Rahul’s comments on Rafale not part of our observations: SC

rahulgandhi22New Delhi, Apr 15: The Supreme Court has issued notices to Congress president, Rahul Gandhi for his statements on the Rafale deal.

The court is hearing a contempt plea against Rahul. The court has asked him to explain his comments.

Rahul Gandhi assets: Income increased by Rs 4.85 crore in 5 years

Thiruvananthapuram, Apr 05: Congress president, Rahul Gandhi’s assets have gone up by Rs 4.85 crore, his affidavit filed suggests. While filing his nomination from Wayanad in Kerala, he has declared assets to the tune of Rs 14.85 crore.

In his 2014 affidavit, Rahul Gandhi had declared income to the tune of Rs 10 crore. He said that his movable assets are worth Rs 5,80,58,799 while his immovable assets amount to Rs 7,93,03,977. The income declared for the year 2017-18 is Rs 1,11,85,570.

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De-coding Rahul Gandhi’s Wayanad contest

rahulgandhiNew Delhi, Apr 01: There is a lot of debate after Congress president, Rahul Gandhi chose to fight the elections from India’s southernmost state, Kerala. On Sunday, the Congress announced that Rahul Gandhi would contest from both Amethi and Wayanad.

The decision to contest from Wayanad is an interesting one. Rahul is aiming at sending out a message that he is now a pan-India leader. Moreover Wayanad in North Kerala is also a point where Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu meet.

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Rahul Gandhi will contest from Wayanad LS seat also

rahulgandhi22New Delhi, Mar 31: Congress president Rahul Gandhi will also contest the elections from Wayanad in Kerala. The announcement was made by Congress leader A K Antony.

He said that’s Rahul had consented to contest from two seats. I am happy to announce that he will also contest from Wayanad, Antony also said.

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Rahul Gandhi hopes parties would come together especially in UP for 2019 polls

rahulgandhi334New Delhi, Oct 5: The Mayawati outburst has left the Congress concerned and it is working around a new strategy to ensure that all the anti-BJP fronts rally together ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

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Telangana elections: Finalise candidate list, let us go to court on voters’s list says Rahul Gandhi

rahulgandhiHyderabad, Sep 19: With the race to the Telangana assembly hotting up, the Congress president, Rahul Gandhi has directed the state unit to finalise the names of candidates.

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Telangana polls: KCR wins hands down, Modi leads over Rahul Gandhi

modi-kcr-rahulHyderabad, Sep 16: As Telangana prepares for an early election, a survey has shown that the K Chandrashekar led Telangana Rashtra Samithi is way ahead of its rivals.

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The Gandhi tax files: Petitions have to fail said HC, what is the case about

sonia-rahulNew Delhi, Sep 11: Congress President Rahul Gandhi and mother Sonia Gandhi failed to get relief from the Delhi High Court, which rejected a challenge in the re-opening of their tax assessments for the years 2011-12.

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It is Jihad silly, not unemployment which drew 62 per cent educated Muslims towards terrorism

New Delhi, Aug 23: Abu Bakr al-Bhagdadi has resurfaced, there is a raging debate on whether terrorism is connected to unemployment. There has been a debate for long if terrorism is in fact connected to unemployment.

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Thanks to Rahul’s political immaturity on Rafale jibe, world leaders would now be wary

rahulgandhi22New Delhi, July 21: When the no-confidence motion was taken up on Friday against the BJP led NDA government, all eyes during the first half were on Rahul Gandhi. He had in fact said sometime back that the day he speaks in Parliament there would be an earthquake.

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