With Kerala providing perfect fodder for radical Islam, we must be wary of ISIS returnees

isis-retyrnees-mnIf we were to take Maldives, France and Germany as examples, it quite evident that the ISIS returnees pose a great threat to the country. Resistance by local communities in Kerala to any sort of action against this threat is not helping India’s situation either

Four nations that have witnessed a rapid increase in the number of Islamic State related activities are Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Maldives.

Maldives in particular has witnessed a surge of ISIS related activities in recent years and reports state that at least 250 from the country have left the archipelago to join the outfit and four had been killed in the battlefields of Iraq and Syria.

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Kerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

kerala-radicalisationKerala should worry about its radical Islam instead of Citizenship (Amendment) Act

While the state of Kerala has seen huge protests over the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, one cannot miss the irony of the rise of radical Islam in the region

Kerala is one of the many states where the Citizenship (Amendment) Act would not have much of an impact. However, joining the bandwagon of those who are opposing the legislation, Kerala’s chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the CAA would not be implemented in the state.
Vijayan said that the BJP was executing the RSS agenda to divide the nation on communal lines. The statement is an ironic one considering the fact that the state of Kerala has the highest number of Islamic State recruits, the highest number of ISIS modules and over the years has become one of the most radical states in the country.

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London Bridge attack: Why India must continue its relentless war against illegal immigrants

immigration_UKA Pakistani origin terrorist killed two people and injured three others. The incident has raised concerns about immigrants. India has been fighting its own battle with illegal immigration and what is worse is that there has been severe opposition to it.

A terrorist of Pakistan origin struck at London and killed two people, while injuring three on Friday (November 29). The London Bridge attacker was not unknown to the police and had been sentenced in 2012 on terrorism charges.

After spending his late teens in Pakistan, he left school. On his return to the United Kingdom, he started preaching radical Islam on the internet. This brings us to the larger issue with regard to the immigrants.

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Translated from Arabic to Tamil: How ISIS spread its ideology in Tamil Nadu

img_0004New Delhi, June 19: A Facebook page called KhilafahGFX came under the scanner of the National Investigation Agency. It was found that this page being run by one Mohammad Azharuddin was propagating radical Islam in the name of the Islamic State in Tamil Nadu.

NIA officials tell OneIndia that this module had on its radar several Temples and Churches in Tamil Nadu. Further it was also found that the module members had translated ISIS transcripts from Arabic to Tamil and were distributing the same.

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ISIS rises: How radical-violent Islam poses a threat to Tamil Nadu

Chennai, Dec 20: In a significant development, the National Investigation Agency conducted searches at seven locations in Tamil Nadu in connection with an Islamic State related case.

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In protecting Zakir Naik, Malaysia has fallen trap to radical Islam

New Delhi, July 8: Malaysia last week made it clear that it had no intentions of deporting controversial Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik to India, where he is wanted for several crimes. Close on the heels of this announcement came a statement from the PAS in Malaysia hailing the government’s decision to protect Naik.

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Hinduism in India has kept radical Islam out says Chinese daily

radicalislamHinduism in India has kept radical Islam under check, The Global Times published a piece praising Hinduism and held it responsible for the lower occurrence of Islamic fundamentalism.

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