to join ISIS deported from Turkey

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480Hyderabad, Dec 17: Two persons were deported to India after Turkish officials found that they were attempting to join the ISIS. The duo who are residents of Telangana had travelled from the United States of America and Saudi Arabia to Turkey and were attempting to cross over into ISIS territory.

Gufran and Hamid hailing from Warrangal and Hyderabad respectively are said to have been radicalised over the web. The duo who are friends had decided to join the ISIS. They are said to have been radicalised through an online forum of the ISIS.

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After Erdogan’s request, agencies probe claim of FETO infiltrating India

FetoNew Delhi, Aug 22: Indian security agencies have started investigating claims made by the Turkish government about the infiltration of Fethullah Gulen Terrorist Organisation (FETO) into India. Turkey’s President, Tayyip Erdogan said that FETO had infiltrated into India and sought help to remove it. He had blamed FETO for the last month’s failed coup attempt to topple him.
FETO which is headed by Turkish preacher Muhammed Fethullah Gulen runs many charity organisations. The organisation has several supporters across Central Asia and has been termed as a organisation which follows a moderate blend of Islam.

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5 reasons why a military coup was staged in Turkey

Since year 1960 Turkey has witnessed three military coups. On Friday, July 16 yet another attempt to stage a military coup was made. While the government has claimed that the coup is not successful it would still need to ponder over a couple of issues.
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Why has terror come to the cities in Turkey- A timeline

istanbulNew Delhi, June 29: Tuesday’s attack at Istanbul airport which is being blamed on the ISIS appears to be an attempt to scare the foreign tourists. There are a host of issues which have led to conflicts in Turkey which also includes a battle between Kurdish groups and the government.
The ISIS too has joined the race. While on one hand the ISIS wants to prevent the Kurds from gaining territory in Syria and Iraq on the other hand they also want to spread panic among the foreign tourists who had once termed Turkey a safe destination.

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ISIS vs Kurds vs Turkey govt: What is the conflict all about

istan2Turkey has come under attack yet again. Five attacks in Istanbul and three in Ankara in recent times has sent across a clear message that the entire country is no longer immune to terror strikes. Turkey has primarily faced a problem from the Kurdish militants.
However today the ISIS too has joined in and today’s attack at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul in which 36 people have been killed is being blamed on the outfit.

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If you have a friend in the ISIS, you must ignore him

ISIS-afghanRiyadh, Oct 20: If a friend of yours is fighting alongside the ISIS in either Turkey or Syria, let him or her go.
Frequent chatting trying to find out what is going on could lead to the intelligence agencies crawling up to you and in case you are abroad, the risk of deportation is always there.
Take the case of the 8 persons who were deported from the United Arab Emirates recently. A friendship in school is what they decided to continue with and in the bargain ended up being deported.

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