Spy who passed information to ISI after Pulwama attack arrested

Jaipur, Mar 14: A 36 year old man accused of spying for Pakistan has been held by the Rajasthan police.

The man has been identified as Nawab Khan a resident of Gaanga village. The was arrested from Jaisalmer under the provisions of the Official Secrets Act.

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Chinese, Pakistani agencies lure poor, unemployed Indian youth with ease

There has been an increased attempt on the part of both Pakistan and Chinese agencies to trap Indian youth who are poor and unemployed, Intelligence Bureau officials have said. There is a systematic pattern that is in place to trap such youth and these revelations were made following the arrest of Ravi Kumar. He was arrested in a joint operation by the State Special Operations Cell and the Military Intelligence Investigations show that Ravi Kumar was poor and hence fell into the trap of the ISI.

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Recruited on Facebook, this ISI spy spilt details of Army’s movements in Punjab

A joint operation by the State Special Operations Cell and the Military Intelligence led to the arrest of an ISI spy, the Punjab police said.

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ISI spy in Punjab, a drug addict lured with money

A man suspected of having ISI links has been arrested in Punjab. Police sources say that the arrested person has been passing on information relating to troop movement and other sensitive details for the past year.

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Pre-meditated murder, India says if Pak hangs Jadhav

India has said that if Pakistan goes ahead with the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav, it would consider it to be pre-meditated murder. Pakistan on Monday decided that it would hang Jadhav on charges of espionage. India has also summoned the Pakistan High Commissioner and said that if the basic norms of law and justice are not followed then it would be considered as a case of pre-meditated murder.
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Alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav sentenced to death in Pakistan

kulbhushanKhulbhushan Jadhav who was accused by Pakistan of being spy has been sentenced to death on charges of espionage. He was arrested in Balochistan in 2016 on charges of spying on Pakistan, a charge that India had vehemently denied.

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‘I spied against India so that I could visit my family in Pak’

isispyThe arrest of Sadiq Khan an alleged spy on the payrolls of the ISI has given the police a lot of information on the network works in India.
Sadiq was detained at the Jodhpur railway station on Saturday following which he was quizzed by both the police as well officers from the Intelligence Bureau.

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Spy nabbed in J&K passed vital information to Pakistan

spySrinagar, Oct 22: The Pakistani spy arrested in Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir had on him maps which had specific details of the deployment of forces. Bodh Raj, who was nabbed near the Jerda village, was apprehended by security agencies on Saturday.
Following information given by the military intelligence, the Jammu and Kashmir police conducted a special operation which commenced on October 20. The operation was conducted in the border area of Ramgarh.

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How this ISI spy sold out a top secret of the Indian army

Pakistan’s spy agency was ready to better the money being paid by the army to the villagers along the border who were told to report incidents of infiltration. The army had begun training the villagers along the border to report infiltrations and the ISI got wind of the same thanks to the espionage racket it has been running.
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Madhuri’s motive was revenge

The Madhuri Gupta case is slowly unfolding, as investigators begin to make sense of the twisted life of the Indian High Commission staffer in Islamabad who was picked up for allegedly passing on information to Pakistani intelligence agencies.
Sources told rediff.com that during her interrogation, Gupta came as across as a very determined person who had no remorse about her actions.

Gupta told her interrogators that it was revenge that motivated her to do this. She denied having physical relations with her handler, Mudassar Rana (a Pakistani internal intelligence official), but acknowledged the fact that she did leak out ‘not so sensitive’ information.

Although her interrogators are trying to ascertain if she got any remuneration, Gupta is sticking to her stand that her actions were only aimed at seeking revenge against her higher ups.

Gupta’s determination to take revenge did not start when she was posted in Pakistan. Prior to this, she was an assistant director at the Indian Council of World Affairs at Sapru House in New Delhi following which she served at the Indian mission at Kuala Lumpur, Baghdad and also Croatia.

Gupta said she was humiliated in service by her higher ups at every posting. Even after her arrest, she asked, “What has taken you people so long to get to me?”

Investigators say that she had been passing on information by using her contacts in the Reaserach and Analysis Wing. Earlier, she used to meet Rana and share the information directly. However, as time went by Madhuri grew confident and started sending out e-mails directly to the Pakistan establishment. This is what helped Indian agencies to track her down.

Investigations have revealed that Gupta sent out at least six e-mails, which contained information about the India’s Afghan policy, Indo-Pak talks and also details of Intelligence officials posted in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Arab nations.

She managed to get a lot of loose information from her contacts in the Indian establishment, investigators say.

Initially, the officials did not suspect her when she sought information since it was very general in nature. However, things changed when she started asking for details regarding the military.

Sources say that information regarding Indian policies, which she has leaked out, is not really a worry since it was not specific. But the information that Gupta shared regarding some IB and RAW officials working undercover in other nations needs attention. Indian intelligence say that information may not be of much use to the ISI, since the officials named by Gupta were debriefed and a damage control exercise was undertaken once Indian agencies got wind of her activities.