Two modules, one modus operandi: NIA on ISIS modules in TN, Kerala

Mohammed Azharudeen

New Delhi, June 14: The National Investigation Agency says that the mastermind of the Sri Lanka bombings could be linked to at least 3 cases that are being probed in India.

The revelation came in the wake of the NIA conducting raids at several locations in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday. The NIA also went on to add that the Coimbatore module has more members and is found to be very similar to the ISIS operations in Kerala. Both modules had planned on carrying out attacks in South India similar to the Easter bombings, the NIA also said.

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Indian operatives were in touch with accused in Sri Lanka bombings

img_0039-2New Delhi, May 15: The chat transcripts of two Indian operatives came under the scanner of the agencies post the suicide blasts at Sri Lanka.

Kasim Stimerwala and Ubed Mirza who were arrested by the Gujarat Anti Terrorist Squad were in touch with Aadhhil, a suspect in the Sri Lanka blasts through WhatsApp, the agencies in India have learnt.

Rs 7 billion assets, Rs 140 million cash was what group that bombed Sri Lanka had

img_0044-2New Delhi, May 07: Rs 140 million in cash and assets worth Rs 7 billion is that the Islamic State radical group involved in the Sri Lanka bombings had. The police said that the during the investigations, they had found huge amounts of cash that belonged to the National Thowheed Jamath.

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Fake it like Baghdadi: Why his latest video is alarming

abu-bakr al-baghdadiNew Delhi, May 01: In the aftermath of the ghastly Sri Lanka bombings, the chief of the Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued a video message. This is in fact the first time he is appearing on video since his appearance in July 2014.

Sitting cross legged with an assault rifle, a heavier Baghdadi when compared t0 2014 termed the attacks in Colombo as a revenge strike. The video was put out by Al-Furqan, the central media ministry of the Islamic State.