Is the Karnataka coalition about to collapse: Why the next 3 days are crucial

Bengaluru, Dec 25: The next three days would be crucial for the government in Karnataka, which is being run by a coalition of the Congress and JD(S).

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How a video clip saved the government and ended the Karnataka crisis

RameshjarkiholiBengaluru, Sep 20: The crisis in Karnataka may have blown over for now. Disgruntled minister, Ramesh Jarkiholi announced that he had no plans of quitting the party and expressed hope that the issues would be resolved.

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Stage set: Jarkiholi brothers want to quit Congress, but will 18 MLAs back them?

jarkiholi brothersBengaluru, Sep 18: The trouble in the Congress-JD(S) coalition in Karnataka does not seem to end. The recent banner of revolt raised by the Jarkiholi brothers of Belagavi has played out into a major issue and it appears as though even Siddaramaiah has failed to quell the rebellion. Congress minister, Ramesh Jarkiholi and his brothers who have been leading the revolt is likely to take a decision today on whether he would quit the party or not. He has claimed that he has the support of 18 MLAs in the party. If what he claims is indeed true, then there is big trouble for the coalition. If 18 MLAs pull out, then it is curtains for the government in Karnataka.

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