How a rash driver became al-Qaeda’s hitman in Delhi

terrorist1He was arrested in London on charges of rash driving. Shauman Haq alias Samiun Rahman joins the list of 100s of youth whose radicalisation process began in jail. Jails have very often been dubbed as radicalisation hubs and there are several cases in the past as well when such instances have taken place.


Now a street in Kerala named “Gaza”: Radicalisation in overdrive mode

gazastreetA street in Kerala has been named Gaza and this has caught the eye of the Intelligence Bureau. The street in the Thuruthi ward of the Kasargod municipality was named Gaza in an apparent reference to the disputed strip of land between Israel and Palestine.

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How government plans to curb radicalisation in Kashmir

kashmir-unrestThe Ministry of Home Affairs has in a report said that the priority should be to ensure that the youth, especially the teenagers in Jammu and Kashmir do not get radicalised.

The report was prepared to assess the situation in J&K and has now been sent to the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

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