Murder, rape most foul: The death of an 8 year old divides Jammu on communal lines

asifaA gang rape and murder of an 8 year old from Jammu’s Kathua has hit headlines. What has been more shocking is the manner in which this issue has taken a turn and divided/polarised the region on communal lines.

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Sex with minor wife is rape: Centre unlikely to challenge order

supremecourtThe government is unlikely to challenge the Supreme Court’s order which had criminalised having sex with a minor wife. The SC had earlier this week ruled that sex with a wife below the age of 18 amounts to rape.

Sex with wife below 18 amounts to rape: Supreme Court

supremeThe Supreme Court has held that having sex with a wife below the age of 18 amounts to rape. The court said that since sex with a minor wife amounts to rape, it amounts to a crime. The court however did not rule on marital rape. The court had reserved its verdict on a plea challenging the validity of an exception clause in the rape law that permits intercourse or sexual act by a man with his wife, not below 15 years. The court while delivering the verdict read down exception 2 of Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code.

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21 year old Delhi girl who resisted rape by friend in critical condition

rape-1-580x395A 21 year old woman from Delhi was pushed off the fourth floor of an under construction building after she resisted a rape attempt by her friend. The incident occurred Rohini district’s Begumpur. The victim who works as an assistant chef in five star hotel in South Delhi is in a critical condition. The police got to know about the incident at 11 pm on Friday when the victim’s friend made a PCR call.

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For raping and stoning to death a 4 year old girl, this man will hang to death: SC

minorrapeThe man who raped a 4 year girl and murdered her will hang to death. The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the death sentence awarded to the person from Maharashtra who was sent to the gallows for raping and murdering a 4 year old girl.

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Rapes are becoming a statistic in Bengaluru

bangBengaluru, Nov 13: The Karnataka government has all the time in the world to counter any protest against Tipu Sultan and has even termed him as a patriot and a secular ruler.
However, there are bigger issues which daunt the city of Bengaluru, which the law makers seem to have no time for.

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Woman allegedly raped in Bangalore

A 30-year-old woman has allegedly been gangraped in the Tennis Club at Bengaluru. Following the complaint the police have arrested two security guards working at the club. The lady a resident of Tumkur had come on Wednesday, Nov 11 to the club to enroll as a member. However, she was told to come back the next day in order to complete the formalities. The lady decided to stay back in Bengaluru and even took up accommodation near the club. According to the complaint, two security guards had been watching her all along.
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Bengaluru man arrested by CBI for uploading rape videos

rapeThe Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested one person from Bengaluru in connection with a case relating to uploading of alleged rape videos on the net/social networking sites. The arrest comes in the wake of the Supreme Court ordering a thorough probe into cases where rape videos are being uploaded on the net. The CBI which will produce the accused, Koushik Konar before the court says that it has booked this person under various provisions of the Indian Penal Code. The case has a nation wide ramification, the CBI says and further investigations are on. This is a case in furtherance of a matter before the Supreme Court in which it had expressed shock over rape videos being uploaded. Justice Madan Lokur who is heading a special bench had expressed concern over the rise in the number of rape videos being uploaded.
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The trauma of a 3 year old

Pascal Mazurier (face covered) being taken in an autorickshaw after a medical test at the Bowring Hospital in Bangalore. Photo courtesy: The Hindu

While confusion seems to loom large over the status of the French diplomat who had allegedly raped his three year old daughter at Bangalore, it appears to be a never ending ordeal of the child who has already undergone three medical tests so far.

The three year old daughter of Pascal Mazurie and Suja has probably faced the worst time of her life ever since the incident became public. On Wednesday before the mother reported the incident she was taken to the Baptist hospital for a medical test following which it was confirmed that she had been raped. A medico legal case had been registered following which the mother decided to file a complaint before the High Grounds police station in Bangalore the next day.

However after the lodging of the complaint, the police insisted that another test be conducted on the girl and she was then taken to the government hospital for a further test. The mother and the police waited nearly for the entire day at the hospital with the child. However this led to some more confusion and it was insisted that another test be conducted to verify whether the girl has HIV or not as a result of this incident, which legal experts say it is a routine procedure.

The question now is whether these tests have done any good to the case. Both the doctors and also the family members say that the girl was extremely uncomfortable and was often seen crying. Not only was there the media glare but even the trauma of the incident had affected her very badly.

It is clear that each one is thinking of the case from a sensational point of view while the mother of the child says that justice will be done only once her husband is tried in a court of law for this gruesome incident.

Pramila Nesargi, counsel for the complainant says that the child has clearly gone through an ordeal. The laws are often very cruel and it demands that several such tests are conducted in order to bring out the truth. However what I fail to understand is that despite so many tests being conducted why the doctors hesitant to give out the report despite the third test being conducted on Saturday itself. I smell something fishy she points out.

On inquiring at the hospital and also with the police, one does not get a clear picture as to why the test results are not out as yet. The hospital points out that it takes sometime before such results are out while the police add that they are waiting for the results.

However the fact of the matter is that the test results are ready, but this case has been embroiled in some sort of diplomatic problem considering the status of the accused. Pramila says that there have been conflicting views on the status of the accused. On one hand the police claim that he does enjoy diplomatic immunity while on the other the Ministry of External Affairs have given no such indication. The Bangalore police say that they will need a proper go ahead from the government of India before they can continue with the case. However they also add that this delay in confirming his status is no bar for them to continuing with the investigation, but the only issue that remains is pertaining to his arrest.

Diplomatic immunity: While the law does make it clear that persons who enjoy diplomatic immunity cannot be arrested and tried so easily, there is however a bar when it comes to offenses such as rape and murder. Legal experts would point out that a person with diplomatic immunity can very much be tried in India when there are non bailable cases against him or her, but it shall be done with the consent of the country of origin of the accused person.

The case on hand: The other issue surrounding this case is regarding the real job profile of this man Mazurie. Many in the establishment believe that there is a desperate attempt on to deport him quietly since he could have been spying here in Bangalore for his country. What was strange is that Mazurie’s bank details and his data on his hard disk were found to be wiped out hours before the police took over the case of rape. This appears to be suspicious, sources say and they are also trying to verify whether this man was spying here in India.