Facing heat from FATF, 26/11 planner Sajid Mir who was a myth becomes a reality in Pakistan

New Delhi, Jun 25: Pakistan denied his existence at first and when the pressure increased, they said he was not a handler but a Mullah. The man is Sajid Mir who Pakistan claims to have arrested.

Mir was David Headley’s handler who carried out the reconnaissance of Mumbai prior to the attacks of 26/11. An ISI asset, Mir carries an FBI bounty of $5 million on his head. In arresting Mir, Pakistan has once again displayed that it is all so predictable and the action comes at a time when the cash strapped nation is trying to wriggle out of the Grey List of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Pakistan has denied the very existence of Mir to such an extent that one had wondered whether the man was a myth.

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Why a dishonest Pakistan remains in the Grey List for terror financing

New Delhi, Mar 05: Pakistan has once again been retained in the Grey List by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). The country was told that it needed to do more in probing and prosecuting senior leaders and commanders of the UN designated terrorist groups for terror financing.

Pakistan has repeatedly failed to act against its proxies such as the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad. Pakistan also has failed to act against the many members of this outfit and has only made symbolic arrests of the chiefs of these groups when the heat is raised on it.

Several terrorists of both the above mentioned groups involved in attacks such as the one in Mumbai and Pulwama are walking around scot free. Operatives such as Sajid Mir who have played a crucial role in the Mumbai 26/11 attacks do not exist under Pakistan’s radar. Islamabad in fact till date denies the existence of this person.

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Is 26/11 plotter Sajid Mir a myth? No, he is now spearheading the Karchi Project at Muridke

Mumbai, Nov 26: When this correspondent once asked a Pakistan journalist about Sajid Mir alias Sajeed Majeed, he said that the man in question is a maulvi in Pakistan and there is nothing more to him. It was quite evident that in Pakistan under the watchful eyes of the ISI, it is very hard to tell the truth especially when it comes to naming strategic assets who are used to attack India.

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Terrorist state Pakistan not just threat to India, but to the world as well

pakistanBengaluru, Sept 22: While going all out and isolating Pakistan, India has decided to state that the terrorist state is not just a problem for India, but for the rest of the world as well.
Two cases that would be brought before the world are those relating to Mohammad Usman and Sajid Mir, both operatives of the Lashkar-e-Taiba who have been termed as international terrorists.

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This Pak fan came to India, observed and then struck on 26/11

Sajid Mir
Sajid Mir

The statement by senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy that when a Pakistan cricket team comes to India then ISI agents too visit is an interesting one and there has been one major instance in the past to support that view.

When a Pakistan cricket team visits India, there is permission granted to several others who travel to India as fans to cheer their national team. However in the year 2005 one dangerous fan slipped into India with the rest and what he did was there for everyone to see on that horrific night of 26/11.

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Where is Lashkar-e-Taiba’s passionate Jihadi, Sajid Mir

sajid mirBengaluru, Nov 26: When we speak about the 26/11 attack, we often refer to the likes of Hafiz Saeed and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi. However, if one were to look at the investigations that have been conducted both by India and the United States of America, it becomes clear that the operative who managed to do the most damage was Sajid Mir.

Sajid Mir is an often discussed name and while the world swears that there is a man of this name who exists, Pakistan till date terms him as a fictitious character.

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Charlie Hebdo- When Sajid Mir scouted in Paris Read

Sajid Mir. Photo courtesy: Domain-b
Sajid Mir. Photo courtesy: Domain-b

France, like India has been on the hit-list of Jihadis for quite sometime now and the attack on Charlie Hebdo for the second time since 2011 shows just that.

In this context it would be interesting to discuss the role that Sajid Mir alias Sajeed Majeed the man who handled David Headley during the 26/11 attack played in France several years back. Read more

Sajid Mir ordered shipping of 60,000 rounds ammunition into India by sea

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/df0/17815303/files/2015/01/img_0065.jpgIt was the year 2009 when investigations revealed that Sajid Mir the transcontinental terrorist from Pakistan had cleared the name of Ahmed

Yakub to ship 60,000 rounds of ammunition through the sea into India. Ahmed Yakub was appointed and cleared by Sajid Mir who incidentally was the handler of David Headley. This bit of the investigation was even confirmed by the US Treasury.

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26/11 Modi was browbeaten

rathThere have been several books that have been written post 26/11. However one of the most well researched books which deals with every aspect right from the planning of the attack to the end of the trial is Fragile Frontiers:The Secret History of Mumbai Terror Attacks. Saroj Kumar Rath who is an Assistant Professor of History at the Sri Aurobindo College (Eve), University of Delhi, who has written this book after very intense research says that none of the political parties showed any interest in the probe.
In this exclusive interview with Oneindia, Rath speaks in detail about the probe, lack of political will, the mysterious Sajid Mir and also the fact that when Narendra Modi showed intent, he was browbeaten by the Maharashtra government.
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Sajid Mir- How he got away?

From left: Sajid Mir and Abu Jundal

Abu Jundal alias Zabiuddin Ansari, the Hindi tutor of the ten terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attack says that the elusive Sajid Mir was very much in the custody of the Pakistani officials, but was let off easily two days after the attack.
Jundal who was one of the men in the control room at Karachi when the attack was taking place had stated earlier that Sajid Mir who goes by the alias Sajeed Majid was also part of the control room.

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