How Sikhs for Justice is donning the role of Hurriyat in Punjab

khalistanNew Delhi, July 19: A detailed dossier listing out the activities of the pro-Khalistan groups was handed over to Islamabad by India. The dossier, which was handed over during the Kartarpur Corridor talks at the Wagah border speaks about the various activities of the pro-Khalistan groups, including the Sikhs for Justice.

The SJF was recently banned in India. The group operates freely in Pakistan the dossier said, while also attaching an image of a pro-Khalistan leader, Gopal Singh Chawla meeting with terrorist and Lashkar-e-Tayiba chief, Hafiz Saeed.

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The Khalistan call is not freedom of expression as termed by the United States

New Delhi, Dec 21: India has repeatedly raised concerns about Referendum 2020 to demand secession of Punjab from India. The movement is being led by an advocacy group called as the Sikhs for Justice.

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What the ISI is doing in Punjab is carbon copy Kashmir: Is SJF the new Hurriyat?

New Delhi, Dec 19: The imprint of the ISI is clear and the agenda has been set. The ISI has nurtured for long terrorists part of pro-Khalistan groups. They have been aided with funds, arms and training.

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The ISI-SJF meet at Nankana Sahib: Why India should be worried

New Delhi, Dec 10: A meet at Nankana Sahib between some activists from the Sikh Community and the ISI has been under the radar of the Indian security agencies. The meeting comes amidst a pilgrimage that the Sikhs for Justice has promised to sponsor.

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Khalistan: Why the “London Declaration for Referendum 2020” is a huge cause for concern

referendum2020New Delhi, July 14: A major rally being conducted under the banner, ” London Declaration for a Referendum 2020″ is under the scanner of the Indian agencies. This major rally demanding a separate state of Khalistan is being organised by a group called Sikhs for Justice at the Trafalgar Square on August 12.

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