Why SPG cover had become status symbol and no longer security cover for the Gandhis

rahul-gandhiWhen the SPG cover was withdrawn, the Congress termed it political vendetta. But were the services utilised properly by the Gandhis, according to norms? However the fact of the matter is that the SPG cover has been withdrawn and not security.

There was a hue and cry raised after the Centre decided to withdraw the Special Protection Group (SPG) cover to the Gandhis.

The Congress alleged that it was political vendetta and the BJP shot back by saying such decisions are taken based on threat assessments and not as per the whims and fancies of 10 Janpath.

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Govt set to review SPG cover for Sonia Gandhi and others

soniaspgWith the burden on the on the security and exchequer getting heavier, the government is set to review the security cover to former prime ministers and their family members. The list of persons whose security covers would be reviewed are former Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, Congress president Sonia Gandhi among others.

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