Uttar Pradesh: Rift in the Yadav family widens

akhilesh-yadav-mula__091516085150Lucknow, Oct 13: There appears to be no end to the Yadav family feud in Uttar Pradesh. The divide was visible clearly at the event held to mark the 49th death anniversary of Ram Manohar Lohia, the Samajwadi Party’s ideologue.
Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Akhilesh Yadav reached the venue early and left before his father Mulayam Singh Yadav could arrive.

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Make Yakub Memon’s wife RS member says SP leader

yakub-memon-650-with-ignou-credit_650x400_41438083955Making a desperate attempt to capitalize on a sentiment, a leader of the Samajwadi Party has written to Mulayam Singh Yadav asking him to nominate Yakub Memon’s widow to the Rajya Sabha. The letter written by Farooq Ghosi, the vice president of the Maharashtra State Unit of the SP seeks the nomination of Yakub Memon’s wife as Rajya Sabha member.
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Farmer suicide- Gajendra Singh had tried his hand in politics

gaj Gajendra Singh the farmer who committed suicide at a rally conducted by the Aam Admi Party yesterday had tried everything to bring his life under order. He had visited several pro farmer rallies in the past and even tried his hand at politics ten years ago.

He had contested the elections on a Samajwadi party ticket in Rajasthan and was even appointed the district president of the party despite a massive loss. However a year back he quit the Samajwadi Party and joined the Aam Admi Party, a neighbour of his at the Jhamarwada village in Dausa informed OneIndia.

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Sunanda murder case- Amar Singh summoned for questioning

Former Samajwadi Party leader, Amar Singh who had made sensational claims about Shashi Tharoorthe Sunanda Pushkar murder case has been summoned by the Special Investigating Team of the Delhi police.
Singh was called by the SIT for questioning as the investigating agency felt that he had information about the case.
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German Bakery- Yasin vs ATS

pune-german-bakery-blast-med-1Political parties such as the Samajwadi Party have started to up the ante seeking a re-probe into the German Bakery blasts case. Looking at the manner in which the probe is taking a turn, it appears that there will be a re-investigation into the entire case and with the prime accused, Yasin Bhatkal in custody the case has got a whole other dimension now.

It was during the German Bakery case that the agencies for the first time saw a footage of Yasin Bhatkal while he was planting the bomb. The Maharashtra ATS had built a case at first which even resulted in the conviction of an operative by the name Himayat Baig. This person who was sentenced to death by the court has claimed on several occasions that he is innocent and had nothing to do with the case.

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UP polls- Cong,BJP top list of criminal candidates

The first list put out for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections has a total of 77 candidates with a criminal background. Topping this list are both the Congress and the BJP who have 13 candidates each with serious criminal charges against them.

The National Election Watch in its report for Uttar Pradesh states that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Samajwadi Party (SP) and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) first list for Uttar Pradesh 2012 Assembly Election contains 26, 26, 24 and 1 candidates respectively with criminal records.

220 candidates declared by BJP for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

215 candidates declared by INC for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

165 candidates declared by SP for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

17 candidates declared by RLD for Uttar Pradesh 2012 election.

Till now 617 candidates have been declared by BJP, INC, SP and RLD for Uttar Pradesh elections 2012. NEW has found affidavits of 248 candidates that the candidates had submitted during earlier elections (2007 assembly elections or Lok Sabha 2009) with Election Commission.

38 candidates have serious criminal cases, like murder, attempt to murder, robbery, theft and kidnapping. against them as declared by them in their earlier affidavits. This list of candidates with serious charges includes 13 candidates from BJP, 13 from INC and 12 candidates from SP.

Till now, list of 220 candidates have been declared by BJP for Uttar Pradesh upcoming Assembly Election. Out of these, NEW was able to find records of 91 candidates and 26 of them were found to have criminal records. The list of all these candidates is attached at the end.

For Uttar Pradesh 2012 Assembly Elections, out of the 215 candidates declared by INC, NEW was able to find 75 affidavits filed earlier out of which, 26 candidates have criminal charges and 13 candidates have serious criminal charges pending against them. This list is also attached with the report.

For SP, out of the list of 165 declared candidates, NEW was able to find affidavits of 77 candidates filed by them in earlier elections and found that 24 of them have criminal background. Analysis based on the criminal background of candidates has been mentioned further in this report.

For RLD, out of 17 candidates declared for Uttar Pradesh Assembly Elections 2012, NEW was able to analyze affidavits of only 5 candidates; out of which, only 1 candidate had criminal background.


BJP- 220 candidates have been announced out of which 26 have a criminal background while 13 have serious charges against them.

 Indian National Congress-They have declared 215 candidates and have fielded 13 with serious charges while 26 have a criminal background.

SP- Out of the 165 fielded candidates 24 have a criminal background while 12 have serious charges against them.

RLD- Out of the 17 candidates 1 has a criminal background.

BSP- Yet to announce list.

S Bangarappa- mass leader to turn coat

S Bangarappa- Pic-The Hindu

From the ultimate leader for the backward classes to the ultimate turn coat, S Bangarappa had an interesting stint in Karnataka politics for 30 years.

The 79 year old Sarekoppa Bangarappa who breathed his last in Bangalore at 1240 am today was born on October 26 1933 at Kubatur in Shimoga district, Karnataka.

When he started out his political career some 30 years back, he was considered to be a fighter. At his constituency in Sorab in Shimoga he was probably one of the most known faces and he won elections just on his name and the party never mattered to the voter.

All through his political career he positioned himself as a leader of the backward classes. However over the past 10 years that image of his changed drastically thanks to his frequent party hopping. From being a charismatic leader who enjoyed a daily game of badminton, he became to be known as the biggest turn coat in Karnataka politics. These frequent changes which he made in politics took the sheen off him and people had stopped considering him seriously.

His critics say that he had become self centred and hungry for power at all times. They also say that he jumped into parties which he thought would come to power either at the centre or the state and this gave the impression that he was power hungry even to the extent that his own party workers never took him seriously. It is also said that he is one of the most suited examples of an Indian politician who are more self centred than having routes of ideologies or principles.

Many have also blamed him for breaking his own family for the sake of power and this was evident during the last elections to the Karnataka Assembly. His son Kumar Bangarappa who was part of the S M Krishna government was forced out of the party for a brief stint to join the BJP when his father joined the same party which had termed him as the most corrupt Chief Minister of Karnataka. However Kumar Bangarappa returned to the Congress thus indicating a major split within the family. The rift widened further when he roped in his son, Madhu Bangarappa to fight the assembly election on a Samajwadi Party ticket in the Soraba constituency against his other son Kumar who contested on a Congress ticket. However this rift was always underplayed by Bangarappa and on being asked by the media he always said that this was just a family matter and the press need not worry about it.

Bangarappa started off his career with the Congress only to be made the Chief Minister of Karnataka in the year 1992. He became the CM under dramatic circumstances when serving Chief Minister of the state, Veerendra Patil was unceremoniously dropped by the Congress at the insistence of Rajiv Gandhi who later stated health reasons for this change. However Bangarappa remained Chief Minister of Karnataka only for a period of two years and was replaced by Veerappa Moily.

Bangarappa has never known to be loyal to any party and has the reputation of changing parties more than he would change his clothes. He had first rebelled in the Congress in the year 1983 and formed the Karnataka Kranthi Ranga. However he returned to the Congress and later became a Chief Minister. During his stint as the Chief Minister, he was known more for his scandals, the most popular one being the Classik Computer case. He was however acquitted in that case following which he maintained a low profile. After his stint as the CM, he remained in the Congress for sometime and when Sonia Gandhi took over the party, he rebelled against her. He went on to form the Karnataka Vikas Party and then the Karnataka Congress Party. However he then joined the Bharatiya Janata Party only to walk out a couple of years later and join the Samajwadi Party.

His stint in the Samajwadi Party was an interesting one. He gave up his pet Soraba constituency to battle against Yeddyurappa in Shikaripura. His candidature was backed by all parties in Karnataka who thought he was the best leader to beat Yeddyurappa who was the Chief Ministerial candidate for the BJP. This move even had the BJP worried and in order to counter this move they put in all their resources in the Shikaripura Constituency. However Bangarappa was trounced by Yeddyurappa in that election. He then tried his luck again against Yeddyurappa’s son, B Y Raghavendra in Shimoga parliamentary seat only to lose once again. Following this he joined the Janata Dal (S) and was a member of his party when he breathed his last.

Despite all odds and criticism, Bangarappa has had a very lucrative career. He first became member of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly in the year 1967. His first stint as minister was in the year 1977 when he took charge as the Home Minister and then the PWD minister. In the year 1980 he was made the Revenue Minister and four years later he was the opposition leader in Karnataka. He then held the post of Agriculture minister in the year 1989 and went on to become Chief Minister in 1990. In the year 1996 he was elected to the Lok Sabha. He was relected in the year 1999 as well and once again in 2003 but this time on a BJP ticket. He contested the Lok Sabha elections once again in the year 2005 but this time on a Samajwadi Party ticket. After this he left the SP and then joined the Congress once again for a brief period before joining the JD(S).