Mullaperiyar dam: How serious is the terror threat?

mullapTamil Nadu had told the Supreme Court of India that the Mullaperiyar dam faces a terrorist threat. The submission was made today before the Supreme Court which is hearing a petition by Tamil Nadu seeking the deployment of CISF at the dam.
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Chennai terror plot: Revealing details from Malaysia

  The Chennai terror plot was one of the most extensively planned attacks and had ramifications not just in South India, but also in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. 

While Sakir Hussain, the Sri Lankan national was arrested in Chennai another important operative by the name Muhammad Hussain was held in Malaysia. 

However the extradition of Hussain failed as the Malaysia authorities decided to hand him over to Sri Lanka despite the NIA making a request.

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Chennai terror plot, NIA needs this man

Pic: Deccan Chronicle
Pic: Deccan Chronicle

The Chennai terror plot appears to have come to a standstill and the man that the NIA wanted is now in Sri Lanka. Mohammad Hussain, an accomplice of Sakir Hussain who plotted to bomb targets in Chennai was sent to Sri Lanka from Malaysia despite several requests by the National Investigating Agency.

Hussain according to the NIA was a key figure in the Chennai terror plot. He was the one based out of Malaysia specifically sent by the ISI to arrange for funds. He too like his accomplice Sakir Hussain was reporting to Amir Zubair Siddiqui the Pakistani consular officer at the High Commission in Colombo.

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Sri Lanka’s balancing act hurts India’s national security

images730021_1The importance of Sri Lanka cannot be ruled out when we speak of India’s national security especially down south. Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made some good will gestures especially after the Narendra Modi government came to power, but the question is whether he is doing enough. Rajapaksa has been both condemned and applauded for his handling of the LTTE. While this is a matter that is best left to debate, what strikes everyone the most is that following the eradication of the LTTE, Sri Lanka did little to ensure that other groups which act contrary to India’s national interest did not set up a base there.
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Sakir Hussain convicted

In a major victory for the National Investigating Agency a court has convicted an sentenced Sakir Hussein to five years imprisonment after holding him guilty off terror charges. The NIA had filed a case against Sakir Hussain‎ connection with the criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist acts targeting a foreign Consulate located in South India as well as to circulate high quality fake Indian currency notes and there by threatening the security and monetary stability of the country.

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Kerala- Suicide bombers were on their way

‎Amir Siddiqui a consular officer at the Pakistan embassy in Colombo was air lifted to Pakistan the moment details of his alleged involvement in a conspiracy against India came to light. As India probes this case jointly with Malaysia and Maldives it has come to light that these operatives not only wanted to bomb embassies in South India but also ferry a couple of Su‎icide bombers to Kerala.
Idia now with the assistance of Malaysia is all set to build up a detailed case against the officer who had personally overseen the recruitment of Sri Lankan Muslims to carry out a series of attacks on South Indian soil.
While of the operatives for this attack was arrested in Chennai the other was picked up by the Malaysian police. During the questioning the accused revealed startling details of the plot and also said that the attack would be launched on South India using a sea route from Maldives. This has now engaged the Maldivian police who will also assist in the probe.

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