Inside story of how Siddaramaiah led the operation against Operation Lotus

Bengaluru, Jan 17: For the BJP it was yet another failed attempt at installing the government in Karnataka. Despite being the single largest party in the state with 104 MLAs, the BJP’s third attempt to form the government failed after the Congress rebels backtracked at the last moment. For the Congress and JD(S), the Herculean task was to convince the rebels, who were upset after the Cabinet expansion. Some of them had rebelled after being left out and nearly 5 of them had been camping in Mumbai giving the coalition the jitters.

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Forced conversion or spreading disease: What led to killing of an American in Andaman Island

New Delhi, Nov 22: An American identified as John Allen Chau was killed on an island in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He was killed by the Sentinelese tribe which is known to resist outside contact.

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Dissent grows, resort politics returns to Karnataka, Cong awaits Jarkiholi’s next move

jar-sidBengaluru, Sep 18: There appears to be no let up in dissent within the Karnataka Congress. Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah who was roped in to play peace maker appears to have failed in his efforts.

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Karnataka: More than what meets the eye in the Jarkiholi-Laxmi Hebbalkar fight

jarkiholi-laxmi-hebbalkarBengaluru, Sep 17: The trouble within the Karnataka Congress appears to have gone out of control. The party high command hopes that former chief minister, Siddaramaiah would be able to pacify those rebelling and bring peace within the party.

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Karnataka govt will collapse in next 15 days: Sadananada Gowda

Mangalore, Aug 29: Union Minister, D V Sadananda Gowda said that the ruling Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka would collapse in the next 15 days. Speaking to reporters he said that former chief minister, Siddaramaiah had decided to pull down the government and it is just a matter of time before the coalition collapses.

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Karnataka: Rumblings in coalition are more about who gets the better pie in 2019

Bengaluru, Aug 28: Former chief minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah was at it again. After saying that he could once again become CM of Karnataka, his statement was backed by Agriculture Minister, Shivashankar Reddy, who also said that there was a possibility of such a development.

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Why does Siddaramaiah write so many letters to Kumaraswamy

kumar-siddBengaluru, July 21: Nine letters in 45 days led to tears rolling down Karnataka Chief Minister, H D Kumaraswamy’s cheeks. Siddaramaiah, who heads the coordination committee has been dashing off one letter after another, which led to Kumaraswamy not only crying, but also saying that he is drinking poison everyday to run the JD(S)-Congress coalition government.

Karnataka: BJP smells a golden opportunity, will go all out to weaken coalition


Bengaluru, June 30: The growing disillusionment within the Congress has got the BJP in overdrive mode in Karnataka. The fresh round of dissent was caused by none other than former Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah and the BJP hopes that he would rock the boat.

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Why A Sulking Siddaramaiah Doesn’t Bode Well For The Congress-JD(S) Coalition

siddaramaiah_650x400_51465912230The problems for the Congress-Janata Dal (Secular) or JD(S) alliance in Karnataka seem to be never-ending. After a showdown over the allocation of portfolios, the two parties sparred on whether to present a full budget or an interim one. There were differences over the issue of farm loan waiver too, which the Congress did not seem to be in agreement with.

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Why the Siddaramaiah factor cannot be ignored by the Congress-JD(S) coalition

siddharamFormer Karnataka Chief Minister, Siddaramaiah may look like the villain of the Karnataka coalition, but the fact is that the Congress cannot ignore him. In veiled threats, several Congress leaders have dismissed the former CM’s statements on the longevity of the coalition, but behind the scenes all efforts are on to pacify him.

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