Delhi Police were caught off guard by sudden mobilisation of mob of 20,000: Intel assessment

delhi-copsNew Delhi, Feb 28: Last Saturday there was palpable tension in Northeast Delhi. There were Intelligence Bureau reports about a possible flare up. However for the Delhi Police it was a catch 22 situation and its 73 reserve battalions were all over the city owing to the visit by US President Donald Trump.

The two special commissioners Satish Golcha and Praveer Ranjan were at northeast Delhi and the instruction was clear to the force- ‘do not let the two groups clash.’ Further the Delhi Police had very little back up at these areas as the reserve forces were spread out across Delhi on security duty for the Trump visit.

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Saving the big deal: Here is why the Indo-US trade deal may not take place now

trump-modi4New Delhi, Feb 19: Donald Trump has said that he saving the big deal for later and does not know if it will be done before the presidential election in November.

This is a clear indicator that there would not be a trade deal when Trump visits India on February 24.

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Trade deal set-back: Top US trade official not to visit India with Trump

moditrumpNew Delhi, Feb 16: A top trade official of the United States would not visit India with US President Donald Trump. This development comes as a set back as India had hoped to close a trade deal when Trump visits India on February 24.

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Donald Trump to visit India on Feb 24, 25

donald-trumpNew Delhi, Feb 11: US President Donald Trump will visit India on February 24 and 25. The same was announced by the White House.

Trump will visit New Delhi and Gujarat. “The trip will further strengthen the US-India strategic partnership & highlight the strong & enduring bonds between the American & Indian people,” the White House tweeted.

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India-US work out mutually convenient dates for Trump’s visit

donaldtrump3New Delhi, Jan 14: Based on a standing invitation, officials from New Delhi and Washington are working out mutually agreeable dates for US President, Donald Trump’s visit to India. The visit could take place in February, officials familiar with the development tell OneIndia.

The timing of the visit would however depend on the timing of the trial by the US Senate. The trial is expected to commence this week and would determine whether Trump would be removed from office or not.

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