Pakistan polls: Why India would need to deal with Taliban Imran Khan and Hafiz Saeed

imran-hafiz-saeed-New Delhi, July 24: It is a well known fact that the all powerful army in Pakistan controls almost everything. One also witnessed the clout the army where Nawaz Sharif was concerned and how it behaved like the judge, jury and the executioner.

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ISIS or Taliban not important: It is the ISI that ethnically cleanses Hindus and Sikhs

jalalabadattackJalalabad, July 4: It has become increasingly clear that the Jalalabad bombing which targeted Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan had the blessing of the ISI, Pakistan’s notorious spy agency. The aim was to directly target the Sikhs and ensure that they did not have a representation in the Afghanistan Parliament.

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Pak would rather lose aid rather than turn in the Haqqani, Taliban: US expert

stephen tankel
Stephen Tankel (pic credit-

With US President Donald Trump coming down hard on Pakistan, the nation is left to chose between the devil and the deep sea. The suspension of aid to Pakistan has been reported widely and it is to be seen how much of an impact it would have on the country.

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J&K Taliban: The new terrorist group in the Valley

zakir_musaJammu and Kashmir Taliban is the latest outfit to take birth in the militancy infested state. Zakir Musa who had threatened to behead separatists had a falling out with the Hizbul Mujahideen following which he announced the launch of his new outfit, J&K Taliban.

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Naxal terror only next to Taliban, Islamic State says US report

naxals-365_1322992412Naxal violence is ranked fourth in the world after the Taliban, Islamic State and the Boko Haram. Following the bloodbath at Chhattisgarh on Monday, the death toll of security personnel since 2004 has shot up to 1,914. Looking at the statistics, it is clear that Naxal violence has claimed more lives of security personnel in India when compared to other attacks in states such as Jammu and Kashmir.

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Rajnath Singh faces threat from 4 terrorist outfits

IN03_RAJNATH_1981452fNew Delhi, Aug 3: Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister who will take part in the SAARC ministerial conference on Wednesday, faces a threat from four terrorist outfits.
According to Intelligence Bureau, the threat perception is high from the Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Taliban and the al Qaeda in the Sub-Continent.

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How Taliban uses the bacha bereesh against the lustful Afghan cop

main_baziKabul, June 17: The bacha bereesh of boys without beards are the Taliban’s trojan horses. Taking full advantage that the Afghanistan police have for boys without beards or the good looking young boys, the Taliban has been using them as booby traps.
This ploy by the Taliban has worked and in the years they have managed to kill several 100 police personnel. The boys are sent to the checkpoints.

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Indian lady abducted: Afghan abduction cartel behind it?

img_0688New Delhi, June 11: As efforts continue to secure the release of Judith D’souza an Indian aid worker in Afghanistan, information trickling in suggests that it may not have been the handiwork of the Taliban.

As per the information shared with New Delhi, the abductors are likely to seek ransom and this has indicated that it could be the job of a organised cartel.

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Indian woman’s abduction in Kabul a month after security advisory was issue

New Delhi, June 10: As unknown gunmen abducted an Indian female aid worker in Afghanistan, hectic efforts are on to trace her. New Delhi is in constant touch with Kabul following this development. Highly placed sources in New Delhi say that there is not much information at the moment, but Kabul has assured us that the lady will be traced. Ironically the abduction of Judith D’souza, a 40 year old Indian aid worker comes a month after an advisory had been issued by the Embassy of India in Kabul.
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Maulana Masood is imagining, no money was offered to Taliban: Former R&AW chief

masoodazharNew Delhi, June 6: Maulana Masood Azhar in an obituary makes a note of a conversation he had with the slain Taliban chief, Mullah Mansour.
He says that Mansour had met with Jaswanth Singh who was the external affairs minister during the Khandahar hijack. Singh is said to have told Mansour to keep Azhar in Afghanistan and in return India would pay them money.

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