Khalistan uprising not gaining desired traction, but we need to be cautious

New Delhi, Jun 01: The violence in Punjab have brought back traumatic memories of the 80s about the Khalistan movement. The number of killings, acts of terror and violence in Punjab appear to be on the rise and the current dispensation in the state appears to have no solution for the same.

While officials tell OneIndia that the movement has not been able to thrive as the ISI would have hoped for, there are however very disturbing signs that we have witnessed. Killings, hoisting of Khalistan flags, social media posts by fanatics such as the Sikhs for Justice have been on the rise of late.

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How ISI bonded its terrorists and Khalistan forces to activate the K2 desk

In 2019, the Intelligence Bureau had warned that Pakistan is activating its K2 operation or desk. In Kashmir, it has roped in the JeM, while in Punjab it is the Khalistan Zindabad Force (KZF).

New Delhi, May 12: The bonding between the terror groups from Pakistan and the Khalistan forces courtesy the ISI is a well known fact. For years now the ISI has brought together these two forces with a sole intent of causing damage in India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) and Punjab.

A report in the Times of India said that a new group called the Lashkar-e-Khalsa had been formed by the Kashmir-Khalistan (K2) desk of the ISI. This group is on overdrive mode to recruit youth on the social media, the report also added.

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With Haryana arrests, Indian agencies up guard at Kartarpur against Khalistan-ISI elements

New Delhi, May 06: The busting of a Khalistan module in Haryana on Thursday only shows the extent up to how much Pakistan is meddling in the affairs of India. The investigation conducted by the police revealed that the arrested members were taking instructions from a handler in Pakistan at the behest of the ISI.

Four suspected Khalistani terrorists were arrested in Karnal, Haryana. They have been identified as Gurpreet, Amandeep, Parminder, and Bhupinder who belong to Punjab.

The police recovered a pistol and 21 live cartridges. The police said that the weapons were air dropped using a drone by one Harjinder Singh Rinda, a Khalistani terrorist based in Pakistan.

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Big win for BJP in UP, humiliating defeat for Congress in Punjab: Exit poll

New Delhi, Mar 09: The BJP is likely to register a big win in Uttar Pradesh, while the Punjab would perform extremely badly in Punjab predicts another exit poll.

The Lokniti-CSDS exit poll says that the BJP and its allies would win, 43 per cent of the vote share in Uttar Pradesh and the SP would end up with 35 per cent. The BSP would garner 15 per cent of the votes while the Congress would get just 3 per cent, the exit poll says.

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PM’s incident, drones, blasts: For Punjab security is becoming a joke

New Delhi, Jan 06: Prime Minister Narendra Modi got held up for nearly 20 minutes in Punjab owing to a major security lapse by the local police. The PM’s convoy got held up due to a protest and it was clear that the Punjab Police had failed to sanitise the route.

Speaking of a security breach, in the past couple of years the situation in Punjab has only deteriorated.

A state that had faced the menace of Khalistan terrorism is once again back in the spotlight due to its poor handling of the security situation. In the past couple of years, the approach has been near casual when it comes to security, experts tell OneIndia.

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PM’s convoy took to the road only after confirmation from Punjab DGP 

New Delhi, Jan 06: A major security breach was reported from Punjab on Wednesday in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi got held up for 20 minutes due to a protest. 

The Punjab Government was quick to defend itself and one of the main points it made was that the PM was supposed to take the air route. However what the government failed to say was that when a VVIP travels there is also an alternate plan if the air travel does not work out. The local police ought to have sanitised the Contingency Route and the Main Route so that the PM’s travel by road was secure. 

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Security breach reported during PM Modi’s visit to Punjab

New Delhi, Jan 05: A security breach was reported during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Punjab today.

The PM landed in Bathinda from where he was to go to National Martyrs Memorial at Hussainiwala by helicopter. Due to rain and poor visibility, PM waited for about 20 minutes for the weather to clear out, a statement by the Ministry of Home Affairs read.

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Blasts, sacrilege, drones: Punjab needs to do better on internal security

New Delhi, Dec 23: A blast at the Ludhiana court complex in Punjab has exposed the security mechanism in the state. Punjab which had reeled under the menace of Khalistan terrorism for long was able to successfully beat it and there was peace in the state for long.

However off late a number of incidents are being reported, which go on to suggest that security has become lax. The blast that took place today was inside a court premises which is in the heart of Ludhiana and close to the District Commissioner’s office.

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