Maharashtra behind the scenes: When President’s rule was revoked at 5.47 am

maharashtra-new cmNew Delhi, Nov 23: It was one of the biggest twists in recent history. The BJP and NCP came together to form the government in Maharashtra.

Devendra Fadnavis was sworn in as Chief Minister and Ajit Pawar his deputy. The decision was not known to many. Only the inner circles were aware of the developments. The Shiv Sena on the other hand was made to believe until the last moment that it would be forming the government.

Why there is nothing un-constitutional about Governor’s decision to recommend President’s rule in Maharashtra

uddhav-koshyariWhile President’s rule has been imposed in Maharashtra, many have questioned the decision of the Governor. However, the Governor has strictly played by the rules as listed under Article 356.

The Shiv Sena has moved the Supreme Court stating that it was not given sufficient time to form the government. In its plea it said that the BJP was given 48 hours time as opposed to the 24 hours granted to it.

The fact is that the Shiv Sena had the option to approach the Governor and stake claim to form the government the day the results of the Maharashtra Assembly elections were announced on October 24, 2019. There is no hard and fast rule that the Shiv Sena had to wait for an invitation from the Governor.

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As deadlock continues, Maharashtra may be under a short spell of President’s rule

Mumbai, Nov 06: The deadlock in Maharashtra is unlikely to end any time soon. The BJP and Shiv Sena have not been able to iron out their differences and the latter has even sought the intervention of the RSS. The Shiv Sena and the NCP have been sending out feelers to each other.

However, the Congress which fought the elections together with the NCP is not convinced about supporting the Shiv Sena. The NCP on then other hand has demanded that the Sena pull out of the NDA. Further, it also wants the Shiv Sena minister in the central government to resign.

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If floor test is not taken on Monday, Karnataka could well stare at President’s Rule

karnataka assemblyBengaluru, July 20: In the past two days, the Governor of Karnataka set a deadline thrice for the floor test to be conducted. While one was issued to the Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly, the other two were for Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy.

None of the deadlines were adhered to, which set of speculation that the Governor may dismiss the government.

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Karnataka: How many times has state been under President’s rule, Article 356 explained

karnataka assemblyNew Delhi, July 19: There is a crisis in Karnataka and the Governor of the state has in the past 12 hours issued two deadlines for the government to prove its majority.

In the wake of these developments, while the coalition debates the role of a Governor in the proceedings of the legislature, Raj Bhavan has dashed off a report to the Centre about the happenings in the state.

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President’s rule in J&K: The eight times it was imposed in the past

Jammu and Kashmir stares at the imposition of President’s rule once again. The decision by the BJP to withdraw support to the PDP led government was made today. If no party is able to cobble up the numbers, then President’s rule becomes inevitable.

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Amarnath yatra attack: Not the time for sound, it is time for action

amarnathyatraNot the time for sound, it is time for action. Former officer with the Research and Analysis Wing who served as a special secretary in the cabinet secretariat, Amar Bhushan says that it is not high time President’s rule is imposed in the Jammu and Kashmir and the Army should be allowed to do its job.

Bhushan took time off to have a talk with OneIndia as to what the response should be in the wake of the Amarnath yatra being attacked by terrorists on Monday night in which 7 persons lost their lives.

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President’s rule likely to be imposed in J&K

stonepThere is every possibility that President’s rule may be imposed in Jammu and Kashmir if the state continues to be on the boil. At a high-level meeting of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the possibility of imposing President’s rule in the state had been discussed.

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Tamil Nadu in disarray, impose President’s rule, urges Subramanian Swamy

subraBengaluru, Oct 7: Citing administrative disarray, Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy has urged Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh to impose President’s rule in Tamil Nadu.
In a letter to the Home Minister, Swamy says that the union government should declare President’s rule in Tamil Nadu in view of the administrative disarray following the indefinite hospitalization of Chief Minister Jayalalithaa and her having to remain for health reasons incommunicado.

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Uttarakhand HC verdict quashing president’s rule stayed by SC till Apr 27

supremeNew Delhi, Apr 22: The Supreme Court today stayed the order of the Uttarkhand High Court which had quashed the imposition of President’s rule in the state.
The Bench headed by Justice Dipak Mishra ordered that the High Court provide judgment copies to all parties by April 26.