SJF collects funds under garb of farmer protest: Your support unacceptable, Doval tells UK

New Delhi, Nov 16: New Delhi has conveyed strongly to the United Kingdom for allowing the proscribed pro-Khalistan outfit, Sikhs for Justice to hold a referendum on the secession of Punjab in October.

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval conveyed in strong terms India’s opposition to the allowing of a referendum on affairs relating to a third country. The message was conveyed to Doval’s counterpart, Stephen Lovegrove.

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In SJF probe, NIA seeks details of bank accounts to check remittance of foreign funding

New Delhi, Feb 25: Furthering its probe into the Sikhs for Justice case, the National Investigation Agency has sought details of the social media accounts, Aadhar and bank account numbers of the persons recently examined by the agency.

16 persons have been examined by the NIA so far in connection with the SJF case. The SJF, a pro-Khalistan outfit is banned by the Indian government. 

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Toolkit called for waging economic warfare against India, targeting certain regions

New Delhi, Feb 19: It was the bounty call by the pro-Khalistan outfit, Sikhs for Justice which led to the violence at Red Fort on January 26, the Delhi Police has said in its FIR.

The police also said that there was a call for economic warfare against India and some companies. This found a mention in the toolkit that was tweeted by Greta Thunberg.

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Disrupting India’s image only aim of Greta’s toolkit created by Canada based Khalistani

New Delhi, Feb 05: The PowerPoint toolkit which was used by Greta Thunberg was prepared by a pro-Khalistan outfit called the Poetic Justice Foundation.

The presentation had details about the actions against India, which included disruption of the yoga and chai image of India.

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India reaches out to US for probe against SJF

New Delhi, Feb 04: India has reached out to the United States in connection with the probe against the Khalistan backed Sikhs for Justice.

Any protest must be seen in context of India’s polity and ongoing efforts of government and concerned farmers’ groups to resolve impasse, the MEA also said.

Earlier, National Security Advisor met with Union Home Minister, Amit Shah amidst the farmer protests and the propaganda by few foreign personalities.

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A land-lord farmer protest and how SJF used it to disrupt national unity

New Delhi, Jan 28: The original intention was to hoist a Khalistan flag at the Red Fort on January 26.

The SJF had planned on instigating the farmers to turn violent and a high-level meeting in the first week of January had discussed the same. It was easier to instigate them as there are land-lord farmers at the protest site.

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The Khalistan infiltration: What we are witnessing in Delhi is exactly what SJF planned

New Delhi, Jan 26: A couple of days back the proscribed terror group Sikhs for Justice which is batting for a separate Khalistan state had offered a reward for Punjab farmer to hoist a Khalistan flag at the India Gate.

On India’s Republic Day, those protesting against the farm laws stormed the Red Fort and hoisted a flag and it was not the Tricolour. The SJF which has been trying to infiltrate the protests had announced a reward of USD 2,50,000 for hosting the Khalistan flag in New Delhi. The Centre had cited this claim, while supporting its claim regarding the presence of separatist elements.

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Under garb of farmer protests, SJF collects funds and diverts it for subversive activities

New Delhi, Jan 19: The probe by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is being widened in connection with the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) case.

Sources tell OneIndia that there have been a lot of funds that have been channelised in the past couple of months. Over USD 1 lakh has been collected in the name of the farmer protests, the official cited above said. 

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In Sikhs for Justice case, NGO and their source of funds come under NIA scanner

New Delhi, Jan 18: The National Investigation Agency is examining the role of several NGOs including Khalsa Aid in connection with the Sikhs for Justice (SJF) case.

The NIA is probing to find the financial link between the NGOs and the Sikhs for Justice which has been accused of funding these organisations. The SJF according to the agencies fund these organisations and direct them to incite violence, create hatred and also propagate the cause of Khalistan. 

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Sikhs For Justice case: NIA to examine role of many including UK based TV journalist

New Delhi, Jan 17: The National Investigation Agency has asked several persons including a farmer union leader and a television journalist to appear before it for questioning in connection with the Sikhs For Justice case.

On Saturday, the NIA summoned Baldev Singh Sirsa, the president of the Lok Bhalai Insaf Welfare Society, one of the unions taking part in the talks with the government over the new farm laws for questioning.

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