Sabarimala: SC imposed a post Victorian thought on us, which is opposed to Indian ethos

dkhari-hemahariNew Delhi, Oct 9: One of the most debated and criticised verdicts in recent times is the one relating to the Sabarimala Temple. The Supreme Court had said that women of all age groups can enter the temple. In no time there were protests and also a review petition in the Supreme Court.

The review stated that only a believer could have challenged the customs at the temple and the original plea was filed by someone unconnected. D K Hari, the co-founder and author, who runs, Bharath Gyan along with his wife Hema Hari says that the Sabarimala verdict was passed on a post victorian thought, which does not have resonance with the Indian ethos. Bharath Gyan is a Chennai based NGO engaged in research of India’s traditions and culture.

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