Terrorist desperation- Its not just Modi

terfundsSince the past one and half weeks there has been hectic activity among terror groups and each of these outfits have adopted to various tactics calling for Jihad. While everyone tends to go bersek attributing this to Narendra Modi taking over the country’s new Prime Minister what one also needs to understand that the desperation is more to do with the fact that they are becoming a diminishing race.
The arrests carried out by the National Investigation Agency in which SIMI operative Haider Ali and three others were arrested incidentally marked the end of the last known modules in India. This is a huge set back for the terror outfits who have virtually not a single organised module left in the country today. Taking this into consideration, it is very obvious terror groups are going to become desperate in a bid to reinstate themselves on Indian soil.

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Chennai to Malaysia- Connect the dots

te1arMalaysia recently claimed that it had arrested a man who was plotting major strikes in India. For India this arrest is of extreme importance as it directly links it with the arrest that was made in Chennai involving a Sri Lankan operative.

The similarities between the arrest of the man of Sti Lankan origin in Malaysia and Shakir Hussain in Chennai is what has got the Indian agencies extremely interested. Both are of Sri Lankan origin and secondly they had a similar plan to bomb the US and Israel consulates in Chennai and Bangalore.

The Indian agencies are working over time on this case and what was first believed to be a problem restricted to Chennai is now turning out to be an international operation. The questioning of Hussain began with him telling the agencies that his job was to recruit people and they had plans of carrying out a series of attacks. However as the interrogation progressed he began to reveal that there was a base they had in Malaysia where there were a couple of operatives who were helping them.

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