Why is Modi giving up his social media accounts

modi-1aNew Delhi, Mar 03: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement about giving up the social media drive netizens into a tizzy.
The PM tweeted on Monday, ” this Sunday, thinking of giving up my social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Will keep you posted the PM had also tweeted.

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Sailors’ honey trap: Pakistan used same set of social media accounts

honey-trappingNew Delhi, Feb 03: The probe into the naval spy ring case has revealed that Pakistan had used the same set of social media accounts to honey trap sailors.

The National Investigation Agency which is probing the case found that sailors were paid small amounts of money. NIA officials tell OneIndia that the agency however learnt that no sensitive information had been passed on.

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NGOs will have to give details of social media accounts to govt

NGO-GraphicNGOs in India will have to provide the Home Ministry with details of their social media accounts. The amendment to the Foreign Contribution Rules of 2011 states that the government will have to be told about the social media accounts being run by the NGOs.

Further the government would expect the NGOs to give out the exact reason for why it is getting funds. Each and every penny and the nature of the spending will be accounted and made known to the government of India.

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