Radicalising through the Mosque-Madrasa network: Is Amroha India’s new Azamgarh

terrorist-arms1New Delhi, Dec 27: Four out of the 10 operatives arrested following the busting of an ISIS inspired module were from Amroha. Going by what the NIA has probed so far, it becomes clear that these men from Amroha had played a significant role in shaping the module.


Radicalisation, terror in the Valley: Top on the agenda at DGP meet

New Delhi, Dec 20: Top on the agenda of the big DGP’s meet would be radicalisation, terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir and cross border infiltrations.

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Terror groups funding Mosques: How Kashmir-Kerala paved the way towards radicalisation

khulafa-e-rashideenNew Delhi, Oct 15: The investigations being conducted by the National Investigating Agency has found that a Mosque in Palwal, Haryana was built with the funds of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

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To bring radicalisation under anti-terror law, MHA mulls various options

rajnathsinghNew Delhi, Sep 4: In a bid to bring radicalisation under the ambit of the anti-terror law, the Union Home Ministry is mulling over a proposal to define the term.

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‘Threat of ISIS inspired lone wolf attacks real’, says Home Ministry

The Union Ministry has detailed in a report the problem of radicalisation and how people returning from conflict areas such as Syria and Iraq are posing a security risk.

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‘Rad and Derad’ launched by MHA to counter radicalisation

mhaThe Ministry of Home Affairs has launched the ‘Rad and Derad’ programme in a bid to understand why radicalisation is taking place. The programme apart from understanding why so many youth are being radicalised would also focus on counter measures to tackle extremism.

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Radicalised before joining ISIS: SC to hear mother’s plea in 2 weeks

supremeThe Supreme Court has agreed to hear a petition by a mother who has alleged that her daughter was radicalised before she joined the ISIS. The petitioner sought an NIA probe into the alleged forced conversion of their daughter. The petition states that the girl was forcibly converted through Love Jihad and was being lured into joining the Islamic State in Afghanistan.

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The 3 Ms of Kashmir- Mosques, media, madrasas responsible for radicalisation

kashmirstoneStopping radicalisation in Kashmir is a key area that the Indian government would be focusing on. On Saturday, Indian Army chief, General Bipin Rawat had spoken about the menace of radicalisation in the Valley.

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How a rash driver became al-Qaeda’s hitman in Delhi

terrorist1He was arrested in London on charges of rash driving. Shauman Haq alias Samiun Rahman joins the list of 100s of youth whose radicalisation process began in jail. Jails have very often been dubbed as radicalisation hubs and there are several cases in the past as well when such instances have taken place.

Now a street in Kerala named “Gaza”: Radicalisation in overdrive mode

gazastreetA street in Kerala has been named Gaza and this has caught the eye of the Intelligence Bureau. The street in the Thuruthi ward of the Kasargod municipality was named Gaza in an apparent reference to the disputed strip of land between Israel and Palestine.

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