If you think religious conversions are not linked to terror, then take a look at this gallery

relgiousconversionsReligious conversions would be a top subject during an Intelligence Bureau meeting to be held this month at Madhya Pradesh. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi would be addressing that meeting.

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BRICS: China recognises Pakistan terror, but will it back India at UN

modi-jinpingIs the China-Pakistan bonhomie wearing off? The BRICS declaration condemned the role various terror groups, but the one that was the highlight was the Jaish-e-Mohammad. It may be recalled that China had refused to support the ban on the Jaish chief Maulana Masood Azhar.

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Two Army personnel martyred in terror attack at Shopian, J&K

army-shopianTwo Army personnel including a Major have been martyred in a terrorist attack at Shopian. Terrorists attacked an Army party at Shopian, Jammu and Kashmir in the wee hours of Thursday. After a gun battle with terrorists three Army personnel were injured. However a Major and one jawan succumbed to injuries.

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Kerala gold heist: Terror suspects posed as sleuths

kerala1Thiruvananthapuram, Aug 23: The arrest of Abdul Halim in a gold heist case has given the Kerala police several clues. First and foremost Halim’s link to terrorist organisations has been unearthed.

Secondly the police realised that Halim and his accomplices had posed as vigilance officers and raided the house of a businessman at Peruvamboor, Ernakulam, Kerala.

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Kerala: From God’s own country to terror nation

keralaThiruvananthapuram, Aug 23: From persons joining the ISIS, radical preaching, gold heists to fund terror and one bomb blast, the state has been a hub of anti national activities. Intelligence Bureau officials have termed Kerala as a ticking time bomb.
Police officials say that for several years now, terrorist activities in the state have been overshadowed by acts of political violence. While the state was witnessing a spate of incidents related to politics, on the other side grew a large number of silent modules which went about its business.

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Panipat train blast an act of terror?

The police are studying the similarities between the blasts that took place on a train at Panipat. While one blast took place late on Thursday night, the other by the SIMI had taken place on January 15 this year. The police investigating the case do not rule out a terror angle and say that both the blasts on the same train were identical in nature.Read more:

Why every incident of terror must be treated as war

M_Id_476427_Manohar_ParrikarNew Delhi, Mar 23: In a recent statement, the Defence Minister said that every small incident of terror should be treated as war.
The experts feel that the minister was right when he issued such a statement and every incident of terror big or small needs to be treated as war.

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Is this Pigeon a terrorist or a racer

beautiful-images-of-pigeon-free-download-desktop-hd-wallpapers-of-pigeonA pigeon with a chip has created a major scare after it was found near the India-Pakistan coastal border at Gujarat. The Home Ministry which has been given a report to this effect is examining the details of the case, but prima facie it appears as though this pigeon which is used to race in some countries may have strayed into the Salay Essar Jetty shore in search of water. The pigeon in question is the Benjing Dual and is in demand in several countries where pigeon races are conducted. It could well be a possibility that the pigeon had strayed off and very often chips are attached to these birds during races to keep a track an intelligence bureau official informed Oneindia.
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SIMI’s robbery drive

Pic: Samay Live
Pic: Samay Live

There appears to be a very dangerous trend in the country and if these members of the Students Islamic Movement of India are not nabbed then the problem could only get worse. There are five members of the SIMI who are on the run and in the past two years they have looted over 6 banks and earned nearly Rs 4 crore which will be used by them to undertake terrorist activities.

The SIMI which has been banned in India has found this method to be the easiest to raise funds as they plan a series of strikes in India. The SIMI has been trying its best to fill in the void left behind by the Indian Mujahideen and has slowly but surely being building up its network across the country.

It all started with the robbery that took place at Mannapuram finance company in Madhya Pradesh. Masterminded by its chief Abu Faisal the members of the SIMI looted the finance company of gold worth Rs 3 crore. They then went on to loot five banks in Madhya Pradesh and earned a sum of Rs 2 crore.

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WB port on high alert

Central Intelligence Bureau officials have issued an alert pertaining to a terror threat by the Al-Qaeda at Kolkata. The alert issued states that the attack would be through the sea and there is a likelihood of the naval wing of the outfit targeting the Kolkata port.

The central intelligence agencies have also stated that more than one person has already carried out a reconnaissance of ports in West Bengal and in particular the capital in a bid to carry out an attack through the seas. The alert stated that operatives of the newly launched Al-Qaeda in the sub-continent are aiming to attack West Bengal in a bid to stamp their dominance. With the modules busted following the Burdhwan incident, the Al-Qaeda looks to take control over the region.

The alert further states that this is the same team which attempted to hijack a Pakistan navy vessel to strike at US ships. This team of the Al-Qaeda comprises former members of the Pakistan navy who are also helping with the West Bengal operation the alert further stated.