By infiltrating farmer protests, Khalistanis want to create separatist mindset in India

New Delhi, Feb 08: Several pro-Khalistan outfits have thrown their hat in the ring amidst the farmer protests. The likes of Mo Dhaliwal have been blamed for creating a toolkit, which was used by Greta Thunberg to speak in favour of the farmer protests.

India has however made it clear that it will not tolerate any outside interference and the farmer protests are completely India’s internal matter. 

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The rise of the Khalistanis gives room for a separatist mindset like we saw in Kashmir

New Delhi, Jan 12: During the hearing on the farm laws, Attorney General of India, K K Venugopal told the Supreme Court that Khalistanis have infiltrated the farmer protests.

He was asked to file an affidavit to this effect to which the AG agreed and also said that an IB report would also be placed on record. 

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Yasin Mallik cost to ISI, Rs 45 lac a month

Yasin Mallik is the highest paid separatist or terrorist today in the Kashmir valley. Despite being rescued by the Indian army and then doing a complete u-turn by fanning sentiments against the same people could be explained due to his fat paycheck of Rs 45 lakh he receives every month.

Over the past ten years several agencies have probed these separatists and have found illegal flow of funds into their accounts. However today Mallik the blue eyed boy of the ISI is being paid the highest amount and his instruction is don’t give up and never let go. There is a constant trail of this man by the agencies in India who tell Times Now that he has been receiving this salary in several installments every month. However after the spate of probes that were launched by the Indian agencies including the Central Bureau of Investigation, he has the money delivered through the borders and he has his men to collect it for him. 25 lakh in cash was delivered to a Yasin Mallik aide in Kathmandu in the month of July while the other transaction was tracked to a hawala operative in Delhi. The final part of the payment was delivered to him through a conduit who slipped into the Valley through the Pakistan border. This amount has not reached any bank and thanks to the spate of probes there has been no deposits found in his accounts which suggests he has been parking the money in the homes of his well wishers. The National Investigation Agency and the Intelligence Bureau are finding out more on this trail.

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