Delhi riots: When Indian Muslims played into the hands of SIMI, ISIS

delhi-riots-mn-newThe SIMI and the ISIS have tried to rile up the Indian Muslims with the objective to fight for a Caliphate and overthrow the democratically elected government. Riots in Delhi show how Indian Muslims have been tricked by such outfits

In the year 1996, the Students Islamic Movement of India had issued a statement. It said that democracy and secularism had failed to protect the Indian Muslims. The sole option now is to fight for a Caliphate, the SIMI had said.

The statement is eerily similar to the one put out by the Islamic State during the northeast Delhi riots. The ISIS too had said on its Telegram channel that it was time for the Indian Muslims to unite and overthrow the democratically elected government.

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Shaheen Bagh: Laboratory for political groups, recruitment camp for terror groups

shaheen-bagh-1While the opposition has been using Shaheen Bagh to experiment with misinformation and conspiracy, they have also been paving a path for the return of terror groups, which agencies had succeeded in putting down

Shaheen Bagh is not a coincidence, but an experiment and a conspiracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a rally at New Delhi that the ongoing protests at Shaheen Bagh is a political experiment and not a coincidence.

He further said that both the Aam Admi Party and the Congress are fuelling the demonstrators. This is a conspiracy and there is a political design to it, which will ruin the harmony of the nation, Modi also said.

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Shaheen Bagh: SIMI looks to activate all-women Jihadi outfit, “Shaheen Force”

shaheen-bagh-mnThe gradual unfolding of events in protests such as the ones in Jamia Milia and Shaheen Bagh have allowed people to spot the radical Islamic movement lurking about. Intelligence agencies have said the SIMI has become active again, waking up their women’s wing – Shaheen Force

The more one looks at the protests over the new citizenship law, it appears that it is increasingly becoming a radical Islamic movement rather than a peoples’ movement.

It all began in a very systematic manner at the Jamia Milia University and over the days, the violence spread to Uttar Pradesh, Mangaluru and other places. Take for instance the protests at Shaheen Bagh. The venue has become a forum to raise anti India slogans and drive fear into the minds of the Indian Muslims that the new law would affect them, while in reality it does not concern the Indian Muslims at all.

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Lashkar, SIMI, ISIS, urban naxals: India’s internal security challenge in 2020

isis-terNew Delhi, Jan 03: One of the key focuses of the Narendra Modi government has been internal security. While the government has dealt with an iron fist on issues relating to terror, there are bound to be challenges this year as well. While internal security challenges would remain, the immediate agenda would be to control the protests around the citizenship law.

It is the violence which is the key concern of the government and with various reports suggesting the presence of radical groups and terror organisation, the challenge has only become immense.

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Recruiting through a ruckus: SIMI’s role in CAB protests revealed

CAB1-mnIt has now come to light that several protesters who created a ruckus in Uttar Pradesh were outsiders. The SIMI has its strongest networks in Uttar Pradesh, Mangaluru, Delhi and Kerala. Investigations being conducted in various places where the violence broke out have all suggested an extremist link to the protests.

There is more than what meets the eye. While the critics of the newly-amended citizenship law have been quick to question the police action against the ‘peaceful’ protesters, investigations being conducted by multiple agencies suggest that the protests are orchestrated in such a manner that they turn violent.

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How Congress, SIMI, urban Naxals ran a sustained campaign to endanger sovereignty of India

collage-mnDo read what the (Citizenship Amendment) Act is about, Prime Minister Modi advised these persons while stating that they should value their education. The rumours of detention centres are being spread by the urban Naxals and Congress, Modi also said.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a startling remark about the protests relating to the newly amended citizenship law. He said that the Congress, its allies, educated Naxalites living in the cities – urban Naxals are spreading rumours that the Muslims will be sent to detention camps.

Do read what the Act is about, Modi advised these persons while stating that they should value their education. The rumours of detention centres are being spread by the urban Naxals and Congress, Modi also said.

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SIMI, Islamic radicals have entered CAB protest says Intelligence Bureau report

New Delhi, Dec 20: For the Students Islamic Movement of India, the protests around the new citizenship law have come as a blessing in disguise. The Intelligence Bureau has said that several members of the SIMI have entered Delhi in a bid to fuel further violence and then recruit in the name of persecution.

During the protests at the Jamia Millia and Seelampur, the police had found that there were several hidden mobs, which came out and incited the violence. IB sources tell OneIndia that members of the SIMI could have infiltrated into Delhi from UP and the other neighbouring states.

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False narrative: Time to look at the role of Naxals, SIMI in CAB protests

cab-protests22While protests over CAB continue to take place, we take a look at the pattern of proceedings to reveal the hand played by Naxals and SIMI in fuelling and fanning the fire

The violent protests that have broken out in various parts of the country over the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill is a clear indicator that it has been fanned in a particular pattern. Both leaders of the Opposition and Left-wing sympathisers have deliberately created a false narrative around the Bill and fanned violence, as a result of which public property has been damaged in large measures.

Going by the advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs and a report prior to that by the Intelligence Bureau, it becomes clear that the violence has been stage managed as a result of which it has become a chain reaction.

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SIMI link to ISIS: Why Kerala, Tamil Nadu have become ticking time bombs

New Delhi, June 15: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) made a significant arrest in the Kerala-Tamil Nadu Islamic case when it arrested Sheikh Hidayathullah.

During the course of the investigation, it was learnt that he was subscribed to the ideologies of both the ISIS as well as the Students Islamic Movement of India.

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Capable of disrupting India’s internal fabric, why SIMI is India’s most dangerous terror group

New Delhi, June 10: While the security agencies deal with groups such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen in the Valley, an internal assessment still shows that the Students Islamic Movement of India is the most dangerous terrorist outfit.

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