Bhatkal’s Armar brothers who ran the Indian Islamic State confirmed dead

New Delhi, Mar 26: After various rounds, it has finally been confirmed that the dreaded Shafi Armar had died. Intelligence Bureau officials tell OneIndia that Armar had died in Syria in 2015 itself.

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Yusuf Al-Hindi resurfaces as NIA cracks ISIS inspired module

New Delhi, Dec 28: The busting of the Islamic State inspired module has brought the focus back on Yusuf Al-Hindi, a recruiter for the outfit. This name was being used by Shafi Armar, a resident of Bhatkal, who is said to have died in Syria last year.

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Who is Abu Yusuf al-Hindi alias Shafi Armar, Bhatkal’s ISIS man killed in Syria

shafiarmarThe Islamic State declared that Abu Yusuf al-Hindi alias Shafi Armar a resident of Bhatkal was killed in Syria’s Raqqa area. While Indian Intelligence agencies are yet to confirm the news of his death, a similar incident has been reported a few months back.

terFor India, Armar, the brother of Sultan Armar who was also killed in Syria is a prized catch. He is the recruiter-in-chief for the ISIS in India. He was recently declared a global terrorist by the United States of America.

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Decoding the mystery of Yusuf al-Hindi a name that all IS recruits use

sajid1The name Yusuf al-Hindi has cropped up several times on the chat rooms of the Islamic State. The National Investigation Agency has been trying to de-code this name and in the process come up with several names including that of Shafi Armar.

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Global terrorist Shafi Armar read newspapers and reported atrocities against Indian Muslims

shafiarmarToday he has been declared a global terrorist. A few years, Shafi Armar back, Armar then with the Indian Mujahideen was tasked with reading newspapers and reporting atrocities against Muslims. Shafi who now heads the Ansar ut-Tawhid, the Indian recruiting wing of the ISIS broke away with the Indian Mujahideen a couple of years back. Shafi was in Dubai when the founder of the IM, Riyaz Bhatkal got in touch with him.

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Who is Shafi Armar, the Karnataka born ISIS op declared global terrorist

An Islamic State operative from Bhatkal, Karnataka, Shafi Armar was declared a global terrorist by the United States of America. The man who is the primary recruiter for the IS was presumed dead a few years ago. However the intelligence that was gathered later on found that he had faked his death to avoid the heat of the intelligence agencies.

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India’s Islamic State wing ran operations ‘corporate style

The Junood-ul-Khalifa-Fil-Hind or JKH which is the Indian wing of the Islamic State in India worked like a corporate entity, investigations have revealed. The outfit headed by Ajmad Khan who was recently deported from Saudi Arabia had a proper hierarchy in place, investigations have also revealed. He would report to Shafi Armar who is based out of Syria.
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Islamic State’s ‘kill list’ has 285 Indians: Should we be worried?

Isis members in Aleppo, Syria‘O individual wolves out there in the world kill the cross where ever you find it and Kill them strongly, kill them hardly’. This was a chilling message on the private Telegram channel of the Islamic State United Cyber Caliphate. Interestingly, this was a message was put out before the IS put out a kill list of 4,681 civilians across the world of which 285 were Indians.

The kill list is being examined by the National Investigation Agency. On the face of it, the list appears to be a diversionary tactic. The list of Indians was prepared by Yusuf al-Hindi aka Shafi Armar, the alleged handler of the IS based out of Syria.

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Revealed: What the FBI found on Kolkata IS operative

isischemicalBengaluru, Jan 1: The visit by a team of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to Kolkata to question an Islamic State operative was a crucial one. Masiuddin alias Musa who was chargesheeted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) was also questioned extensively by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
For the FBI the questioning was extremely important as they found that Musa’s handler Shafi Armar, a resident of Bhatkal now with the IS in Syria, was planning on targeting Americans.
The FBI learnt from the chat transcripts that Armar had drawn up a list of American targets not just in India but in other parts of the world as well.

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Indian IS operatives’ new strategy: ‘Stab and run’

ISIS-flag-afp-640x480During the interrogation of Musa alias Masiuddin, the Islamic State inspired operative, a very interesting conversation he had with his handler cropped up. An officer with the National Investigation Agency tells OneIndia that they were speaking about an operation known as ‘stab and escape.’
The conversation between Musa and his handler Shafi Armar reveals how they were sharing tactics between each other on stabbing non-Muslims and escaping from the spot. The stab and escape tactic has been discussed on several forums that are sympathetic towards the IS.

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