RBI stops printing Rs 2,000 notes, focus shifts to Rs 200 notes

2000The government is likely to stop issuing the new Rs 2,000 note soon. Reports suggested that the RBI has stopped the printing of the Rs 2,000 notes that were introduced in November last year. Instead the RBI has increased the printing of the other denomination notes which includes the Rs 200 notes. The Rs 200 notes have been in print for a while and will be in circulation soon.

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Fake Rs 2,000 note: 11 out of 17 security features replicated

2000-jpBengaluru, Feb 13: The fake currency racketeers have managed to replicate 11 out of the 17 security features on the new Rs 2,000 notes.
On February 1, a consignment of fake notes had been seized along the Bangladesh border. Forensic analysis showed that the racketeers had replicated eight out of the 17 security features.

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Come Nov 11, ATMs will dispense high security Rs 500, 2,000 notes

img_0777The new high security notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2,000 will be available in ATMs across the country from November 11 onward. The announcement was made finance secretary Ashok Lavasa.

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