26/11: A manufactured Hindu terror bogey and Kasab almost passed off as Samir Chaudhary

Rakesh Maria, the lead investigator of the case wrote in his book “Let Me Say It Now” that the identification card stated that he was a student of a college in Hyderabad. It also had a Bangalore address.

To add to this, when the terrorists came out on the streets, they were seen with saffron threads. This was a clear attempt to divert the attention from Pakistan and make it look at though the attacks were carried out by the Hindus in India.

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26/11 attacks: Had we not stopped it, Kasab would have passed off as Samir Choudhary

Pic: Indian Express

New Delhi, Nov 26: The terrorists were on a rampage in Mumbai, this day, 12 years back. Ajmal Kasab, whose images were flashed across the media carried with him a card that identified him as Samir Choudhary.

Rakesh Maria, the lead investigator of the case wrote in his book “Let Me Say It Now” that the identification card stated that he was a student of a college in Hyderabad. It also had a Bangalore address. 

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Bogey of Hindu terror post 26/11: Statements by Congress leaders hurt probe, strengthened Pakistan’s case

26:11attackSaroj Kumar Rath, a professor at the Delhi University and author of “Fragile Frontiers: The Secret History of Mumbai Terror attacks,” said that there were many people back then who had tried to paint a very different image of the 26/11 attack

The events around the Mumbai 26/11 attack were raked up following the revelations made by lead investigator and former Mumbai police commissioner Rakesh Maria.

Maria, who led the probe into the attack in his book, “Let Me Say it Now”, spoke about how attempts were made to pass of the entire attack as a doing of the Hindus. He also said that had Ajmal Kasab not been caught, then he would have lived as Samir Choudhary.

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Let Me Say It Now: Congress, ISI were on same page while manufacturing Hindu terror bogey

sonia-rahulOfficials who interrogated Kasab told MyNation that the terrorists were advised by their handlers to sport red bands. The ISI could not succeed in passing off the Mumbai 26/11 attack as one of Hindu terror.

Bengaluru: The cat is out of the bag again. This time it is the lead investigator of the Mumbai 26/11 attack, who has said that there was a deliberate attempt to manufacture a Hindu terror plot.

Had this not been stopped, we would have known Ajmal Kasab as Samir Choudhary, former police commissioner of Mumbai, Rakesh Maria, who led the 26/11 investigation, has said in his book.

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Will Rakesh Maria get away this time too?

Pic: India Today
Pic: India Today

The Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis is exploring all possibilities including transferring Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria after photographs of him with former IPL chairman Lalit Modi surfaced. While Maria in a written explanation has stated that the charges against him are false, there is talk that the CM is not convinced and may transfer him.

While the Lalit Modi controversy rages on, it is interesting to note that Maria is no stranger to controversy. Be it the shoddy 26/11 attack investigation or his callous handling of the control room on that fateful night when Mumbai was attacked by ten Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists, Maria has been questioned about his efficiency several times.Read more

26/11- will justice be done?

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For Vinita Kamte, wife of the late Ashok Kamte the battle has been a long one. Exactly a year after Vinita in her book “To the Last Bullet” pieced together information about the sequence of events that preceded her husband’s death at the hands of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorists.

Vinita conducted various inquiries and managed to uncover glaring lapses in the coordination on that fateful night of 26/11 which turned out to be the biggest ever attack on Indian soil. The irony however is that despite establishing through call log records which were procured under the Right to Information Act that there were acts of negligence there appears to be no action what so ever which has been taken against those erring officials.

Life has been hard for Vinita Kamte who says today that she will have to fight on for the honour of her husband. Speaking to rediff.com Vinita says that she feels that the records are being tampered with but also adds that she will need to fight this for her husband’s honour.

For Vinita to know exactly what had happened that night she decided to procure the call records from the police under the RTI act. On January 28 2009 she wrote to the commissioner of police seeking the call records of her husband’s mobiles. She waited for a month and when no information was forthcoming she decided to use the RTI. However her application was rejected on the ground that it would hamper the investigation. A note in the letter of rejection was pinned in which there was a note by Rakesh Maria which stated, “Please reject the information sought by Mrs Vinita Kamte under the RTI Act.

The information cannot be given to her under Sec 8 (h) of the said Act.”’ Vinita then moved the deputy commissioner of police. While allowing her application in party, the officer permitted only inspection of the records and there was no permission to procure the copies. However there was a long wait as she wanted to inspect the original documents but was told that it had been given to the Ram Pradhan committee. A letter was then written to the committee. However a member of the committee wrote back stating that they had in their possession only certified copies as they were not provided with the originals. She immediately wrote to the commissioner of police who sought legal advise only to tell her later that she would be permitted only to inspect the documents. She sent her representative for inspection of the call log records which were not the originals. Another RTI application was filed seeking call records written and also audio call records of the calls made to the control room 100 that night. This application was rejected following which she made an appeal. This was allowed and the police directed to give her certified copies of the original call log records—written and audio—within 30 days.

What followed was a set of shocking revelations:

The jist of the information procured is below:

Ashok Kamte was called from his Eastern region where he was on nakabandi duty. He was called to South Bombay by the commissioner which is an indication that the portrayal that he went in a hurry was wrong.

The ATS chief at that time Hemant Karkare had at 11.24 PM sought police reinforcement of 150 policemen to seal the front side of Cama Hospital. The call log also shows that he had ordered calling in the army immediately.

Ater the three officers lay injured, two police vans—one after three minutes of the firing in the Rang Bhavan Lane adjacent to Cama Hospital—passed by but did not stop for help or report to the Control Room. Then after about 30 minutes, another police vehicle passed by, but despite the officers lying on the road, profusely bleeding, the vehicle did not stop for help.

The police had claimed that it had sent 150 police men but they were not around, may be because they were not asked to specifically report to Karkare or Kamte. Another aspect noticed was that despite residents near the Cama hospital urging constables to send police immediately, these details had not been reported to the three officers by the control room.

Vinita says that she got two set of records and these documents were different. I was given wrong information too and somebody needs to be punished for that. I get this feeling that the records are being tampered with. It is sad that there was a cover up of all these incidents. Even the Ram Pradhan Committee was one sided. Despite making a request that I wanted to appear before the committee and share my version, I was not called.

It is sad that we have to fight for the honour of husbands due to these glaring loop holes in the system. If they do this to their own colleagues then how safe is the public?

You ask me if the system has reacted in such a manner would this deter people from joining the Indian Police Service. From the response that I have got I get to see that there are many who still want to join the force. It is good to see such a response although there are many who are disappointed with the manner in which the system has reacted.

Action against those who are responsible for this? Well, there has been none at all so far. In fact I do not think that there would be action either. But it is my duty to speak up and expose what has happened so that it at least acts as a deterrent not to be careless in future.

It has not been easy this battle of mine. There have been delays and plenty of hurdles. At times some have even stooped to such levels that I cannot even speak about it. I do not want to get into those details as it is more important for me to fight this battle. The battle has been frustrating thanks to the kind of responses that I have got. There is a lot of time I have dedicated to this battle. My kids are my first priority and thanks to this battle I had neglected them a lot.

Although I am aware that it is difficult to fight this system I still feel that it would be wrong on my part to stop. I can at least expose the system. What they do with their own colleagues is unpardonable.