Internet scanning- Now you are watched all the time

Defence-ministr9292Groups such as the Indian Mujahideen or the Tehrik-e-Taliban Hindustan which have been creating social media accounts to convey secret messages of terror will have a tough time ahead. This is thanks to a programme called Netra an internet spy system which will become a reality in a few months from now.

Security agencies had been complaining that there is no proper system in place which helps capture coded messages that are sent out between terrorist outfits. Recently the ISI too developed a new voice system to communicate without coming under the radar of the agencies.

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Social media terror- Taliban Hindustan


Security agencies have alerted the Home Ministry at New Delhi about a new outfit called the Tehrik-e-Taliban Hindustan. This outfit has been floated on social networking sites using the slogan Ghazwa e Hind (destruction of India) something that was coined by Al-Qaeda commander, Ilyas Kashmiri.
Although security agencies have found nothing concrete about this outfit barring a Facebook page, they are still not taking things to chance. The Home Ministry which is in reciept of this information is already looking into the activities of this outfit. The page has 98 likes and claims that it is fighting for the destruction of India in order to liberate Kashmir.

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