Cong sets up war room

KARVOTE1There may be a battle on within the Congress over the distribution of tickets, but the party has gone ahead and set up a war room to discuss the strategy for the elections.
The war room situated on the Ali Asker Road Bangalore will comprise professionals who will give the Congress feed back during the election process. The War Room is aimed at maintaining the party’s image ahead of the elections.

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Rahul Gandhi-24 days 1 debate 0 questions


Rahul Gandhi is being groomed by the Congress to be the next Prime Minister of the country. However here are two statistics which would clearly indicate that he needs to take part more in Parliament. Firstly he is among those MPs with a low attendance. He has attended only 24 days out of the 85 days that Parliament was in session.  His attendance percentage is just 42 per cent. In addition to this he has raised one debate and asked zero questions during the days he spent in the Parliament.
However it was Navjoth Singh Siddhu the actor turned cricketer who has the lowest attendance. He attended just 16 days of Parliament. However during his presence he has initiated 3 debates and asked 99 questions.
The others in this list are H D Kumaraswamy of the JD(s) and Akhilesh Yadav of the SP. Kumaraswamy shares the space with Siddhu and has attended just 16 days in Parliament. His attendance percentage is just 40 per cent and he has raised 2 debates and asked no questions. His father on the other hand H D Deve Gowda has a 68 per cent attendance and has raised 21 debates but has asked no questions.
While these are the regulars there were others like A Raja who had  lower attendance as he spent a large time in jail.. Raja attended four days while Kalmadi who also did a stint in jail had spent 30 days in Parliament.
While these were the ones with a weak attendance, BJP’s strong man and veteran L K Advani had a track record with 100 per cent attendance. During his presence in parliament he initiated 30 debates. The others with a high attendance percentage were Congress MPs Nirmal Khatri, P L Punia and J P Agarwal and AIADMK member M Thambidurai.
Sonia Gandhi on the other hand attended 34 days of Parliament, initiated one debate but asked no questions.
The report Representatives at Work states that the biggest protests seen in Parliament were during the price rise issue, CAG report, FDI among other issues which also included the resignation issue of Chidambaram and the Lokpal bill.

Diggy on New Years Eve

Digvijaya Singh who is in Bangalore told reporters that he has wished Anna Hazare a very happy new year and also wishes him a long life.
On the Lokpal Bill, Singh said that the entire objective appeared very political. An attempt was being made to divert the attention from the Sangh Parivar and focus on corruption. I only questioned the political motive behind it.Anna Hazare is a very simple man but he has been driven into this by very smart people. Their whole objective was to defame the Congress. Singh further said that in the Parliament they did not have two thirds majority and the allies too were not with them on certain issues which led to the developments two nights ago.This movement according to me is not a mass movement. It is driven by the BJP and the RSS. All I can advise Anna is, for God sake get rid of all these people.
On Mayawati, Singh said that her decision to sack ministers needs to be questioned. Why were FIRs not filed against them. This is not a clean up drive but a use and throw policy. These ministers gave money to her and might have kept something for themselves. Rahulji has also pointed out that  earlier elephants used to eat grass but nowadays they eat money.

‘Government is making a fool out of everyone’

Even as the nation watches the developments unfolding in New Delhi over the Jan Lokpal Bill, Justice Santhosh Hegde one of the members of the drafting panel says that he has no hope that something constructive would come out of this entire exercise.

I am sitting here in Bangalore and watching the proceedings everyday, but I no for a fact that nothing really will come out of this entire excericse. I just feel very sorry that the Government is making a fool out of everyone. My heart goes out to Anna Hazare and I am very unhappy with the manner in which they have been treating him.

What none of them get is that the government has been doing this ever since the drafting panel was set up. I have seen this drama play out each time and today nothing different is happening. They are giving Anna Hazare false promises and hence I cannot trust this government one bit.

Rahul Gandhi may have made the right comments today, but what will be the end result, I really do not know. Sometimes I think these are mere statements. However I feel that he needs more maturity in politics because when he says things like such protests are dangerous, then I would not agree with the same. What does he mean when he says that such protests are dangerous to democracy.Let me remind them that it is the Congress party which had started such protests in the first place.

I have constantly urged Anna Hazare to call off his fast. I have said yesterday too that a protest can go on, but I am not in favour of a fast. I have often been asked whether I am in the Anna Hazare team. Sometimes I feel that I am not in that team. I however support the cause and may be I feel that I am not part of the team because I am sitting in Bangalore while all the action is being played out in New Delhi.

Wasnik asked to explain Bihar poll debacle

Sonia Gandhi and Mukul Wasnik. Photo courtesy: The Tribune

Congress president Sonia Gandhi summoned party general secretary in charge of Bih

Wasnik asked to explain Bihar poll debacle

ar Mukul Wasnik and asked him to explain his position on the allegation that he had sough financial favours to allot seats in the Bihar elections where the congress got a drubbing.
This comes in the wake of the Bihar Congress members stepping up the attack against Wasnik who was Congress in charge of Bihar during the recent elections. The trouble for Wasnik began yesterday when BPCC members raised slogans when he took the dais.
The members who shouted slogans such as Wasnik chor hai today distributed thousand’s of pamphelts alleging that Wasnik had taken Rs 10 to Rs 30 lakhs to allot seats during the Bihar elections. They alleged that 142 of the 243 seats were sold to unfit candidates from outside and anti social elements. Though Wasnik was the main person in the eye of the storm the pampheltes todat named Ashok Kumar, Sagar Raitha and Imran Kidwai of also having ruining the parties chances in the elections.
Now the agitating leaders are planning to meet the top leadership under the banner of Bihar Congress Bachao Sangharsh Morcha. The PCC and AICC members from Bihar will also meet Sonia Gandhi and raise this issue. They will demand for action against these leaders apart from seeking a CBI probe against these leaders.

The Congress leaders from Bihar present at the plenary wondered if factionalism had a role to play in the release of the pamphlets and said that these persons mentioned above ruined the name of Rahul Gandhi in the state.

Rahul doesnt leak anything at plenary

Out from her shadow? Photo courtesy: The Hindu

The much awaited Rahul Gandhi speech passed off without a single line being mentioned about his saffron terror remark to the United States or the scams the UPA government has been accused of.
Sidestepping the corruption issue, he said that the Congress president Sonia Gandhi has spoken in detail about it and something needs to be done about it. The only highlight of his speech was his definitoon of the aam admi or common man. ‘ Aam admi in India is someone who does not have a connection with the system irrespective of his religion, whether he is poor or rich and educated or not. He said it could be a tribal in Niyamgiri, dalit boy in Jharkhand who is made to sit in the last bench, a widow in Vidharbha, a farmer in Aligarh who does not get the right price for his crop, a professional in Bangalore who doesn’t get admission in a good school and a professor in the North East who does not get a job as he doesn’t have the right connections. He said that thus instead of being just common he is actually unique.
However Rahul was clearly the favourite and drew loud applause from the crowd. Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh who had left the dais returned just in time for Rahul’ speech. His mother Sonia Gandhi watched on proudly as her son spoke. She smiled and applauded quite often as Rahul spoke.