Time up for Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah? Unlikely even as lobbying continues

sidduBengaluru, Apr 28: There has been hectic lobbying by the Congress in Karnataka to bag the post of Chief Minister with some reports suggesting that the high command is unhappy with Siddaramaiah.

While the lobbying has been hectic by the likes of S M Krishna, Dr G Parameshwar and Mallikarjuna Kharge, the high command is however undecided on whether to effect the change or not.

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Modi-SM Krishna has lots to say

There is no such thing as a Modi wave is what former external affairs minister S M Krishna had to say at Bangalore today. Addressing the media just before launching a campaign for the Congress he said  that what Modi had managed to do was sideline senior leaders such as L K Advani and Sushma Swaraj.
It is very dissapointing to see so much infighting in the BJP he said.
The Modi wave is a hype created by some vested interests, Krishna also said.
The dominance of Modi is the reason for the sidelining senior BJP leaders. There is a veneer of dictatorship in the BJP, he said.
When asked about the candidature of Ashok Chauvan he said that there has been no conviction against him. He said this just before he criticised the candidature of B S Yeddyurappa.
He also had surprising praise for the RSS and said that hos party had lessons to learn from it.

JUNKETS- Question them at your own risk!!!

legiAsk an MLA about the junket he is about to undertake at the expense of the tax payer, you will get the most aggressive and strangest of reactions. There is a possibility of being summoned before the Privileges committee of the legislature. In other cases, you will be told, “we do not travel by business class and we get to learn a lot,” or we are not committing theft or dacoity, it is my right to go on a junket.”

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Lobbying in Congress and the CLP meet

Pic: The Hindu
Pic: The Hindu

Ahead of the crucial Congress legislature party meeting to be held at 12.30 PM today, hectic lobbying is on. Both Siddaramaiah and Mallikarjuna Kharge just met with S M Krishna separately and sought his blessings.

Siddaramaiah in fact has met with almost all senior leaders in the Congress over the past two days and sought their blessings. Kharge too has been doing the same as both know it would boil down to the CLP meeting and the events there which will be a final deciding factor. Continue reading “Lobbying in Congress and the CLP meet”

Congress rebellion spreads to 60 segments

Pic: english.people.com.cn
Pic: english.people.com.cn

The Congress does realise that the rebellion that it has been facing ever since the ticket distribution process commenced has turned out to be extremely counter productive. A internal study conducted by the think tanks in the party reveals that the party is facing rebellion in at least 60 constituencies.

Rebellion in 60 constituencies is no joke, Congress sources tell rediff.com. There is a lot we need to do and as the D-Day of May 5th draws closer we need to set all this right.

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Cong rebellion- SMK makes it a threesome now

The Congress has been hit by rebellion in Karnataka and even as one watches the campaign, it becomes clear that there is a three way split in the party. The Congress high command has kept everyone in suspense as to who the Chief Minister would be in case it wins Karnataka and this even led Narendra Modi to mock them by saying, “ how much will you show us the hand, show us the face now.”

Earlier it was a direct fight between the Congress chief, G Parameshwar and opposition leader, Siddaramaiah. Today the Congress has one more entity and that is former Chief Minister, S M Krishna who has sulked, complained but continues to campaign while claiming that he can make a difference in 27 constituencies in Karnataka. Continue reading “Cong rebellion- SMK makes it a threesome now”

SMK hits out at Congress


S M Krishna who has been sidelined by the Congress in Karnataka told the media in Bangalore that he was not happy with the candidate selection process for the assembly elections.
In a meet the press programme at Bangalore, Krishna said thathe was quite surprised with the manner in which the candidate selection process took place this time. He said that from the year 1972, he was part of the selection panel which always comprised 15 members.

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SMK on campaign- Will it make a difference?

Will he or will he not was the question? S M Krishna is back on the streets campaigning for the Congress in Karnataka which faces the May 5 assembly elections.

He is not an aspirant for the post of Chief Minister in case the Congress comes to power in Karnataka. Many leaders in the Congress who have been loyal to him had requested him to campaign for them. They feel that Krishna could swing the Vokkaliga votes to some extent and more importantly he may make a difference in the IT sector of Bangalore as he had earned the tag of hi-tech Chief Minister once upon a time.

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SMK in retirement- Who will lead the Congress?

sidkharThe Congress has always created a suspense when it came to announcing their Chief Ministerial candidate. In Karnataka the case is no different and with S M Krishna forced into retirement, the Congress will have to look for a person who  could be the Chief Minister in case the party manages to win the Karnataka polls. Continue reading “SMK in retirement- Who will lead the Congress?”

S M Krishna- Not up to the dust and heat today

Pic: The Hindu

The Indian National Congress in Karnataka needs a face and with S M Krishna back, the question is whether he will be handed over the mantle of raising the hopes of the party? Continue reading “S M Krishna- Not up to the dust and heat today”