Converted to Islam and sold: How radicals are trapping gullible women in Kerala

New Delhi, Mar 26: Writer-director Sudipto Sen said recently that nearly 32,000 girls from Kerala and Mangaluru from Hindu and Christian families have been converted to Islam. Many of them have been trafficked to the Islamic State and other Islamic war zones in the past 10 years. Most of them end up in Syria, Afghanistan or such countries he added..

Last week, it was announced that movie called The Kerala Story by Vipul Amrutlal Shah and Sudipto Sen is in the making and will be released soon.

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Hijab to anti-CAA violence: Radicals follow the ISIS’ message of inciting the believers

New Delhi, Mar 08: Following the riots in Bengaluru in August 2020, investigators stumbled upon a larger modus operandi. These incidents such as the riots, hijab row and the violence around the Citizenship Amendment Act were not just stray incidents, but part of a well planned modus operandi.

On Monday, the National Investigation Agency conducted searches at the residence of one Talha Liyakat Khan in Pune. The case was registered following the arrest of a Kashmiri couple two years back for their alleged links with the Islamic State. On March 8 2020, the Delhi Police arrested Jahanzaib Sami Ani and his wife, Hina Bashir Beigh. The probe was later taken over by the NIA.

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Why radicals have a field day in South India targeting Hindu leaders

New Delhi, Mar 07: With the Karnataka police invoking the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 1967 in the case relating to the murder of a Bajrang Dal worker in Karnataka, there is a likelihood of the National Investigation Agency taking over the probe.

The UAPA is usually invoked when there is a suspicion of a larger conspiracy which could potentially threaten national security. Shivamogga resident, Harsha was hacked to death by a group of men and the police suspect that this could be due to an ongoing feud since 2016.

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Radicals in Kerala could use Kabul bombings as inspiration to recruit more for ISIS

New Delhi, Aug 27: The suicide bombings at the Kabul Airport are a grim reminder that the Islamic State cannot be written off as yet.

A few months back, it was being said that the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) had stopped getting the desired traction it may have hoped for. Several of its people were killed while many others were arrested. In this context one must recollect that the ISKP has managed to attract nearly a 100 people from Kerala alone. This became more evident when it was revealed that the gunman involved in the Kabul Gurudwara attack was from Kerala. 25 people were killed in that attack.

Earlier this month, the mother of Nimisha Fathima urged the Indian government to bring her daughter back from Afghanistan. Fathima along with her husband and several others had left Kerala to join the Islamic State in Afghanistan a few years back. Her husband was killed in an air strike, following which several ISIS operatives had surrendered before the Afghanistan government. With the Taliban taking over, it freed many of these operatives from jail.

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If radicals think violence will ensure withdrawal of CAA, they are dreaming

caa-violenceThere has been a desperate attempt to get the newly amended citizenship law rolled back. Although it does not affect any Indian, there has been a sustained attempt on the part of the opposition to misguide the Muslims of the country.

Delhi witnessed one of its worst riots in recent times, with rapid mobs pelting stones and even killing a policeman. In the past two days, there have been several reports about how the violence was staged and orchestrated to time it with the Donald Trump visit. The sole agenda – embarrass India.

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India’s biggest internal security headache would be the migrants from Bengal, radicals from Kerala

radicals-immigrantsNew Delhi, Jan 01: Illegal immigration and radicalisation are two major national security concerns. The bulk of these problems are contributed by Bengal and Kerala. In many cases, both are directly inter-connected and both these states do not appear to have woken up to the problem, despite being warned. Is it the politics of vote bank?Let us call it that.


Kerala unlike West Bengal has one major positive. It is a 100 per cent literate state. However attached with this is the problem of radicalisation.

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Non-prohibited bore ammunition found in CAB protest sites: All fingers point to involvement of radicals

mangluru-rioters-mnThe recovery of 500 non-prohibited bore cartridges from CAB protest sites is an indicator that rioters had planned well in advance to make police a target as these kinds of arms are not used by police

There have been protests across the country against the newly amended citizenship law and have turned violent in BJP ruled states only.

Be it in Delhi, where the Union Home Ministry is in charge of law and order or Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh, where the BJP is in power, the protests have turned violent and people have died too. Could there be a well-oiled machinery comprising mainstream parties and radical groups that fanned the violence? The footage and the probes conducted in these places clearly suggest that there is a pattern and the violence was completely orchestrated.

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