Hard talk on the hotline: India snubs China on step back suggestion

indo-china-borderNew Delhi, Aug 06: In a snub to the Chinese, India has conveyed that it will not move back from its current military position north of Pangong Tso. China had on Sunday suggested this step and said that this would break the deadlock in the disengagement process.

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On de-escalation, India in no hurry until Chinese complete dis-engagment

ind-chinNew Delhi, Aug 06: There shall be no de-escalation in Ladakh until the Chinese complete the disengagement process, India has said.

India has also refused the demand by the Chinese that its troops move back behind the Dhyan Singh Thapa post. An official said that there is no urgency what so ever in de-escalation at Pangong Tso, which has been the biggest point of contention.

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As several sticking points remain, India preps for a long haul at Ladakh border

ind-chin3New Delhi, Aug 01: The Indian Army would be looking to enhance deployment on the Ladakh border until total disengagement by the Indian and Chinese armies takes place.

While the Chinese have claimed that disengagement has taken place along the disputed border, India clarified that the same has not taken place at both Pangong Tso and Gogra.

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Pangong Tso, Gogra to feature in 5th military commander level talks

in-chinNew Delhi, July 31: The stand off at Pangong Tso and Patrolling Point 17A at Gogra will be the focus of the fifth military commander level talks between India and China.

The next round of talks is expected in a couple of days, sources have told OneIndia while adding that the ground work is being laid for the same. The talks were initially planned over the weekend, but an official word on the same is still awaited.

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Depsang Y, Pangong Tso disengagement to be discussed at Indo-China military level talks

in-chinNew Delhi, July 27: The military commanders of India and China are soon set to meet and the focus would be on Pangong Tso and Depsang.

During the meeting, India will ask China to completely disengage at Pangong Tso lake and Depsang Y junction in Eastern Ladakh.

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Disengagement at Pangong Tso: Internal deliberations on, statement likely today

ind-chin-flagNew Delhi, July 15: Internal deliberations are on in the Indian Army over the consensus reached between the military commanders over the disengagement process particularly around Pangong Tso. A statement to this effect is likely to be issued tomorrow.

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Indo-China standoff: Why phase-II of deescalation will be a tricky affair

indo-china-lacNew Delhi, July 15: While phase one of the de-escalation took place smoothly, phase-II is expected to be a tough affair.

Sources familiar with the developments tell OneIndia that the first phase was relatively smoother as the Line of Actual Control is less contested in the Hot Springs, Galwan Valley and Gogra. It may be recalled that the two armies pulled back by around 2.5 kilometres each and created buffer and no patrolling zones.

During 14.5 hour meet of military commanders, India tells China to reduce troops at Depsang Bulge

indochina2New Delhi, July 15: The marathon meeting between the military commanders of India and China lasted for 14 hours and got over only at 2 am on Wednesday.

The meeting began at 11.30 am on Tuesday and went on for almost 14.5 hours. During the meeting, both sides discussed de-escalation at Pangong Tso. The two sides extensively discussed vacating the Finger Complex on the northern side of Pangong lake.

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Pull back by Chinese at Pangong Tso sets stage for military commander level talks

indo-china-borderNew Delhi, July 09: Its troops remain fully deployed in the depth areas of Xinjiang and Tibet. A build up across the Arunachal Pradesh Line of Actual Control has also been noticed.

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Northern banks of Pangong Tso witnesses more thinning of PLA troops

galwanvalley-3aNew Delhi, July 09: The dis-engagement at the Gogra Post/Hot Springs has been completed, where the troops have moved back nearly two kilometres from the Line of Actual Control, sources familiar with the matter have said.

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