When an RTI reply of 2013 revealed that 9k phone numbers and 500 emails were snooped upon every month

New Delhi, July 20: Understand the chronology, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah amidst the ongoing Pegasus row in which it has been claimed various persons had been stopped upon.

This is a report by the disrupters for obstructors, Shah said in a statement. People have often associated this phrase with me in a lighter vein, but today I want to seriously ask about the timing.

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Netaji Bose- What the de-classified files have revealed 

The 64 files running into over 12,000 pages relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose which were de-classified today make various references suggesting that he was alive after 1945. While there are several references that suggest that Netaji may have been alive after 1945, there is not much substance in the files.
For instance one of the files contains a letter written by Lilly Abegg, a Swiss journalist to Netaji’s elder brother, Sarat Chandra Bose. She says in the letter written on December 9 1949 that according to a source in Japan, Netaji was alive in 1946.
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Remember when Rahul Gandhi has asked – “Do they think we did it?”

rahulRahul Gandhi has once laughed as he asked, “do they think we did it?” This was in response to an allegation made by the BJP that the Congress had ordered that Nitin Gadkari’s residence had been bugged in an attempt to snoop on him.
One of India’s best Intelligence officers, the late Maloy Krishna Dhar had written a book called, “Open Secrets, India’s Intelligence Unveiled,” in which a clear mention is made about how the Congress government under Indira Gandhi had ordered every activity of Maneka Gandhi to be snooped into.

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Google searches you too

gsnoopA warning in the year 2009 to diplomats and polticians to stop using Gmail, google and facebook at their work places sure has had no impact. The very fact that the NSA managed to snoop into accounts with the help of google a revealation that came out a few months back goes on to prove why the 2009 directive ought to have been taken seriously.

Kapil Sibal, the man who sets the IT policy in India continues to use Gmail and this is not the best of signs for a country which has been snooped into several billion times. The official statistic where the snooping into India is concerned reads- 6.3 billion pieces of information from internet networks have been snooped into. Additionally 6.28 billion calls from India were also collected by the NSA.

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Mr Sibal, why Gmail?

Pic: Cbsnews
Pic: Cbsnews

In the month of August 2013, various Indian agencies on an order by the Government of India initiated a probe into the several incidents of snooping that were conducted by the National Security Agency on Indian emails which included accounts of officials. The first of the suggestions that was given following this probe was to draw up a new email policy and as part of it, it was strictly advised that leaders, officials etc ought not to be using emails which have their servers based in the United States of America.

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NSA snoops into 20 million Indian phones daily

bigbrotherShocking details put out by the Washington Post suggest that the National Security Agency is collecting five billion records everyday through it cell phone tracking programme. 5 billion is a world wide figure, but India has plenty to be worried about since there are around 20 million records pertaining to our country which are also under the scrutiny of the NSA.

Sources tell rediff.com that India has plenty to be worried about since the snooping does not relate to national security alone as pointed out by the United States of America. Very recently it was found that the NSA had collected 13 billion pieces of information. It was also found that highly sophisticated bugs were planted in the Indian Embassy in Washington. Many in the Indian security set up felt that this was completely un-acceptable behaviour, but the fact of the matter is that India did not push harder like how the Germans or the French did when their data too had come under scrutiny.

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Bugging? Well see what Congress does too

tappingBugging is the key word today and with the alleged conversations from Gujarat being made public, there is a debate that is on. The only legitimate form of bugging that is allowed with a proper order from the Home Secretary of the Union Government or State Government. While the rule clearly states that it shall be done in the interest of national security, there have been several instances where bugging has been carried out for political and personal reasons. Continue reading “Bugging? Well see what Congress does too”