Why was Lashkar, SIMI kept out of the Samjautha Express probe?

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A 2008 narco analysis test of a SIMI leader resurfaced on Monday in which he is heard speaking about the role of his outfit and Pakistan in the Samjautha Express Blasts case. There were three tests in all that were carried out at Bengaluru. Safdar Nagori his brother Kamruddin and Amil Pervez were subjected to the narco analysis test. In the test he speaks about the direct link between the SIMI and Samjautha Express blasts of February 2007 in which 68 persons were killed.

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SIMI’s Safdar Nagori sentenced to life imprisonment in terror case

nagori2The chief of the Students Islamic Movement of India, Safdar Nagori has been sentenced to life by a court in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The court held Nagori guilty on charges of terror and ordered him to serve the rest of his life in jail.

The prosecution will appeal in the high court and seek a death sentence. Nagori too would appeal seeking quashing of the trial court verdict.

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Samjhauta blasts: Which confession do we believe?

Pic: Sify
Pic: Sify

October 2008- We carried out the Samjhauta blasts with the help of Pakistani nationals says Safdar Nagori, the head of the radical faction of the Students Islamic Movement of India. January 2011- I read about the in the newspaper.

I asked Sunil Joshi and he told me his men carried out the blasts- Swami Aseemanand an accused in the case. Ironically both have denied making such statements.

They state that they made these confessions to the police under duress. The point however is that how does one case have two set of accused?

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SIMI- Where has the outfit parked its funds?

IMG_0332Even as the hunt for the remainder of the SIMI men intensifies, investigations would show that the revival of the deadly outfit was part of a major plan. Two operatives were gunned down in Nalgonda last week in an encounter after they had shot at a constable.
It was found that these two men were part of the gang of five which escaped from the Khandwa jail in Madhya Pradesh in October 2013. While two have now been killed the hunt for the other three has been intensified with the National Investigating Agency leading the charge. Read more

SIMI camp at Kerala under scanner

simiA camp at Aluva in the Ernakulam district of Kerala is under the scanner of the National Investigating Agency which is currently miffed with several state governments for not doing enough in the cases against the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).
The five SIMI operatives who have been on the run since October 2013 after they broke out from the Khandwa jail in Madhya Pradesh attended a camp at Aluva in Kerala which was meant to discuss terror related activities, Intelligence Bureau officials have told OneIndia.

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How the radical SIMI was born in Karnataka

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/df0/17815303/files/2014/12/img_0206.jpgAs the police try to find a concrete SIMI link to the Church Street blasts, it would be interesting to note that the radical version of this outfit was born in Karnataka.
A year after the ban there was a major meeting of the SIMI operatives led by Safdar Nagori held at Hubli in which it was decided that the outfit would go radical and there is no point in fighting the governments against the ban.

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5 SIMI men vs the nation!!!


They are involved in three major robberies, they planted a bomb on the Chennai train, they also are accused of carrying out a blast in Bijnor. Yesterday a country wide alert was issued stating that these youth who broke out of the Khandwa jail last year are planning on carrying out a spate of attacks across the country particularly down South.
It is quite astonishing that a group of five persons belonging to the outlawed Students Islamic Movement of India are causing so many problems for the security agencies that all the state police forces put together are unable to nab them. It is pitiable that five people have kept almost all the agencies on tenterhooks.
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Al-Qaeda to SIMI, the message is clear

Abdul Wahid, Haider Ali, Fahim Mohammad and Safdar Nagori hold the key to the Al-Qaeda opeations in India. All these men who are in custody today have one thing in common and they all reported directly to Asim Umar, the Indian head of the Al-Qaeda. While Nagori was arrested way before the Al-Qaeda launched its India operation, the other three have claimed in their questioning about interacting with Umar and have given the Intelligence Bureau ample hints about the origin and plan of the man whom they called Shaikh Umar.

Haider the prime accused in Patna blasts was in touch with Umar prior to his arrest. Haider tells his interrogators about the links that Umar had with India. He was given to understand that Umar had a strong bond with India and the manner in which he conversed suggested that he had Indian links. Of all the Al-Qaeda operatives, Umar was the most keen about India and told us to focus on the states of UP and Bihar the most. He always said that setting up the Caliphate was extremely important and it is the Indian cadres who will play a vital role in this operation. “Involve the women so that they could preach to their sons. Make use of the anti Muslim sentiments and make them understand the value of the Al-Qaeda,” are some of the suggestions that Umar made to the SIMI during his video taped instructions.

Wahid and Ali who are both Pakistani nationals were handpicked by Umar in Karachi and sent to India. They were to help the SIMI set up the India wing of the Al-Qaeda. Both were questioned by the Indian agencies and confirm that only a formal announcement was made recently, but Umar had plans of establishing the India wing since the past several years. He never interacts directly, but all his messages are through text of video, they tell the agencies.

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Is Al-Qaeda boss Asim Umar Indian?

The Al-Qaeda’s India operations is headed by a man called Asim Umar referred to as Shaikh Umar and Intelligence Bureau officials confirm that this man is of Indian origin and hence was appointed to head the India opertions that was announced by the Al-Qaeda a month back.
Intelligence Bureau officials had been studying the antecedents of Umar since the launch of the India outfit and his origin has been tracked to Uttar Pradesh. We are confident that he is an Indian national, but we require some more time to probe his exact routes. Intelligence agencies questioned SIMI operatives such as Haider Ali an accused in the Patna blasts and found that they were reporting to the Al-Qaeda and Shaikh Umar was very much part of the organisation. Haider Ali however did not spill out much details on Umar’s nationality, but claimed that his India links were extremely strong.
Since the year 1989, Umar is said to have been in and out of India. He was actively involved with some cadres of the SIMI while in India. However in the year 1995 he decided to permanently shift base to Karachi and studied at the Jamia-Uloom e Islamia a school.
The IB officer says that they had also been monitoring and scrutinising his videos. The manner in which he speaks Urdu is very Indian like and this gave us further clues on his Indian origin. His path to terror was due to Kashmir. He left for Karachi and studied there for some time. His first outfit was the Harkat-eul-Mujahideen and he had vowed to take the battle further against the Indian forces. He then returned to Karachi and began teaching at the Jamia Uloom e Islamia. His fierce thought process and his dedication to the cause is what drew the Al-Qaeda towards him and over the years he became the Sharia council chief of the Al-Qaeda. His job was to preach ideology and ensure that more and more youth are drawn towards the cause of the Al-Qaeda.

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Yasin Bhatkal arrest, a year later..

A year has gone by since the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal, the key Indian Mujahideen man. His arrest was quickly followed up with the arrests of close aides Assadullah Akthar, Tehsin Akthar and Waqas Ahmed. In short the top four who ran the Indian Mujahideen were all rounded off and this led to a major vaccum in the outfit which carried out blasts at ease on Indian soil.

The question is how much has really changed since the arrest of these men? The Indian agencies without a doubt have done a spectacular job in breaking the Indian Mujahideen, but the question is, whether it is time to relax?

Yasin and his accomplices have revealed to the investigators that the Indian Mujahideen may be down following their arrests, but the organization will rise once again and there is a second rung of leadership which will emerge. The IM has in the past one year intentionally distanced itself from the ISI claiming that the Pakistan spy agency had a personal vedetta and was not adhering to a cause.

Officials say that the second rung leadership of the IM is very much active and with the likes of Riyaz Bhatkal, Iqbal Bhatkal and Abdus Subhan still out in the open anything could happen.

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