Fact check portals based on perception, conjecture, surmises, Centre tells SC in Tablighi case

tablighi-jamaat-1New Delhi, Aug 07: The Centre on Friday while responding to a petition filed in the Supreme Court in the Nizamuddin Markaz congregation of Tablighi Jamaat case defended the rights of the media to reports facts.

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After Tablighis, how Rohingya Muslims are now posing a challenge in the COVID-19 fight

rohingya-muslims1sNew Delhi, Apr 18: The Tablighi Jamaat congregation contributed to a steep rise in the number of coronavirus cases in India. The Jamaat members after attending the congregation at Nizamuddin last month spanned out to different parts of the country and spread the virus-like wildfire.

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Was there more to it? Agencies set to probe motive of Tablighis

tablighi-jamaat-1New Delhi, Apr 13: The Central Intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch as the number of COVID-19 cases relating to the Tablighi Jamaat cluster have surged.

In Tamil Nadu alone, 133 foreign Muslim missionaries are under the scanner. Some of them even tested positive. It has been found that most of them avoided the agencies by hiding in Mosques.

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Delhi govt now classifies Tablighi Jamaat cases as Special Operations

nizamuddinNew Delhi, Apr 12: The Delhi government has re-classified the Tablighi Jamaat related coronavirus cases. While, these cases were initially referred to as Markaz Masjid cases, it would now be called as Special Operation cases.

These cases account for 712 of the total 1,069 cases that were reported until Saturday. Out of the 166 cases that tested positive on Saturday, 128 were related to the Tablighi Jamaat congregation that was held last month at Nizamuddin.

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7 more who tested positive for COVID-19 are Tablighis from Kerala

nizamuddinNew Delhi, Apr 11: Seven of the sixteen persons who tested positive for coronavirus in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday belong to the Tablighi Jamaat.

The seven are from Mallapuram in Kerala and are in Kashmir as part of the routine Tablighi’s missionary programme that is held across the world.

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25,000 Tablighi workers, their contacts quarantined, India orders 5 lakh testing kits

tablighi-4New Delhi, Apr 06: At least 25,500 local workers of the Tablighi Jamaat and the people who came in contact with them have been quarantined, the Union Government has said.

Five Haryana villages where they visited have been sealed: Punya Salila Srivastava, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs said.

During the daily briefing, Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry, Lav Agarwal said that in the last 13 days, Indian Railways transported sugar through 1,340 wagons, salt through 958 wagons and edible oil through 316 wagons/tanks, to different parts of the country, amidst the lockdown.

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Thanks to Tablighi, COVID-19 doubling rate is 4.1 days and not 7.4

nizamuddin-2New Delhi, Apr 06: The States have started sending in their confirmations about the cases that have been booked against members of the Tablighi Jamaat, who have now been termed as the super spreaders of the coronavirus.

Despite repeated requests and advise, Maulana Saad remained adamant and went ahead with the congregation. His adamance not only put the lives of his followers to risk, but also ensured that the number of cases across the country spiked as the members passed on the virus to many others.

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