With 600 sea specialists, how capable is the JeM of striking India through the waters

sea-attackNew Delhi, Sep 14: Naval Chief Admiral Karambir Singh said last week that they had received intelligence inputs suggesting that the Jaish-e-Mohammad is training its members to carry out underwater attacks. He, however, said that the Indian Navy is fully prepared to thwart such attacks.

This is the second time in two years that the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has sounded an alert regarding a seaborne attack by the JeM. Last year, the IB had said that a group of terrorists are waiting near the Leepa Valley, Dudhnihal and Kel to infiltrate into India.

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ISIS trying to strike India story rubbished by Intelligence Bureau

ISIS-afghanNew Delhi, July 29: Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials have termed the report of the ISIS trying to strike India as wrong.
There is no foot print of the ISIS in India, they say while adding that the problems of recruitment of a few youth has been taken care of.
 The USA today published a story claiming that the ISIS has been attempting to carry out an attack in India.Read more