NIA steps in again as the menace of radicalisation worsens in Tamil Nadu

NIA officials tell OneIndia that the problem is a deep-rooted one. These persons are operating under the name of the Islamic State now.

New Delhi, May 16: A Tamil Nadu based organisation, the Manitha Neethi Pasarai has come under the scanner of the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

The action by the agency comes following the arrest of one Sadik Basha or Sathik Batcha and four of his associates in February. According to the NIA all these persons are sympathisers of the Islamic State (ISIS) and were involved in various anti-national acts.

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What you should know about this Tamil Nadu outfit whose members threatened judges in hijab case

New Delhi, Mar 25: Courtesy the hijab issue created by some motivated individuals in Karnataka, the Tamil Nadu Thowheed Jamath (TNTJ) is back in the news. Three members of the TNTJ, Rahamatullah from Madurai, Covai Rahamathulla from Tirunelveli and S Jamal Mohammad Usmani from Thanjavur were arrested for threatening the judges of the Karnataka High Court over the hijab case.

These persons had issued a death threat to the judges who delivered the verdict in the case.

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How Tamil Nadu became a happy playground for the Islamic State

New Delhi, Feb 25: The National Investigation Agency has arrested a key conspirator of the terror group Hizb-ut-Tahrir. The operative of this terror group which owes allegiance to the Islamic State has been identified as Mohammad Iqbal.

The case was registered at Madurai after it was found that the accused was radicalising the Muslims in order to establish the Caliphate of the Islamic State. The accused was also conspiring to enforce the constitution that was written by radical Islamic preacher Taqi al-Din al Nabhani who founded the HuT.

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Violence at the drop of a hat because Islamic radicalisation is so deep down south

Recently the US state department had said that there are 66 Indian Muslims fighting for the Islamic State abroad and the maximum are from Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

New Delhi, Feb 15: In recent times protests be it the anti-CAA ones or the recent one relating to the hijab issue have taken violent turns. The anti-CAA protests in particular got very violent and one could see the destruction it caused in Mangaluru and other parts of the country.

This brings us to the often asked question about radicalisation. The fact that the ISIS found so much success in Kerala is thanks to years and years of Islamic radicalisation that went unchecked.

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Is the LTTE attempting a return via Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, Jan 28: The National Investigation Agency booked five persons on the charge that they were furthering the activities of the LTTE and were using fake documents to withdraw money.

The case came to light following the arrest of a Sri Lankan national, Letchumanan Mary Franciska (50) from the Chennai Airport. The police said that the arrest was made as she was holding a fake Indian passport.

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Pushing boundaries to challenging status quo: Gen Rawat’s death is truly India’s greatest loss

New Delhi, Dec 09: On December 8, India lost one of its bravest sons, Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat. In the chopper crash that took place at Nilgiris on Wednesday, 12 others including General Rawat’s wife Madhulika, Rawat.

It would be extremely hard to fill in the vacuum left behind by General Rawat. He was known for his aggressive approach towards counterinsurgency operations in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Why a Taliban victory would inspire many radicals in Kerala, Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, Aug 26: The security planners in India are closely watching the developments in Afghanistan as the Taliban continues to create havoc. While opening up diplomatic channels will take several more months, the worry for India at the moment is within.

The Intelligence Bureau has flagged concerns about several terror groups and sympathisers using the Taliban victory as a morale booster. This could very well lead to many more radicalisation camps coming up in the country, an IB official tells OneIndia.

Radical elements in Kerala and Tamil Nadu have shown signs for long of being sympathetic towards foreign terror groups. In Kerala certain elements had mourned the death of Osama Bin Laden. Groups such as the Base Movement are derive their ideology from the Al-Qaeda.

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NIA digs deeper into plot to kill Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi, June 01: The National Investigation Agency has unravelled a conspiracy where a group of people were plotting to kill Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu.

Last week, the NIA arrested one Mohammad Ashiq aged 20 years after it was learnt that he was part of a conspiracy to kill Hindu leaders in Tamil Nadu. He was picked up after investigations found that he was one of the seven accused part of forming a terrorist group owing allegiance to the Islamic State.

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The radicalisation menace in Tamil Nadu was brushed aside for too long, until the NIA exposed it in 2014

New Delhi, Mar 02: The rise in radicalisation in Tamil Nadu has been a key concern for the security agencies. The topic has been for long brushed under the carpet and it was only in 2014 that the National Investigating Agency began a sustained campaign, following which several modules were busted and many were arrested.

Of the 177 arrests made by the NIA since 2014 in Islamic State related cases, Tamil Nadu at 34 accounted for the highest. Maharashtra 26 and Uttar Pradesh at 25 were the second and third. Kerala saw 19 arrests, while in the case of Telangana and Jammu and Kashmir, it was 17 and 11 respectively.

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