ISIS recruits from Karnataka may have died in Syria

isisnewThe ISIS which is recruiting youth globally has done its bit in Karnataka as well. Several youth from the state are alleged to have gone to either Syria or Iraq and taken part in the war being fought by the ISIS.
While there is no news about the whereabouts of several youth, the Intelligence Bureau had indicated that they could have joined the ISIS.
In the recent past three youth from Karnataka are alleged to have crossed over into Syria and IB officials suspect that they may have been killed.

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Jihad shoppers highest in Bengaluru, Kolkata

isis1The highest number of Jihad shoppers or head hunters for the ISIS are in Bengaluru and Kolkata. These head hunters are currently staying away from the internet and using the word of mouth tactic in a bid to spruce up the recruitment, an Intelligence Bureau dossier which is in the possession of OneIndia News states.

A changed strategy to stay away from the internet as there is too much scrutiny appears to be what the ISIS is doing. With 40 dedicated jihadi shoppers spread across the country, the ISIS hopes to build a considerable force in a bid to strengthen its Afghanistan outfit, Al-Khorasan, the dossier also points out.

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Indoctrination of Areef Majeed

kalyan2aKalyan a small town in Maharashtra famous for the Kala Talao, Ganesh Ghat and Birla Mandir is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The indoctrination of four youth including Areef alias Areeb Majid is what is keeping this town in the news today.
Kalyan which has withstood efforts by the Mughals from being evaded faces a unique problem today and that is pertaining to the recruitment’s by the ISIS. Majeed whose return has helped investigating agencies get a lot of details on the indoctrination into the ISIS will also be used as an example that the grass is not greener on the other side.
He is being mocked heavily on social media today and there are messages galore that he went in search of heaven and ended up cleaning toilets because the radicals from India part of the Hind camp just did not have it in them to lift a gun and fight.

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ISIS’most dangerous recruiter

03isisThe menace of the ISIS is not restricted to Iraq and Syria alone and in the past three months there are enough signs to show that several youth from India are drawn towards this dreaded outfit. Four youth from Kalyan going missing was an eye opener for security agencies. Now the NIA is probing the the cases from Hyderabad and Jodhpur from where several youth tried to flee India in a bid to join the ISIS.
The Maharashtra ATS which is also probing this case has found that all the calls made by the recruits were made through the VoIP. Right from the day of the indoctrination these youth from Kalyan, Hyderabad and Jodhpur were in touch with one man who is a Bhatkal resident. The man in question is Sultan Armar Ahmed. He is a point man and was in touch with all these youth  and right from the recruitment and also the travel arrangements he ensured that all was taken care of.
In the recent cases pertaining to Hyderabad the journey to be undertaken was slightly different. Earlier the transit point was from Chennai to Singapore and then to Iraq and Syria. However with the NIA blowing the lid of this route, they decided to go to Kolkata and then slip into Bangladesh before heading to Iraq and Syria is what the investigators have found.

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