10 years on Kerala SIMI operative arrested in connection with Bengaluru blasts

Bengaluru, Oct 11: Ten years on, the police have finally arrested a key suspect in the Bengaluru serial blasts. Abdul Saleem who is accused of planting the bomb at Madiwala was arrested from Kerala by a team of the CCB.

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ISI-Naxalite-Separatist: The common connection

Pakistan’s ISI keeps a very close watch on the anti national activities that take place in India. It is ready to support any cause as long as it is anti-India. It has supported groups such as the Indian Mujahideen, Students Islamic Movement of India and even the naxalites.

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Bodhgaya blasts: How an old SIMI cadre orchestrated the attack

On Friday, a special court awarded life imprisonment to 5 persons for their involvement in the Bodhgaya bomb blast case.

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SIMI operatives get lifer in robbery case

Two operatives of the Students Islamic Movement of India were sentenced to life imprisonment in connection with the August 2010 Manappuram Gold Loan Finance Company robbery case. The two included the self-styled head of the Madhya Pradesh unit of the SIMI, Abu Faisal alias Doctor.

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Bodhgaya bombs: JMB’s West Bengal module behind incident

Has the Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh raised its ugly head again? The probe being conducted into the recent incident where bombs were found at the holy Bodhgaya shrine in Bihar may have not been the handiwork of the Students Islamic Movement of India or Indian Mujahideen.

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Why was Lashkar, SIMI kept out of the Samjautha Express probe?

Pic: Sify

A 2008 narco analysis test of a SIMI leader resurfaced on Monday in which he is heard speaking about the role of his outfit and Pakistan in the Samjautha Express Blasts case. There were three tests in all that were carried out at Bengaluru. Safdar Nagori his brother Kamruddin and Amil Pervez were subjected to the narco analysis test. In the test he speaks about the direct link between the SIMI and Samjautha Express blasts of February 2007 in which 68 persons were killed.

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With 32 SIMI and 3 ISIS operatives together in one jail, authorities have a security nightmare

simi22With 32 operatives of the Students Islamic Movement of India and 3 ISIS inspired suspects, this jail in Madhya Pradesh has a problem on hand. For security officials at the jail, it is nothing but a nightmare to ensure that the premises is guarded.

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How ISI used the IS ideology to stay clear of the blame

In the year 2014, there was an interesting shift in the manner in which the Indian Mujahideen operated. A letter was sent out to the Mumbai police which was signed just, “Mujahideen.”

The Indian was missing in the name and this marked a shift in strategy.

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SIMI’s Safdar Nagori sentenced to life imprisonment in terror case

nagori2The chief of the Students Islamic Movement of India, Safdar Nagori has been sentenced to life by a court in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The court held Nagori guilty on charges of terror and ordered him to serve the rest of his life in jail.

The prosecution will appeal in the high court and seek a death sentence. Nagori too would appeal seeking quashing of the trial court verdict.

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WARNING: ‘Indian Mujahideen 2.0’ likely, says IB

ter4Intelligence Bureau officials suspect that there would be a culmination of several like-minded radical forces from across the country to form a home-grown terrorist outfit, since the downfall of the Indian Mujahideen has created a vacuum.
IB officials say that there is sufficient indication that shows that coming together of various disgruntled elements of different groups to form a home grown jihadi outfit.

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