Will give martyr’s family new site, but demolition won’t stop: Karnataka minister Parameshwar

niranjan-11-1470914657Defence minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday waded into the issue of Pathankot martyr Lt. Col. E.K. Niranjan Kumar’s house in Bengaluru being marked for partial demolition as the Karnataka government and the municipal authority in Bengaluru continue to carry out action against buildings that encroach on storm-water drains to prevent Chennai-like floods in the nation’s technology capital.

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Now Congress inducts Ram Sena member, changes decision

Yesterday the BJP overturned its decision on inducting the contreversial Paramod Muthali and today it was the turn of the Congress. Dinker Shetty an accused in the Mangalore pub attack case in which women were beaten up joined the Congress and barely few hours later his induction was put on hold and membwrship cancelled.
Shetty a legal advisor of the Ram Sena of which Muthalik is the chief was taken into the Congress in the presence of senior leaders Janardhan Poojary and Oscar Fernandes.
However shoetly after his induction there were protests within the Congress and even the BJP questioned the double standards of the party. Fernandes was quick to react and overturned the decision immediately. Fernandes while over turning the decision said that he was unaware of Shetty’s background.
The Karnataka Congress chief, Parameshwar said that he was unaware of his induction and corrective steps had been taken immediately. He also said that such decisions cannot be taken by individuals and needs the party’s approval for the same.
Yesterday Muthalik was inducted into the BJP and following an uproar his membership was cancelled.