Case registered against Shri Krishna committee

The Punjagutta Police Station, Hyderabad has registered a criminal case against all the members of the Shri Krishna Committee which had submitted a report recently on Telangana. The criminal case of cheating and provoking communal tensions was registered by the Police following a verdict of the Nampally court which had ordered the same.

However the investigations into the case have not yet commenced since police believe that it would be better to wait for the verdict of the Supreme Court which is seized off the matter.

A private complaint had lodged before the Nampally court against the Shri Krishna Committee members pertaining to the controversial and mysterious 8th chapter of the report. In the complaint it was stated that the 8th chapter speaks of Telangana turning into a Jihadi and Hindutva hub and hence it would not be advisable to hand over a separate state. This portion of the report was concealed by the government. However a petition was filed before the Andhra Pradesh High Court seeking a directive to the government to make public the contents of the 8th chapter. The court had come down heavily on the government-both union and state and directed it to make the 8th chapter public.

The governments on the other hand preferred an appeal before the Supreme Court and that matter is now pending verdict.

Regarding the private complaint and the registration of the case against the committee members, the government has not yet decided to go in appeal before the High Court. The government feels that the verdict of the Supreme Court is what they would wait for before they can even proceed on this matter since both appear to be inter-connected.

Shri Krishna comity in trouble


In a major embrassment a local court in Hyderabad has ordered registration of criminal cases against all members of the Justice Shri Krishna Commission which submitted a report on the Telangana issue. A complaint had been filed before the Nampally court stating the eighth chapter of the commission report aims at provoking communal sentiments.
There was a contreversy regarding the 8th chapter of the report and the union government was accused of not making this portion of the report public. In the 8th chapter it was stated that if Talangana state is granted it would become a hub for both Islamic and Hindu terrorists. It was also said that the political party MIM would gain politically. In addition to this the chapter also stated that the state government should take into confidence local newspapers by giving more advertisements so tjat they do not report in favour of a seperate Telangana state. The Andhra Pradesh High Court hqd come down heavily on the state government and directed to make the 8th chapter public. The state in turn has decided to approach the Supreme Court against this order.
Rehman a resident of Hyderabad approached the court citing the 8th chapter and stated that it led to unwanted provocation which would lead to communal tension in Andhra Pradesh. He also sought action against the members of the committee under the appopriate provisionsof the Indian Penal Code.
The court while hearing his plea ordered the police to register criminal cases against the members of the commission including Justice Shri Krishna. The committee has in all 5 members. A police official whose jurisdiction under which this case would fall when questioned said he would ot be ale to comment since the order copy has not been served on them as yet. He said ction woud be taken in accordance with law once they get the official order copy.

The mystery T comity 8th chapter

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The mysterious 8th chapter in the Shri Krishna Committee report which was never made public has become a talking point in the whole of Andhra Pradesh. Manage the media to curb the movement and if Telangana is given it could turn into a land for Hindutva forces, Jihadi elements and Maoists is something that this 8th chapter has to say.

The 8th chapter has become a fighting point between the people of Telangana and the residents of the Seema-Andhra region today. The people of Telangana are obviously up in arms against this portion of the report and say that they will not settle for anything less than the arrest of Justice Shri Krishna.

The 8th chapter has some very controversial recommendations and suggestions which have not gone down well at all with the public. Firstly it says that Telangana will become a hub for militant Hindutva forces and Jihadi elements. Further it says that if the state is divided then Telangana region will become a den for the naxal movement. Further it also speaks about the MIM gaining in strength if Telangana movement is allowed to succeed. The report also speaks of increase in communal clashes if Telangana is handed over.

However the portion which has been taken very badly is the point where there are suggestions given to the government to manage the print and electronic media in order to curb the movement. Giving these organizations more government advertisements will keep them in good books and they should be told to curb the movement, the committee also suggests.Further the committee has also gone to say that additional forces should be used to curb the movement.

The big question that is being asked is why did the Government not make this chapter in the report public while it was released more than a month back. The matter was taken to the court where petitioners had alleged that the report was biased in nature. The court during its last hearing ordered the government to make this report public. While passing the order, the court had observed that this chapter makes it clear that there has been some amount of bias in the report.
The government is however mum on this chapter in the report. The government does not speak about the contents in the report and neither does it say anything as to why it had not been made public. They however say that they would go in appeal against the order of the High Court which had ordered making of the report public.

There has been a lot of debate in Hyderabad regarding this chapter. Lateef Mohammad Khan who heads the Muslim Forum for Telangana says that there is clear pressure from the government not to make that chapter of the report public. In fact we wanted to address the media about this issue and we received a call from the police asking us not to do it. We were told there is no need to discuss this issue in public.
Dr Prithviraj who heads the students movement for Telangana says that he had been maintaining since day one that this is a biased report given out by the Congress. This chapter 8 has only vindicated my stand. If the Congress had nothing to hide then why did he intentionally prevent this portion of the report from coming out.

The report says that Telangana would become a Maoist den if a separate state is created. I want to ask them one question. Chandrababu Naidu was attacked in the Andhra region by naxalites. M Subbirami Reddy was shot in the Andhra region by naxalites. What do they have to say about this? All this is just nonsense talk to curb the movement at the behest of the Seema-Andhra people. They want to brand all the people of Telangana as naxalites and underworld elements.
They should make this a public document if they have the guts. Frankly speaking we were against the committee since day one since we were expecting a report to this effect. Today we want Justice Krishna to be put behind bars.

Khan goes on to add that the situation will become dirtier in the days to come. Recently Samba Shivudu, a TRS leader was murdered. He was a strong leader who had command over the movement and today we suspect that the government could have got him killed. What has been suggested in the report to curb the movement has already started taking effect, Khan also adds.

No home for these Cong MLAs

The report of the Shri Krishna Committee has caused more problems for the Congress MLAs from Telangana than the people of the region who have been fighting for this cause for several decades. Nearly 60 congress MLAs from the Telangana had to sit back in Hyderabad and could not visit their respective constituencies as proestors stood guard outside their respective houses.
Take the case of Sudarshan Reddy, irrigation minister in the Andhra Pradesh government. He hails from the Bodan constituency in Nizamabad district and was supposed to return to his home constituency today. However he advised against it due to the protests outside his house. This is the case of all MLAs from the Congress belonging to the Telangana region. They have all been advised to stay back at Hyderabad and not visit their home towns as they could face a severe outrage.
Prof Kodanandaram, Political Joint Action Committee for Telangana chief told that the Congress was just issuing statements and never really did anything on the ground. If they do not act soon they will face a social boycott and will be wiped out from their constituncies.
These Congress leaders have however said that they are not backing out and had issued an ultimatum to the union government. They decided to wait until February for the government to table the bill on Telangana failing which they would all tender their resignations. One of the Telangana Congress leaders said that this time they cannot take it easy. The movement is gaining a lot of momentum and if we do not act soon they it could well be the end of our political careers.
The congress in andhra pradesh has already started working out the numbers in case these MLAs resign. They will be reduced to a wafer thin majority if the 60 MLas quit. In addition to this they are also thinking over time about the Jagan factor. The statement of K Chandrashkhar Rao of the TRS also has them worried. He had said that there would be a mid term poll in which Jagan would sweep Rayalseema while TRS would sweep Telangana. Political observers are treating this statement as a possible alliance between the two even as both camps suggest that no such thing is cooking.

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Telangana does not belong to a Reddy or Rao

The Muslims in Telangana feel that formation of Telangana is the best possible solution for them. A cross section of Muslims across Hyderabad say that they have got nothing but atrocities from the existing set up. The only solution is the formation of the state which would ensure that they get their individual identities and they can start being treated as part of this place.

Lateef Mohammad Khan, the convenor for the Muslim Forum for Telangana says that the Shri Krishna Committee report on Telangana has been disappointing. In this interview with he says that it like old wine in a new bottle and it also describes the Urdu saying khoda pahad nikla chuha who bhi mara huva.

Did you expect such a report to come out?

The report which came out was shocking. None of us even expected that the commission would give out a report which refuses to take any kind of stand. We were looking for a solution and all we got was options. Who is interested in the analysis of the situation. This is

  democratic demand and should have been given into. Instead of solving the problem this committee has tried to dissolve it and make it a more complicated one. This committee has betrayed our hopes and aspirations. Due to this report the sentiments of Telangana people have been hurt to a large extent.The people of Telangana are suffering since 1956  and their rights have been always violated and they are continuously struggling for justice. On every occasion the people of Telangana have been cheated and at every stage in the name of agreements, packages, and commissions. However, these have been never implemented.

What is the strength of the Muslims in Telangana?

The Muslims form nearly 20 per cent of the population of Telangana. This is not some ordinary strength. Once the state is formed we will be taken very seriously.

What benefits will Muslims have once Telangana is formed?

The biggest benefit is the political share that Muslims will have once the state is formed. We will have a bigger role to play in the affairs of the state once Telangana is formed. This is something that the Muslims have been deprived off all these years. The fact is that once Telangana is formed no government can be formed without the support of the Muslims.

Is that all you are looking for? A Political share?

No that is not all. Urdu is the second language in this region officially, but the same has never been implemented. Once Telangana is formed Urdu will become the official second language. In addition to this there is a very strong Muslim culture in this region and that is being finished off. Once the state is formed there will be proper recognition of our culture. Also the Wakf board land which has been taken away by greedy industrialists will be returned once the state is formed. None of us have a major interest in this land, it is just that every homeless Muslim will get a house to live in.

Are all Muslims united in their stand for Telangana?

Yes they are now. Earlier they were not, but now they have understood that it is the need of the hour.

What about the MIM?

Their stand is neutral, but I am sure that they are in favour of the movement. They need to understand the growing demand for a separate state in the district levels and I am sure that they will take care of their concerns as well. They have also understood that all Muslims want Telangana and they will not do anything to anger them. In addition to this we are happy that the MIM is very particular that if Telangana is formed then Hyderabad should be the capital.

There is a difference of opinion between the students and the polticians on this issue. What is your thinking about this?

Yes there is one at the moment. The students are an emotional lot and feel very strongly for this movement. They are the ones who have been fighting for the cause and laying down their lives. They feel that the polticians are only looking for political gains and to an extent that is very true. Political parties have been more of a hinderance than of any help to the movement since most of them are furthering their political campaign through this movement. Moreover none of the politicians stand in front of police fire and fight for the movement and this has angered the students no end.

Who will your forum support? The Students of the politicians.

The students of course since we feel that they are more serious about the movement.

But then you are part of all the political Joint Action Committee Meetings.

Yes that is correct. We need to be there to remind the politicians to keep the fire alive since the issue has not been solved as yet completely. We also need to ensure that the politicians do not restrict themselves to their chambers and issue statements.

What role will your forum play now?

The forum was first formed to bring all Muslims united to fight for this movement. That part of the job is now over. Our next role will be when the state is formed and we will need to ensure that all legitimate rights of the Muslims are given.

Do you see the state being formed?

Yes of course and there is no doubt about that. It will be done in a years time for sure. We are confident about that.

Is Telangana a solution for all atrocities against Muslims?

We cannot link these two. But yes we will have a voice. We want a Telangana of the people and not a Telangana of a Reddy or a Rao

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