Did Muthalik bat for the Congress?

pramodContrary to his statement that he will fight to ensure that Narendra Modi becomes the Prime Minister, the controversial Pramod Muthalik will now make life hell for the BJP. Muthalik will now fight two Parliamentary constituencies at Dharwad and Bangalore South in an apparent bid to show that the candidates here who had allegedly okayed his entry into the BJP six days back were the ones who let him when the BJP sought to remove him.
While Ananth Kumar appears to be least bothered about his candidature from Bangalore South Parliamentary constituency, Prahlad Joshi the candidate from Dharwad is an extremely worried man. The manner in which the Congress has reacted to Muthalik’s candidature from two constituencies is only an indicator that he is set to do some damage to the BJP in Dharwad. The Congress however is well aware that Muthalik will make no difference in Bangalore South.
In Bangalore South, Muthalik has no takers as none are keen that a controversial person like him should get any votes. He will not even be able to take away the Hindu votes in this constituency which has vowed to vote for none other than Narendra Modi.

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RSS approved my entry- Muthalik


muthaMy entry into the BJP had the approval of the RSS and also members of the state unit of the BJP. Rajnath Singh should have trusted the state unit and not taken a hasty decision based on what some people on the social media had to say. This is what a visibly upset and angry Pramod Muthalik has to say after the decision to take him into the BJP was reversed in the next five hours on Sunday.

I have to point out that there has been a lot of hypocrisy where the decision regarding me is concerned. Ask anyone and they will tell you what I have done for the BJP. I have gone to jail fought so many issues for the party and today they treat me this way, Pramod Muthalik says in this interaction with rediff.com.

Muthalik on his next plan:

I will continue to support Narendra Modi for the post of Prime Minister. My organisation the Shri Ram Sena will not contest the elections, but we will campaign for the BJP and I shall take a decision to this effect after consultations with my followers. A man like Modi is good for the country. I will wait for the Karnataka BJP to speak with their national leaders and convince them about me campaigning for the party.

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Now Congress inducts Ram Sena member, changes decision

Yesterday the BJP overturned its decision on inducting the contreversial Paramod Muthali and today it was the turn of the Congress. Dinker Shetty an accused in the Mangalore pub attack case in which women were beaten up joined the Congress and barely few hours later his induction was put on hold and membwrship cancelled.
Shetty a legal advisor of the Ram Sena of which Muthalik is the chief was taken into the Congress in the presence of senior leaders Janardhan Poojary and Oscar Fernandes.
However shoetly after his induction there were protests within the Congress and even the BJP questioned the double standards of the party. Fernandes was quick to react and overturned the decision immediately. Fernandes while over turning the decision said that he was unaware of Shetty’s background.
The Karnataka Congress chief, Parameshwar said that he was unaware of his induction and corrective steps had been taken immediately. He also said that such decisions cannot be taken by individuals and needs the party’s approval for the same.
Yesterday Muthalik was inducted into the BJP and following an uproar his membership was cancelled.

Muthalik- What was the logic?


Pramod Muthalik’s entry into the BJP has not gone down too well with many BJP supporters and the outrage on the social media is clear. Muthalik who head the Shri Ram Sena was in the news for all the wrong reasons such as the pub attacks in which women were beaten up in Karnataka.
Muthalik was taken into the party at a function in Dharwad which was presided over by Karnataka state BJP chief Prahlad Joshi. The question that is being asked by several on the social media is why did the BJP take such a person in who was involved in incidents which embarassed the BJP government in Karnataka four years back.

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Benny Hinn- Will CM refuse permission?

benny_hinn-indiaBangalore is gearing itself up for a spate of protests in the wake of the visit by Controversial evangelist Benny Hinn who will visit the city between January 15 and 17. The Benny Hinn controversy is nothing new to Bangalore and the last time he had visited in 2005 major protests had erupted and the show finally went on thanks to a ruling of the Karnataka High Court.

Benny Hinn who claims that he can cure any disease has been accused of forcible conversions. The BJP in particular has been vocal about his visit and say under the garb of prayers, he converts people forcibly. The BJP this time around has decided to protest his visit with a lot of vigour and have even written to the Chief Minister of Karnataka, Siddaramaiah not to give permission to the event. The likes of Praveen Togadia, the Pejawar Seer from Udupi and Pramod Muthalik have all planned to join in to protest the visit of Benny Hinn. Continue reading “Benny Hinn- Will CM refuse permission?”

Gutter water has flown into BJP

He was the self declared moral police man of Karnataka. Pramod Muthalik the chief convenor of the Shri Ram Sene today is being asked one question and that is why has he been silent about the recent incident where two BJP legislators were caught watching a pornographic clip in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly.

However Muthalik who today is in Bangalore to oversee measures to be taken ahead of Valentines Day, says that the gutter water has entered into the Karnataka BJP. In this interview with rediff.com, Muthalik says that when gutter water enters into one’s home, the smell is always disgusting and never sweet.

What are your plans for Valentines Day?

Every year we have protests against this disgusting Western culture and this year too we will protest.

The past two years have been peaceful and your activists have not resorted to anything violent. We hope this year too it would be the same.

Do not worry about that. We have no intention of turning violent. All we are trying to do is convey a message that Western culture is not suited and people in India should not be celebrating Valentines Day at any cost as it is against our culture.

What programmes do you have on mind for Valentine’s Day?

We have held meetings and have decided to oppose it. However no force would be used. We are going to all colleges and hotels and requesting them not to allow any sort of Valentine’s Day celebration. In addition to this we are also distributing pamphlets in which we speak about the ill that could befall us by following a Western culture.

What if you find people celebrating Valentine’s Day? Will there be violence then?

No there shall be none. All we will do is first advise them and if they do not listen then complain against them to the police. We expect the police to take action against such persons who follow Valentine’s Day which according to be is obscene culture.

Recently some members of your organization were arrested for hoisting a Pakistan flag. This was construed as a tactic by you to incite communal tensions so that your organization gains some footage. Is this correct?

First of all my men have been fixed. The persons who were actually responsible for the incident were not my men. These were persons from the RSS and the Vishwa Hindu Parishath. The men who they finally arrested were good workers who were working for a cause. They wanted to fix me and my organization and hence the real culprits were shielded. There has been a ploy to always drag the name of my organization. It is alright let them go on doing it. We will continue to fight for the cause. I have clarified this before too and also said that we are becoming the sacrificial goats in every issue.

Now over to the latest controversy about the BJP MLAs and the porno incident. You did a lot of moral policing. Why this silence on this issue?

I am not quiet. You asked me I am talking. It is nothing but a dirty incident which has lowered the dignity not only of the party, but also of the people of the state. It is condemnable and action should be taken.

Action will be taken or has already been taken. But what do you plan to do about it considering you raise your voice against anything that is remotely wrong?

We are planning a series of protests in the days to come. We have a meeting of the core committee tomorrow following which we will launch a series of agitations against these ministers. We will continue to fight until the MLAs are ousted completely from their memberships. A mere resignation from the post of minister is not good enough. They are answerable to the voter who has elected them and hence they should be ousted from their post of MLA too. We will not let this issue go so easily.

You have been closely associated with the BJP once upon a time. It is said that the BJP is a cadre based party with a load of morals. What happened to those morals?

A lot of gutter water has flown into the BJP today. When gutter water flows in the smell is never sweet it is always disgusting. Hope you understand what I mean. The BJP for the sake of power has taken in a lot of persons from the Congress and the Janata Dal (S) to ensure that it has the numbers. In the bargain the party has lost its charm and has too many unwanted elements. This has led to a dip in morals and also increased corruption and greed within the party.

Are you saying that there are more such persons in the BJP today?

Yes at least 50 per cent of them are such persons and this is unfortunate as this is not how the party was built up. It had lot of morals and values at first but today it is the opposite. Look at the incident in the assembly which happened two days back. It has sent such a bad message and society has been ruined. If leaders behave this way then what example are they setting?

Are you happy with the action against them?

No there has been no action at all. The system needs to be cleaned up immediately. For that to happen a strong message has to be sent or a precedent set. I feel that these MLAs have to first be sent home and then to jail. My protest would demand that. The system needs a desperate change and for that such persons should not be anywhere close to public life.

Your thoughts on the Malpe rave party issue.

We have submitted a memorandum and hope that action will be taken to prevent such incidents. I have decided to adopt a non violent stand and all future battles will be fought without any violence and we will not get provoked unnecessarily.

This is not my Ram Sene

The Shri Ram Sene which had been in the news following the pub attacks in Mangalore is once again back in the news. This time it is for the assault on Prashanth Bhushan and also some supporters of Anna Hazare.

However the supremo of the Ram Sene, Pramod Muthalik remains unfazed as he said he is the biggest supporter of Anna Hazare and he would never do or get something of this sort done.

I know there is another group based in the North which also goes by the same name. I strongly suspect that it is that organisation which is carrying out these attacks. I am aware that all the fingers are pointing towards my organisation but let me be honest we have absolutely no presence in Delhi. Our activities are nill over there and hence there is no chance that any of my boys could have carried out this attack.

Moreover we are strong supporters of the Anna Hazare movement. During the fast that he undertook I was one of his strongest supporters. Our organisation took place in every possible programme at that time and hence the question of us carrying out this attack does not arise at all.

According to me the party most affected by Anna Hazare is the Congress since they have decided to take this party head on. It is more likely that they could stage manage such an attack because they are the one’s who have everything to gain if the Anna movement is silenced.

I have decided not to react to the fact that the name of my organisation is being dragged into it. I am not filing any case of defamation, but yes I would hope that a thorough inquiry is conducted the name of my organisation is not taken up without any  reason.

Rent a riot: Muthalik exposed!

The Sri Ram Sene which has been in the news for all the wrong reasons off late was exposed following a sting operation conducted by the television channel Headlines Today and Tehelka.
Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik, who shot to the limelight following the infamous assault on girls at a pub in Mangalore, was caught on camera demanding money from an undercover reporter who posed as an artist. After allegedly accepting a token contribution of Rs 10,000 for his contribution to the Hindutva cause, the reporter discussed a proposal with Muthalik, wherein Muthalik would arrange for a mob to attack the reporter’s painting exhibhition.
The reporter told Muthalik that he was a painter who aspired to be as famous as M F Hussain.The investigation, which lasted six weeks, also exposed how Muthalik and his aides were willing to incite a riot for a price. As per the proposal discussed first with Muthalik who in turn put the reporter in touch with his aides, the Sene would help vandalise the ‘artist’s’ exhibition, at a sensitive locality, dominated by Muslims.
Excerpts of Muthalik’s conversation with the reporter:
Reporter: Main chahta hun sir mujhe popularity mile or popularity milegi to mera business bhi badh jayega..agar aap kahen to main ..aap mujhe ek dayera bata de ..ki itna kharcha aa jayega ..itne ladke honge ..itna advo..matlab vakilon ka..hum log to complaint hi nahin karenge ..kyunki wo to hamari understanding hai…to sir lekin ye hai ki aap mujhe jo batayenge main advance aapke yahan chod kar ke jaunga uske baad aapko kahunga ki ye sir pura aa gaya hai aub sir kaam kar do (I want to gain popularity, so that my business does well, If you could tell me how much? That there will be so many men so many lawyers We won’t complain Because of our understanding. But what you term as the advance will be paid to you fully and only then will I tell you to go ahead and do the job)
Muthalik’s response, “Mangalore main kar sakte hain.( It can be done in Mangalore.)”Muthalik then said that to fix a price for such an operation, he needed to contact Prasad Attavar and Vasanth Bhavani — the head of the Sene’s unit.The reporter then managed to get access to Attavar, who is currently in jail. The reporter met Attavar twice in Mangalore jail and once at the high security jail in Bellary.
Prasad Attavar’s conversation with the reporter: Reporter: 15 lakh dega hum aapko ( I will give you 15 lakhs)Prasad: Haan? (huh!)
Reporter: 15 lakh dega (Will give 15 lakhs)
Prasad: Nahin wo main calculate karke kal main aapko batata hun kitna paisa chahiye (I will calculate the amount and tell you by tomorrow)
Reporter: Ladka kitna hoga? ( how many men will you have)
Prasad: Pachas (50)
Reporter: 50 ladka hoga jo tod fod danga type karega? (50 men who will indulge in a riot?)Prasad: Haan bilkul wo ye sub kiya na pub ka same aisa hi ( Yes it will be similar to what happened at the Mangalore pub)The next person whom the reporter met was Vasant Bhavani who told them that it would be good if they invited Mumtaz Ali Khan as the chief guest for the event. Khan is a minister in the B S Yeddyurappa government. Vasanth’s conversation with the reporter:
Vasant: Mumtaj Ali ko hi bulayie na ( you could call Mumtaz Ali)
Reporter: Kisko (who?)
Vasanth: Mumtaj Ali Khan Reporter: Ye kaun hain (who is he) Vasanth: Waqf board ka minister hai (The minister for Waqf boards) While discussing the aftermath of the attacks, when the ‘artist’ offered to not file cases against the Sene, Bhavani turned the suggestion down. If cases weren’t filed against the attackers, people would suspect that the attack had been engineered, was Bhavani’s rationale.
Muthalik’s reaction: A visibly upset Pramod Muthalik has threatened to sue all those involved in this operation. “I never took money and only a proper investigation will reveal the truth. I want the voice and the video that is being shown to be scrutinised. I am not guilty and I will take legal action against this operation,” Muthalik said.The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Karnataka has not reacted so far to this incident. Sources close to the ministers in the government said that it is too early to comment and it would be unfair to jump to any conclusion without verifying the details. The police department on the other hand made it clear that action can be taken only if a complaint is filed. “We will look into the matter and see what needs to be done,” a senior police official in Bangalore said.

Why fix one day for love

When one speaks of Valentine’s Day, the immediate thought that comes to mind is the mindless ruckus that was caused in Karnataka last year on the issue.

It started off with an assault on women at a pub in Mangalore which then spiralled into violence over Valentine’s Day celebrations.

The Sri Ram Sene in Karnataka was blamed for the violence and its activists had openly proclaimed that they were not in favour of people celebrating Valentine’s Day.

Their aggression was countered with a strange campaign, called the ‘pink chaddi’ campaign, in which some women sent pink-coloured undergarments to every member of the Ram Sene.

As Valentine’s Day approaches this year, the government in Karnataka is making all arrangements to ensure that the celebrations are not disrupted.

The Ram Sene, on its part, says that it has no intentions of disrupting the celebrations. Ram Sene cheif Pramod Muthalik, in this interview with rediff.com’s Vicky Nanjappa, says that his organsation will create a huge awareness drive against Valentine’s Day.

What is the Ram Sene planning against Valentinne’s Day celebrations this year?

People are free to do whatever they like. We have decided not to resort to any violence. Nobody can drag us into creating any kind of violence and our members don’t want any trouble. However, we have a huge awareness programme, which has already commenced all across Karnataka, and even on Valentine’s Day, we will continue with the programme.

So basically moral policing again.

It is not moral policing.

Who has given you the right to do this?

I don’t need anybody’s permission for this. We are a responsible organisation and we think that we need to conduct an awareness campaign, since the girls of our society are getting ruined because of this.

Why not an all-year-round vigil, if you are so very concerned about our girls?

We are always on the look out. Women complain to us about atrocities and we take care of their problems. It is not as though we express concern only during Valentine’s Day.

But you are in the limelight only during Valentine’s Day.

Maybe because you chose to interview me only before Valentine’s Day.

Anyway what sort of awareness are you creating?
We have gone to schools, colleges and hotels and told them not to support Valentine’s Day. We have been distributing pamphlets. We have told all of them that Valentine’s Day is aimed at ruining our culture. We are hopeful that the colleges and schools will support what we are saying in the interest of the children who get blindly carried away.

Can you give us an assurance that there will be no violence?

Yes, we can give an assurance. We will not do anything to those who celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Remember the ‘pink chaddi’ campaign? What do you think about it?

What kind of agitation was that? Was that decent? Being women, they are sending undergarments and making a public issue out of it. Do they even belong to our culture? It is some other culture, and I don’t want to speak the language that they deserve. I don’t have to give my opinion about them. The people of India know what those women are. They will give their opinion.

If they resort to such a campaign once again, what will you do?

We won’t do anything. Let them do what they want. We don’t deal with street people.

You raised your voice against Love Jihad. Can you tell us something about it?
Yes, our organisation is very much on the job. The available data shows that since the past three years, 8,000 Hindu women in Karnataka alone have been forcibly converted. We have made CDs and pamphlets on this issue. We are going from village to village creating awareness. We have been successful to a large extent on this. The Karnataka high court too has taken a note of this matter, and has told the police to look into the issue.

You are considered to be a prodigy of the Shiv Sena. What are your thoughts about their current actions?

We need to blame Jawaharlal Nehru for creating states on the basis of language. Now that it has been done, nothing much can be done about it. I agree that locals should be given preference in any state, but not at the cost that nationalism and patriotism.

Earlier you had spoken about women getting ruined due to Valentine’s Day. What is the basis of this statement?

Since last year, 118 women have committed suicide, 320 have been raped and Rs 3,000 crore worth of roses sold. This itself tells a big story. Women are being dragged into celebrating such a day under the pretext of love, and they are being used for wrong things.

Many women are trapped into such things. Look at the sale of roses, a market which is being controlled by the multi-national companies. Who is benefiting? Moreover, it is during Valentine’s Day that the sale of drugs is also very high. Women are being induced into all this, and in the bargain they are being ruined.

There are genuine cases of love as well. How can you stop a natural emotional feeling?

We are not against love. But why fix one day for love? According to me Valentine’s Day is not about love, it is just about lust.

If your intentions are so correct, then why is it that your activists go to jail?

That is the sad part of it. We are being fixed because we are protecting women. We are being fixed because we tell people not to take drugs.

Sir, you are being fixed because you hit people and tell them not to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

That is incorrect. You please take your words back.

The Bharatiya Janata Party government in Karnataka has said that it won’t tolerate anyone disrupting Valentine’s Day. What do you think of this?

Does this government have any sense or brains? Is this a statement they should be issuing? I don’t agree with them at all. However, we are not planning on disrupting the celebrations. All we want is to create awareness, so that people realise it on their own.