Jundal-Headley said the same thing- Tell them Mr Krishna

As external affairs minister, S M Krishna embarks upon a visit to Pakistan, the talk would again be about terrorism and of course the gory and horrific 26/11 attack. Every time our diplomats say before they land in Pakistan that they have got clinching evidence of the role played by Pakistan in the 26/11 attack and the retort each time has been give us more proof.

It is obvious that Pakistan does not believe or chooses not to believe what India is telling them. There has been the confession statement of Kasab and he has even convicted by the highest court of the Indian land. Then came our very own investigations and now we have in our custody a very crucial operative known as Zabiuddin Ansari alias Abu Jundal.

India is hoping that it would make a push with the confessional statement of Jundal which will come up for discussion. Although Pakistan is likely to reject it, the trump card up India’s hand this time around would be the similarities between the statements made by Jundal and an equally important operative, David Headley. Experts say that Pakistan may argue that Jundal’s statement is not acceptable as it was made on Indian soil, but the fact that it matches what Headley has said before the FBI and the court in the United States of America is something that would give Pakistan something to think about.

When Jundal was apprehended the first thing that the Indians did was try to match up the voice samples. Today it has been ascertained beyond doubt that one of the voices that guided the 26/11 attackers was that of Jundal’s. With the cooperation of foreign agencies India has also managed to sample the voice and also ascertain that the calls were being made from the Malir area in Karachi Pakistan which is close to the International airport. Pakistan would find this tough to deny and would have to explain how such a major operation considered to be a war against another nation was monitored right from the heart of the city.

The voice sample that Indian agencies have managed to ascertain and would be a talking point at Pakistan would be that of Jundal’s. This is the specific portion which helped India ascertain this aspect to the 26/11 probe.

Jundal- Listen




Jundal- Kill them

Terrorist:  It is all quiet by the wish of Allah


Jundal- Just shoot. If there is firing then you will not know the direction. Just do it now. Make those people sit up and shoot them on their head from the back. Do it in the name of Allah.

Terrorist- I killed two. Today is Friday and it will be the final fight.

Jundal- Shoot them all just do it.

Terrorist- Firing has started.


Jundal- take cover now. Are you hit?


Terrorist- Yes, on my side and leg
Jundal- Allah will protect you.
Handler: May Allah protect you


While this is one part of the proof which has been ascertained regarding Jundal, the more important aspect would be the comparison that has been drawn Jundal’s and Headley’s statements.

Pakistan may try and get away by saying that the likes of Hafiz Saeed and Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi are not state players and there is a valid trial that is going on against them. However they have been in denial regarding the state players who are involved in the plot.

When Headley had confessed to his crime, he had said that there were three persons, two majors and a colonel who were part of this attack. Jundal too names the same three pesons- Major Samir Ali, Major Iqbal and Colonel Shah. Both have been able to confirm that these were officers (serving) in the ISI and the army and all through the operation they had been part.

Jundal says that it was Major Iqbal who provided Rs 20 lakh for the boat. On the other hand Headley had confessed that it was the same Major with whom he interacted and it was through him that the money for the survey of the targets was passed on to him through Sajid Mir.

Sources in the NIA who have been studying the statements of both Headley and Jundal say that there is nothing very different in what each one had to say. Although both had different roles to play, their handlers were the same. Headley being an important player was handled by those in the establishment. It was important that such high profile personalities handled him since through their influence they could have got him out of a difficulty had he faced any. On the other hand, Jundal too met with the same officers who were present in the control room at the time of the operation. While the big bosses of the Lashkar took charge of all the command operations, the finer aspects such as a survey, control room and also arranging for a landing point for the attack was all done under the nose of these officials. Both Jundal and Headley say the same thing- “ every detail had to be run by the officials who were part of the army and the ISI. It was only them apart from the likes of Hafiz Saeed and Lakhvi who knew each and everything about the attack while the rest worked on a need to know basis.” Further both had also said that none of them was able to even take a step without consulting these officers. Headley said that he interacted through phone and mail while Jundal met them face to face. Headley says that these officers were present at the control room and were supervising the attack while Jundal too confirms the same and also adds that after the attack was complete it was these officers who told them to destroy the control room.

SMK challenges Anna to fight elections

External Affairs minister, S M Krishna opened a challenge to Anna Hazare and company while stating that they should contest the elections so that we would all know who has the support of the people. Speaking to reporters in Bangalore, Krishna said that Anna and his group are a team of people who want to bring about a change.
They need to come to the conclusion as to what method they would want to adopt to bring about this change. I welcome them when they say that they want to bring about a change and also when they say that they want to contest the elections.  Them fighting the elections is a good thing as it would then be a level playing field. Then let us see who gets the support of the people.

Probe okayed against three former CM’s

The Karnataka Government has told the Supreme Court appointed Central Empowerment Committee (CEC) that it could go ahead and probe the three former Chief Ministers of the state in connection with the illegal mining case. In a letter to the CEC the government states that in conformity with the order of the Karnataka High Court, there is no objection to probe the former CMs, S M Krishna, N Dharam Singh and H D Kumaraswmy in connection with illegal mining case.
The CEC had sought to know whether the roles of the three former CMs can be probed or not. The government stated that it had no objection to the same.
A private complaint had been filed against the three CMs which went up in challenge before the Karnataka High Court. While partly allowing the petitions challenging the complaint the court had stated that certain cases involving the three former CMs could be looked into and those parts of the complaint would not be interfered with.

Illegal mining a criminality started under Congress

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The great Isaac Newton said, “If I could look beyond it is by standing on the shoulders of the giant.” To bring down the powerful mining lobby in Karnataka which looted the state while abusing power shamelessly was no ordinary task. It was the various reports and the petitions filed before the Supreme Court of India by S R Hiremath which finally brought the ones involved in the multimillion crore mining scam to justice.

The 66 year old Hiremath, an engineering graduate who was working in the United States of America returned to India in the year 1979. He has been an activist since the past 30 years and is the founder of the  Samaja Parivarthana Samudaya (SPS) in Dharwad in 1984. It was the petitions filed by him that put former Chief Minister of Karnataka, B S Yeddyurappa in a spot of bother as a result of which the Central Bureau of Investigation started to probe his case.  The gross misuse of power in Karnataka is only second to the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi, says Hiremath. Hiremath says in this interview with rediff.com that illegal mining is a criminality which was started under the Congress regime of S M Krishna thanks to his then cabinet minister, D K Shivakumar and this is a fact we plan on exposing with enough evidence in the month of August before the Supreme Court of India.

Are you satisfied with the way things have turned out. Reddy is in jail and Yeddyurappa is mired in a CBI probe for illegal mining.

I came back here from the United States many years back so that I took take up various issues and lead a responsible life. The fight has been tough the path very hard, but yes I am satisfied today although there is a lot more work remaining.

Bellary had its own constitution and has been named as the Republic of Bellary. Were you under threat when you were going about doing your work on illegal mining?

It is kind of surprising even for me that there were hardly any threats. The Reddy brothers are very rough and murderous people in some ways. It is surprising that as of today there have been no threat call made to me or any of my other friends working with me from the Reddy brothers. There are both men and women working in the field on this issue and they have not been threatened. However there was one threat call which was made to a friend of mine from the supporters of B S Yeddyurappa. I feel this may have to do with the fact that we are committed to development of the rural folk and we have conducted ourselves in a proper manner which is probably the reason why we have not been threatened.

How difficult was it to deal with this issue considering the money involved was obscene?

I would not say it was one bit easy. It required a lot of ground work. What I noticed is that after the emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi where the press was muscled and people were sent to jail without a trial, Karnataka came only second to the gross misuse of power. The previous generations have given their lives for freedom and it is our duty to preserve it. What I have realized is that fear and democracy can never go hand in hand. Illegal mining commenced with D K Shivakumar under S M Krishna and then continued with Gali Janardhan Reddy under B S Yeddyurappa. This was a challenge to expose all this and it was staring into our face. This was a challenge and we decided to take it up. We may or may not reach a logical conclusion, but we will keep trying.

Has illegal mining come to a halt today?

Illegal mining as far as I know has come to a grinding halt barring some unusual circumstances. This is only thanks to the Central Empowerment Committee and the Supreme Court of India. More importantly the manner in which the orders were implemented were also commendable. Reddy’s administration was disabled and mining was stopped. It was necessary that mining was banned in Karnataka in order for the agencies to probe it properly. The CEC had in fact stated that it would not be wise to ban mining, but we insisted that it be done in order to curb further illegalities and investigate properly.

There is always this allegation that B S Yeddyurappa got caught while S M Krishna managed to get away. What are your thoughts about this?

Although Yeddyurappa and Krishna represent two different worlds there is hardly any difference in what went on during their respective regimes. It was during Krishna’s regime that the criminality of illegal mining started under D K Shivakumar. There was total misuse and abuse of power. This was continued during the B S Yeddyurappa regime.

Despite you saying this why has Krishna gotten away?

He has not. You should understand that it is important that all the evidence has to be meticulously brought in together. What has been happening against the Krishna regime is that people are merely throwing in the charges and that is good enough in a court of law. When there is no proper evidence there is no point in going before the court. I personally do not venture into something unless I have impeccable evidence. At the time we went to court there was no proper evidence against Congressman D K Shivakumar who was a big player in the Krishna government.
So, are they let off the hook or are you planning on doing something about it?

Wait until July. We have over the last seven months collected a lot of material against D K Shivakumar. There is now evidence against Shivakumar and we will go ahead and file it. You can be rest assured that we shall spare none involved in this. We did not want to go before the court, merely file charges and get the petition thrown out. Remember when one goes before the court seeking justice, the onus is on us to give evidence and that is what we are doing. We have no personal hatred against anyone, be it Yeddyurappa or Krishna. In our petitions in July we plan on combing both the Krishna and Dharam Singh regimes of the Congress. Dharam Singh did nothing but continued to support the criminal acts committed by the earlier regime of Krishna. And yes before you ask, let me also tell you that the cases of illegal mining during the regime of H D Kumaraswamy are also being taken up. We do not want to cut a sorry figure before the court when we take up these cases. We will deal with them exactly in the manner in which we dealt with the cases against Yeddyurappa and his ministers. This kind of criminality has to be dealt with a firm hand or else it will become a banana republic.

Despite all this Janardhan Reddy tried to bribe a judge in Andhra Pradesh. The illegalities may have come down, but why hasn’t the mind set changed?

That is a very good point that you raise. We have submitted many a document before the court and these do reveal the modus operandi of the illegal mining community. This poses a great threat and threatens to break down the rule of law. We have often said that the major cause for the break down is the mind set that these people have. They thought and continue to think that everything is purchasable and this will change very soon. Our future admissions before the Supreme Court would be on these aspects and we also plan on bringing in the names of 40 prominent traders and also the manner in which they misused the system. This will have to change or else you will continue to have the likes of the Lads and the Shivkumars from the Congress leading a protest against illegal mining, which according to me is the biggest joke.

The Lokayukta report on illegal mining was virtually thrown out by the High Court, while the Supreme Court whole heatedly acted on the one you submitted on the subject of illegal mining. Why is this the case?

I have always believed in Newton’s theory that if I could look beyond it is by standing on the shoulder of the giant. The more important thing is that we need to bring in justice. In the past three decades I have seen many reports. But let me tell you that the reports of Justice Santhosh Hegde in the years 2008 and 2011 have been the best. One must not forget that the meticulous job done by him and his team, the raids and also the seizure of documents helped us a great deal in the taking the matter up to the Supreme Court. While the ground work was laid by the Lokayukta, what we did further was find clinching evidence which was missing. The work done by the Lokayukta and later by us should be seen as developments in sequence which led us to this ultimately. The lack of time the events of paramount importance in which Justice Hegde’s team was criminally intimidated did not deter him and he went on with his work. In his first report he names Dharam Singh, but as far as the higher illegalities of Shivakumar under Krishna were not brought to the forefront probably for want of evidence. These aspects will be covered by us.

B Sriramulu is another major player in this scam. However he appears to be on a roll where he can come out of the BJP and trounce his former party in a by-poll. Your thoughts sir.

As far as I am concerned we are enemies of any particular party. The CBI is probing this case and I am sure they will get to him too. There is monumental evidence against him despite that with no shame he says that they had given Rs 2000 crore to BJP to fight elections in Karnataka apart from Rs 10 crore every month. Now where has this kind of money come from? There is mine known as Lakshmi mines which belong to Sriramulu and his wife. When the commercial taxes officer goes to find out why the tax had not been paid, he gets a flurry of calls from officials. In fact one of the officials even had the audacity to tell the commercial tax official that he should get out of the premises. All this indicate that he too is guilty in the scam. Law has its limitations and takes it own course and trust me the CBI is waiting to get to him.

What changes do you see in the administration in Karnataka today?

Not much really. We have knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court to seek justice and we have got it. However one cannot expect the Supreme Court to run the government of Karnataka and I am afraid that it is not functioning at the moment. The government has to run on its own. Why has a Lokayukta not been appointed as yet? That to me is criminal neglect.

SC stays Lokayukta’s probe against SM Krishna‎

The Supreme Court has stayed the probe conducted byt the Lokayukta in connection with the illegal mining case. the external affairs minister had challenged the order of the Karnataka High Court which had permitted the lokayukta police to conduct a probe against Krishna who is alleged to have shown favour during his stint as CM which led to illegal mining in the state.
The Bench comrpsising Justice Altamas Kabir and Justice Surinder Singh Nijjar and Justice Gyan Sudha Mishra observed that the FIR was premature as a further report is still pending.

Setback for S M Krishna

The Karnataka High Court on Friday ordered that the Lokayukta could investigate the case against S M Krishna to the extent of dereservation of forest blocks, a decision he is said to have taken in the year 2003 when he was Chief Minister of Karnataka. Justice N Ananda who also passed an order on H D Kumaraswamy ordered that the Lokayukta could probe the allegation that he had shown favour to a company called Sai Venkateshwara Minerals.
This would mean that the stay on the investigation against the two former CM’s has been lifted and the Lokayukta police can probe the matter.
The case to be probed against S M Krishna would involve the dereservation of 34 forest blocks which is said to have facilitated illegal mining.
A private complaint had been filed against S M Krishna, H D Kumaraswamy and Dharam Singh under various sections including the  Prevention of Corruption Act, Forest Conservation Act, Forest Act and Minerals and Metals Regulation and Development Act (MMRDA) and IPC. The complainant T Abraham had alleged that Krishna, who was the Chief Minister from October 1999 to May 2004, and Dharam Singh and Kumaraswamy permitted illegal mining for pecuniary gains.
Abraham, a city-based social activist and a businessman, had submitted that his complaint was based on the report on illegal mining presented to the government by then Lokayukta Santosh Hegde in August.
When the complaint was take up first by the Lokayukta court, it had ordered investigation of the same. The police then filed a FIR after which the accused persons in the case approached the High Court and later obtained a stay order.

Justice Ananda also ordered that no investigation against Krishna would take place in case of the Mysore Minerals case. The grant of permission to mine in this case was questioned but the court observed that this decision falls under the Companies Act and would not come under the purview of the Chief Minister.
In so far as Kumaraswamy’s case the court ordered that the 150 crore bribery charge made by Janardhan Reddy shall not be probed. This was ordered in view of Reddy withdrawing an earlier petition he had filed in connection before the High Court in connection with the same case.

@the high court

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday reserved its order on a petition filed by B S Yeddyurappa challenging proceedings initiated by the Lokayukta against him in a corruption case. The court. After hearing arguments at length reserved orders on the matter.
The court which is also hearing a petition filed by Union External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna in connection with an illegal mining case adjourned hearing to tomorrow.
A private complaint had been filed against Krishna stating that he during his tenure as Chief Minister of Karnataka had shown favour as a result of which some companies indulged in illegal mining. This in turn had caused a loss to the exchequer of the state.
The Lokayukta court which was in reciept of this complaint ordered a probe following which a First Information Report too was filed leading up to an investigation. Krishna however challenged this matter before the court and obtained a stay order on the same.

Musharaf return-it is Pak’s internal matter

Even asChina promised an inquiry over the alleged ill treatment of an Indian diplomat, external affairs minister S M Krishna said the issue has been taken up seriously with China.
Speaking to reporters in Bangalore on Monday, Krishna said that our mission is taking up the matter seriously with China. It is a trade related matter and should have been resolved in court.
S Balachandran had to be hospitalised after he fainted during a court hearing in Yiwu city two days back. He was denied permission to leave the court even. Though he declared that he was a diabetic. He was in court to negotiate the release of two Indian businessmen who were held hostage by locals.
Krishna when questioned about India’s position following the return of Pervez Mushraff to Pakistan said he did not wish to comment on it. It is Pakistans’s internal matter and I don’t wish to speak about it he told reporters.

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Relief for SMK

The Karnataka High Court on Thursday stayed proceedings against external affairs minister S M Krishna in the illegal mining case for four weeks. Justice B V Pinto stayed the proceedings initiated by the Lokayukta Court while adjourning hearing on the matter to January 6th.
Krishna had challenged proceedings initiated against him by the special lokayukta court. A private complaint was lodged against him alleging that he had a role to play in illegal mining. An FIR too was filed against him after the court took cognisance of the matter.

HDK gets relief

Former Chief Minister of Karnataka, H D Kumaraswamy got relief from the High Court which stated today that he cannot be arrested. Justice B V Pinto while hearing a petition filed by the former Chief Minister challenging proceedings against him in connection with the illegal mining case also stayed the investigation while adjourning hearing to January 5.
The same court will also hear a similar petition filed by External Affairs Minister, S M Krishna later during the day. In a private complaint it was alleged that S M Krishna, H D Kumaraswamy and N Dharam Singh during their tenures as Chief Ministers of Karnataka had facilitated illegal mining as a result of there was a huge loss to the exchequer of the state.

Kumaraswamy had challenged before the court the investigation and also put forth an apprehension that he may be arrested during the course of the probe. He had sought anticipatory bail in the same case.

The Lokayukta police who are probing the matter had been directed by the special court to submit a report regarding the same against the three former CM’s by January 6th.