How different are the Sharia laws for women under the Taliban and Wahhabis

New Delhi, Aug 19: He did not elaborate on his comments, but the Taliban’s longtime spokesperson Zabhihullah Mujahid had said that his outfit would honour women’s rights.

Barely a week after taking over Afghanistan, reports said that a woman had been killed in Taloqan, Takhar province because she had left her home without wearing a burqa.

The Taliban will impose the Sharia law, but their interpretation of the same is comparatively different in nature. The Taliban during its earlier regime had said that a woman needs to be accompanied by a male family member child or adult when she goes out.

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72 years later India is one at last: We need to rejoice it, not question it

From being allowed ownership of inheritance despite marrying someone from outside Kashmir to freeing up women from being subjected to Sharia, the effects of the historic decision to make Jammu and Kashmir into a Union Territory will take more time to be realised

A woman being subject to Sharia, a woman being denied the right to inheritance if she married someone from outside, that changes today.

Women from Jammu and Kashmir would be free from being subject to Sharia and the women from Kashmir cannot be denied the right to inheritance if she marries someone from outside Kashmir.

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