How this spy from Rajasthan helped ISI run disinformation campaign post Article 370

New Delhi, Dec 03: The Rajasthan police recently nabbed one Nibab Khan on the ground that he was working for the Pakistan’s spy agency ISI. The police said that he had been working as a spy and sharing sensitive information with Pakistan since 2015.

He is suspected to have received renumeration from Pakistan for supplying sensitive information relating to the Indian Army. Khan was arrested by the Rajasthan Police CID with the help of the central agencies under the Official Secrets Act. He was also said to be in touch with officials in the Pakistan High Commission.

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Spy sharing defence info nabbed by Bengaluru cops following Military Intel alert

New Delhi, Sep 20: The Bengaluru police has apprehended one person who was providing information regarding the defence establishment.Y

The police said that they had apprehended a person who is a resident of Rajasthan on charges that he was sharing sensitive information relating to the Indian Army with foreign agencies.

Lured by explicit chat, this Army clerk shared info with ISI for Rs 15,000

New Delhi, May 18: An Army clerk who was arrested on charges of spying for the ISI was honey-trapped by a well trained woman.

The police in Madhya Pradesh arrested the 26 year old clerk on the charge that he was leaking vital information relating to the Indian Army to the ISI.

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Chinese, Pakistani agencies lure poor, unemployed Indian youth with ease

There has been an increased attempt on the part of both Pakistan and Chinese agencies to trap Indian youth who are poor and unemployed, Intelligence Bureau officials have said. There is a systematic pattern that is in place to trap such youth and these revelations were made following the arrest of Ravi Kumar. He was arrested in a joint operation by the State Special Operations Cell and the Military Intelligence Investigations show that Ravi Kumar was poor and hence fell into the trap of the ISI.

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Pre-meditated murder, India says if Pak hangs Jadhav

India has said that if Pakistan goes ahead with the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav, it would consider it to be pre-meditated murder. Pakistan on Monday decided that it would hang Jadhav on charges of espionage. India has also summoned the Pakistan High Commissioner and said that if the basic norms of law and justice are not followed then it would be considered as a case of pre-meditated murder.
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‘I spied against India so that I could visit my family in Pak’

isispyThe arrest of Sadiq Khan an alleged spy on the payrolls of the ISI has given the police a lot of information on the network works in India.
Sadiq was detained at the Jodhpur railway station on Saturday following which he was quizzed by both the police as well officers from the Intelligence Bureau.

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