What is Doval’s offensive defense and double squeeze policy for Pakistan

AJIT-DOVALPakistan today said that Doval’s offensive defense and double squeeze policy to make India a regional hegemon will never succeed. The offense defence and double squeeze policy of Doval’s was visible during the surgical strikes that India carried out across the Line of Control following the Uri attack.

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Reserve right to hit back if our soldiers are in danger: India to Pak at DGMO meet

359492-punjab-police-armyIndia has said that all cease fire violations in the Jammu sector were initiated by the Pakistan rangers. The same was conveyed at the DGMO level meet between India and Pakistan.

The DGMO level talks were held at the behest of the Pakistan DGMO. The Pakistan DGMO raised the issue of civilians being targeted. India said that the cease fire violations were initiated by Pakistan and the BSF had only responded appropriately. It was also said that no targeted firing on civilians were carried out by India.

Pak at UN calls for international probe on use of pellet guns by India

]Shahid Khaqan Abbasi

cPakistan raised the issue of pellet guns in the United Nations. Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in his address at the UN General Assembly in New York said that the use of pellet guns by India constitutes war crimes and violate the Geneva Convention. We demand an international investigation on this, Abbasi also said.

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Pak slams greater role for India in Afghanistan

india-pakThe advocating of a greater role for India in Afghanistan by the United States has been condemned by Pakistan.

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What is India’s Cold Start Doctrine

tanksPakistan said that it had developed short range nuclear missiles to counter India’s Cold Start Doctrine. What is India’s Cold Start Doctrine? Cold start is a military doctrine that was developed by the Indian Army for use in a possible war with Pakistan.

This doctrine involves various branches of the Army conducting offensive operations as part of unified battle groups.

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Pak has short range nukes to counter India’s ‘cold start doctrine,’ says Abbasi

Shahid Khaqan AbbasiRaising the nuclear rhetoric, Pakistan has said that it has developed short-range nuclear weapons to counter the “cold start doctrine adopted by the Indian Army”.

Sushma Swaraj in New York: Bi-lateral with Pak ruled out

sushmaExternal Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj arrived in New York to represent India at the annual UN General Assembly (UNGA) session with a packed schedule of super diplomacy among an array of world leaders.

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BSF jawan martyred in cease fire violation by Pakistan

bsfkashmirOne jawan has been martyred in Pakistan firing at the Arnia sector in Jammu and Kashmir. There was a cease fire violation reported early this morning.

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How Hurriyat crooks diverted Pakistan money into their private coffers

hurriyatleadersThe National Investigation Agency probing the Kashmir terror funding case has learnt that a large part of the money given to separatists had been diverted into purchasing private property.

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Legitimising Pakistan’s terror groups by taking the political plunge

terroristDeclarations and bans do not make any difference to Pakistan. The modus operandi earlier was to change the names of the outfits to beat the ban and these days terror groups have entered politics to seek legitimacy.

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