As Shiv Sena is kept dangling, Cong-NCP to meet again

ncp-congress-ssNew Delhi, Nov 20: The Congress and the NCP would hold another round of talks on the formation of a government in Maharashtra. The state is currently under President’s rule after no party has been able to form the government for the want of numbers.

There have been several rounds of talks between the Congress and NCP, but they have remained inconclusive. Sources tell OneIndia that it is the Congress that is not too keen on allying with the Shiv Sena. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has not been able to convince Sonia Gandhi as yet on the alliance.

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As stalemate continues, Shiv Sena to hold crucial meeting on Friday

shiv-sena22New Delhi, Nov 20: There appears to be no end to the political impasse in Maharashtra. The NCP and Congress has kept the Shiv Sena dangling and would hold another round of talks to discuss the common minimum programme.

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Moves by NCP, Congress, BJP leave Shiv Sena guessing

fadnavis-uddhav-thackeray1New Delhi, Nov 20: The party that remains the most confused in Maharashtra today is the Shiv Sena. The party has been given no clarity about the formation of the government by the Congress and NCP, while the BJP has said a flat no to its demands.

This has led to some of the MLAs of the Shiv Sena getting edgy and many still feel that the deal with the BJP would have been a better one. However the deal with the BJP is stuck on the 50:50 condition, which the Sena has been insistent on.

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Why there is nothing un-constitutional about Governor’s decision to recommend President’s rule in Maharashtra

uddhav-koshyariWhile President’s rule has been imposed in Maharashtra, many have questioned the decision of the Governor. However, the Governor has strictly played by the rules as listed under Article 356.

The Shiv Sena has moved the Supreme Court stating that it was not given sufficient time to form the government. In its plea it said that the BJP was given 48 hours time as opposed to the 24 hours granted to it.

The fact is that the Shiv Sena had the option to approach the Governor and stake claim to form the government the day the results of the Maharashtra Assembly elections were announced on October 24, 2019. There is no hard and fast rule that the Shiv Sena had to wait for an invitation from the Governor.

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With NCP upping ante for post of CM, Shiv Sena may drive for a 50:50 bargain

shiv-sena-ncpNew Delhi, Nov 13: It may not be easy pickings for the Shiv Sena, which decided to look for alternate options despite fighting the Maharashtra Assembly elections with the BJP.

The Shiv Sena which was invited to form the government after the BJP refused to do so was unable to get the letters of support from the Congress and NCP as a result of which it had to put its government formation plans on the back-burner.

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Was it Pawar or Sonia who halted the Shiv Sena at the last minute

congress-ss-ncpNew Delhi, Nov 13: The Shiv Sena sounded confident when the Governor invited the party to form the government in Maharashtra.

However towards the end of the day, the body language of all the Sena leaders had changed and the party was unable to form the government as it did not get letters of support from either the Congress or NCP.

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Just 24 hours time: Why this claim by the Shiv Sena needs to be rubbished

shiv-sena-governorNew Delhi, Nov 12: The impasse in Maharashtra continues and the state may well be under President’s rule soon.

The Shiv Sena was unable to get the letters of support when it went up to the Governor. The Governor also did not grant the Sena more time as it had sought. Instead the Governor invited the NCP.

Maharashtra: Shiv Sena played the game a bit too long, took the fight a bit too far

Inset pic: Dr Sandeep Shastri

New Delhi, Nov 11: The impasse in Maharashtra continues and the ball today is in the court of the Shiv Sena. The party has been invited by the Governor, to form the government after the BJP said on Sunday that it did not have the required numbers.

If the Shiv Sena decides to form the government, then it basically means that there would be a three-party government which would include the NCP and the Congress. But has the Shiv Sena played its cards well?
It now appears as though the strategy is more about keeping the BJP at bay. The negative glue brings you together, but can the positive glue hold you together.

OneIndia caught up with India’s leading political scientist, Dr Sandeep Shastri to understand the dynamic in Maharashtra.

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BJP delays meeting Governor, waits response from Shiv Sena

devendra-fadnavisNew Delhi, Nov 07: A breakthrough in Maharashtra in unlikely to take place today. The BJP is likely to delay meeting the Governor and would instead wait for the Shiv Sena to respond.

The BJP was scheduled to meet the Governor today and stake a claim to form the government. On the other hand, the Shiv Sena has called for a meeting of its MLAs. On Wednesday, ministers of the BJP and Shiv Sena met for the first time after the results of the Maharashtra Assembly elections were declared.

Pranab could be consensus PM candidate in 2019 says Shiv Sena

The Shiv Sena has raised the pitch and said that former President of India, Pranab Mukherjee could the consensus candidate for prime minister in 2019. If the NDA fails to get a majority, then Mukherjee could be the consensus candidate, an editorial in the Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece, Saamna said.

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