What the ISI is doing in Punjab is carbon copy Kashmir: Is SJF the new Hurriyat?

New Delhi, Dec 19: The imprint of the ISI is clear and the agenda has been set. The ISI has nurtured for long terrorists part of pro-Khalistan groups. They have been aided with funds, arms and training.

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SJF trying to legitimise Khalistan movement by calling on Pak political leader

New Delhi, Dec 18: The Sikhs for Justice, which is spearheading the Referendum 2020 seeking a steerage Punjab nation has knocked on the doors of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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An SJF sponsored pilgrimage to Pakistan that ISI will use to churn pro Khalistan sentiments

Amritsar, Nov 17: There have been a spate of incidents being reported from Punjab in the past couple of months, which have led to an uneasy sense of calm. It began with the Referendum 2020, which led to several modules being busted.

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