Elphinstone tragedy: When Railways ignored one request after another

elphinstone1There was not just one, but several warnings. The Railways however continued to ignore one warning after the other and on Saturday a major tragedy struck at the Elphinstone Foot Bridge in Mumbai which resulted in 22 deaths and several others being injured.

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Unmanned railway crossing to be abolished

railwaycrossingThe Railway Ministry on Sunday decided to take measures to eliminate all unmanned level crossings in the country within a year.

Railways terms protest that held up Deccan Queen as ‘anti national’

deccanqueenThe Railways decided to term the activities of three women as ‘anti national,’ while describing their actions which led to the stalling of a train for 45 minutes. In a press release, the Railways said that, ” such anti national acts will not be tolerated and action would be taken as per the law. Commuters are requested not to take the law into their hands and must cooperate with the administration,” a note released by the Railways stated.

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Railways to offer senior citizens option of availing half concession

railwaySenior citizens will now have the option to either avail full concession or half of it when they book train tickets. The move is aimed at reducing the Rs 1,300 crore subsidy burden in the senior citizenship category.

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Railways-Poor man’s death ride

railwayA news that one gets read almost every week is regarding a railway accident. The poor man’s transport system without a doubt is in a mess and listening to what the experts say the picture that one gets to see is extremely grim.

Dinesh Trivedi, the Tirnamool Congress leader who was the railways minister tells rediff.com that the railways have become like an orphan with none to care. There is no leadership and hence the railways are on the brink of a collapse. Continue reading “Railways-Poor man’s death ride”

Railways, a living coffin

The picture that former Railways Minister, Dinesh Trivedi would portray is a very grim one. Speaking to rediff.com, Trivedi says that the Railways today have become a living coffin.
It is a symptom of cancer in the railways that has set in many years back. The disease has never been treated and hence people continue to die.
The Indian railway system has become obsolete.I tried to advise railway safety and you know what happpened. I had said that the Indian railways need to be modernised. In order to do so we need money.
If you do not do this then people will die everyday. This has become a case where the system is letting people die everyday. It amounts to murder and utter negligence.
You ask me if there is hope? I do not see any hope. As long as there is politics in the railways nothing will ever improve. De-politicise the railways if you want solutions. There can never be any easy solutions. We know the problems and we know the solutions too. But do we want to act on it?
The fact is that the political system would rather save their chairs than the lives of the people. They would instead remain in power.
The Prime Minister is more worried about losing his chair. He ought to understand that the lives of the people are far more important.
Money for the railways is not the problem. It is the intention that counts. Poor people are dying and why would they care. They announce compensation of Rs 5 lakh and end the matter.
This is just not done and trust me if the railways are not improved then you will see such deaths more often. The system needs to be charged with murder for willingly let people die. The railways today is nothing but a living coffin.