In Karnataka crisis, a behind the scene battle between Kharge and Siddaramaiah

Mallikarjun Kharge and Siddharamiah

Bengaluru, July 08: Is the personal rivalry between Deve Gowda and Siddaramaiah hitting the Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka?

Gowda had publicly accused, Siddaramaiah of orchestrating the crisis in Karnataka after 13 MLAs resigned. Gowda said that the MLAs who resigned are supporters of Siddaramaiah. I know he is behind the crisis, the former prime minister also said.

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Son rise in Karnataka


There has always been a question mark on giving tickets to the children of politicians. Now with political parties making attempts to do away with dynasty politics, the leaders in Karnataka have chosen another way to bring their sons or daughter into the forefront- Make them work for it.

The campaign of many major leaders in Karnataka is being led by their kith and kin. These leaders feel that their children should work with them so that when they seek a ticket, it should appear as though they have earned it and the same has not been passed on.

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