S-400 deal a setback for US efforts to isolate Russia: Stephen Tankel

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New Delhi, Oct 10: India and Russia recently inked the 5 billion US dollar deal to procure Moscow’s most advance air defence system, the S-400 Triumf.

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IS Caliph Baghdadi dead? Russia unable to confirm

baghdadiThe news regarding the death of Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi continues to confuse all. Russia which had claimed that it may have killed the self professed Caliph now says it is unable to confirm the same.

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Terror in India, not imaginary, it is real says Putin

putinmodiThe problem of terrorism being faced by India is not imaginary. It is real said Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday. He said that India is facing a serious problem due to terrorism.

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No nuke MoU for Kudankulam programme if Russia does back India at NSG

kudankulamIndia would stall cooperation with its foreign partners for development of civil nuclear programmes if it is unable to become a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group. India has threatened to put on the back burner an MoU with Russia for developing 6 reactor units at Kudankulam.

Trump campaign, Russia’s involvement being probed says FBI

For the first time, the FBI director James Comey said that the agency is probing if there was any coordination between Donald Trump’s campaign and Moscow.

He said that they were probing if there was any interference by Russia in the campaign that saw Trump become President of the United States of America.

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An oops moment for Hafiz Saeed: Blames China for terror in Pak

hafizsaeedNew Delhi, Jan 25: For the Hafiz Saeed led Jamaat-ud-Dawa it was an oops moment.
A statement released by the outfit which finances the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, went on to state, “The Pakistan government should increase pressure on India to stop state terrorism in the country through China, Russia and other countries.”

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Trump can’t keep a secret, will leak it to the Russians; US intel tells Israel

trump‘No guarantee that Donald Trump can keep a secret from the Russians. Do not share intelligence with Washington once Donald Trump becomes president of the United States of America’ is what the American Intelligence has told its counterparts in Israel.

This shocking claim was made by Ronen Bergman, senior political and military analyst for Israel’s largest-circulation daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth.

The claim comes just a few days after the US Intelligence made public a file that pointed towards Russia’s meddling during the US elections which went on to help Trump win over Hillary Clinton. Trump however dismissed the report as phony talk.

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How the Syrian revenge against Russia was plotted in Kolkata

wpid-indiatv3c522c_nia_probe.jpgKolkata, Dec 26: West Bengal may have beaten Kerala to become the most fertile ground for terrorists to breed. The state may have not witnessed a major terror attack, but anti-nationals continue to breed in large numbers and the Intelligence Bureau has blamed this on a soft policy coupled with appeasement.
In this backdrop, a probe by the National Investigation Agency goes on to show how an Islamic State operative was plotting revenge against the Russians, Americans and the British for bombing operatives of the outfit in Syria and Libya.

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Time now for Russia to de-classify files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

Pic: natpu.in
Pic: natpu.in

New Delhi, March 30: Going by the files that have been de-classified in India relating to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, it becomes increasingly clear that if the complete truth has to come out then one would have to visit the files in Russia.

There has been a major debate and many have claimed that Netaji had not died in an air crash, but had gone to Russia where he could have possibly died.

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Netaji Bose mystery: How authentic is the letter written by Nehru to Attlee?

Pic: natpu.in
Pic: natpu.in

A letter dated 26th December 1945 said to be written by Jawaharlal Nehru to then British Prime Minister Clement Attlee regarding Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose has been in circulation.

The Congress has dismissed it as fake and several researchers too contend that the authenticity of the letter is in doubt. In the letter, Nehru states that Bose your war criminal has been allowed to enter Russia by Stalin.
This is treachery and betrayal of faith by the Russians. The Congress has been quick to dismiss this letter as fake and within government circles at New Delhi, none have vouched for the authenticity of this letter.

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