After Tablighis, how Rohingya Muslims are now posing a challenge in the COVID-19 fight

rohingya-muslims1sNew Delhi, Apr 18: The Tablighi Jamaat congregation contributed to a steep rise in the number of coronavirus cases in India. The Jamaat members after attending the congregation at Nizamuddin last month spanned out to different parts of the country and spread the virus-like wildfire.

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A big push by the ISI in India as Rohingya Muslims get aggressive

rohingyamuslims33New Delhi, Jan 12: The Rohingya Muslims in India are getting aggressive and the ISI has been funding the training of several of them. The Intelligence Bureau has said that several Rohingya Muslims in India have been roped in by the ISI.

Further the ISI is also looking to push in several Rohingyas from Bangladesh into India, with an instruction to carry out subversive activities, an Intelligence Bureau official informed OneIndia.

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Including Rohingya Muslims under new citizenship law would be foolish and dangerous

rohingya-muslims22New Delhi, Jan 04: Amidst the protests against the newly amended Citizenship Law, questions were asked why the Rohingya Muslims were not included. The law does not include the Rohingyas and only speaks about the persecuted minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh made it clear that the law is not applicable to them. He, however, made it clear that the government’s next move would be regarding the deportation of Rohingya refugees as they will not be able to secure citizenship under the new law.

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Why India cannot afford to keep the Rohingya Muslims

rohingya-muslimsNew Delhi, Dec 23: Several Rohingya Muslims have said that they do not want to return to Myanmar. Many have made India their home, but the government says that the illegal immigrants have to return.

There are an estimated 40,000 Rohingyas who live in India and all of them had fled Myanmar following the violence that broke out there. The question is whether India can afford to keep them.

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Intel warning ignored in 2010: It’s time to speed up deportation of Rohingya Muslims

rohingya-mnThe Rohingyas are sitting ducks for terrorist groups and India has no option but to deport them. We are already facing a huge crisis thanks to the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and in such a scenario, we cannot afford to accommodate more, an Intelligence Bureau official told MyNation.

During the debate in Parliament regarding the historic Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, Union home minister Amit Shah made it clear that the Rohingyas will never be accepted as Indian citizens.

They infiltrated India through Bangladesh. They are from Myanmar and they will never be accepted citizens of India, Shah also said before the Bill was passed in Lok Sabha.

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Illegal Bangladeshis in South India are real, ticking time bombs

bangladeshiInvestigating agencies are confronted with a situation that is like a double-edged sword – the problem of illegal Bangladeshis coupled with that of the Rohingya Muslims. Karnataka and Kerala have turned into hideouts.

In raids conducted across the city of Bengaluru on Saturday, the police arrested 30 Bangladeshis staying illegally. The police said that they would be booked under the Foreigners Act and deported accordingly. These raids come at a time when there are demands for an NRC to be conducted in every state.

Over the years, South India in particular has seen a large number of illegal Bangladeshis settling. The late Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director of the Indian Intelligence Bureau had spoken at length about this issue. During a talk at the Indian Institute of Science (IISC) in the year 2006, Dhar had spoken about how Karnataka and Kerala had become hotbeds for such illegal immigrants. He even said that there are several modules that have been set up in these states.

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Radicalisation of South India by Wahhabis who came and went before we knew it

zakir-naikNearly 1,800 Wahhabi preachers came to South India between 2006 and 2012. They preached, they radicalised, and they left, and the government sat over it.

The latest chargesheet by the National Investigation Agency paints a very grim picture about the state of affairs in Southern India. The growth of the Islamic State, extreme levels of radicalisation coupled with the problems of the Rohingya Muslims are the major issues that stare at the southern states, particularly Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The latest chargesheet is with regard to the Kerala ISIS case. The NIA states that one of the accused, Riyas Aboobacker was radicalised in 2017 through social media platforms. Further the NIA says that he had held conspiracy meetings in Kochi in which it was decided to carry out a series of suicide attacks in India.

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“Pseudo-liberals have made Rohingyas a rallying point to divide India on communal lines”

rohingya44New Delhi, Oct 4: In the first decoration, 7 Rohingya Muslims will be handed over to Myanmar by India Today. The seven were arrested in 2012 for entering India illegally and were held in the Assam state prison.

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How did these Rohingya Muslims in Hyderabad raise Rs lakh to obtain a voter ID

Hyderabad, Aug 15: All it took was a power bill for these Rohingya Muslims to obtain Indian identification cards. Four Rohingyas were arrested in Hyderabad with Indian identification cards. Another person who helped them obtain these cards too has been taken into custody.

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Rohingya Muslims living dangerously close to Army installations in Hyderabad under scanner

rohingyaHyderabad, July 9: At a high-level meeting held here, the looming threat of the Rohingyas living in the city, especially those dangerously close to security establishments were discussed.

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