Lured by explicit chat, this Army clerk shared info with ISI for Rs 15,000

New Delhi, May 18: An Army clerk who was arrested on charges of spying for the ISI was honey-trapped by a well trained woman.

The police in Madhya Pradesh arrested the 26 year old clerk on the charge that he was leaking vital information relating to the Indian Army to the ISI.

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Get ready, we need the heat on JeM to settle, ISI tells Lashkar

lashkar33New Delhi, May 15: Pakistan says that it has been acting against the Jaish-e-Mohammad in the aftermath of the listing of its chief, Maulana Masood Azhar by the United Nations.

With these developments the activities of the Jaish-e-Mohammad are likely to come down in India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir. However Pakistan has plan B and that would be to prop up the Lashkar-e-Tayiba to fill in the vacuum.

With Azhar banned, Pak will use Mohammad Rauf, Athar Ibrahim to run JeM

New Delhi, May 02: In the wake of the UN ban on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief, Maulana Masood Azhar, Pakistan would now find ways to safeguard him and his outfit.

One could expect some eye-wash from Pakistan to show that it seems to be acting against Azhar and the JeM. Anticipating such a decision and a strike by India in the aftermath of the Pulwama attack, Pakistan’s ISI has shifted Azhar’s base over four times, Indian intelligence agencies tell OneIndia.

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Is the Islamic State being run at the behest of Pakistan’s ISI in India?

isisnewNew Delhi, Apr 30: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is hot on the trail of Islamic State modules down South, in the wake of the Sri Lanka bombings. While Kerala and Tamil Nadu, considered to be hubs of the Islamic State are high on the radar, it all began with the NIA busting a major module in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh.

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Pakistan drug money, a port at Koddikarai and the link to the Sri Lanka bombings

New Delhi, Apr 27: Koddikarai, a fishing port in Tamil Nadu was once a hub for Sri Lankan smugglers, who traded beedis for opium. Over the years, the nature of the smuggling from here changed drastically and it became a landing spot for drugs, arms and ammunition. It may be recalled that in the month of October 2013, India had detained the MV Seaman Guard Ohio after allegations of the ship entering India with a huge cache of weapons had surfaced.

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Osama Brigade: Pakistan a mischievous player in Sri Lanka’s radicalisation since 1990

New Delhi, Apr 29: As the agencies continue to probe the ghastly terror attacks in Sri Lanka, the names of the National Towheed Jamath (NTJ) and the Islamic State have cropped up. This is a new wave of terror in Sri Lanka, which had fought a long and bloody civil war with the LTTE. The seeds of Islamic terror in Sri Lanka were originally sowed by Pakistan’s ISI.

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1,000 and counting: 25 Hindu girls are forcibly converted to Islam daily in Pakistan

New Delhi, Apr 19: The kidnapping of yet another Hindu girl in Pakistan and forcibly being converted to Islam has raised major concerns again.

Officials in India tell OneIndia that there is a clear pattern to these incidents and several 1,000 cases have been reported so far.

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India suspends LoC trade with Pakistan

New Delhi, Apr 18: India has suspended trade along the Line of Control with effect from April 19. The action was taken after it was reported that Pakistan based elements were using the trade route to smuggle weapons, fake currency and narcotics.

The decision has been taken after reports of “cross Line of Control trade routes being misused by Pakistan based elements for funneling illegal weapons, narcotics and fake currency etc”, a statement by the Home Ministry read.

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Here is why trade along LoC with Pakistan was suspended by India

indo-pak-trade-locNew Delhi, Apr 18: Citing misuse India on Friday suspended trade along the Line of Control (LoC) with effect from April 19. The action was taken after it was reported that Pakistan based elements were using the trade route to smuggle weapons, fake currency and narcotics.

The Home Ministry said that a stricter regulatory and enforcement mechanism is being worked and the issue of the reopening the trade routes will be revisited once they are implemented.

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At Modi’s behest Khalistan movement Referendum 2020 banned in Pakistan claims SJF

khalistanNew Delhi, Apr 16: Pakistan has banned the Referendum 2020 team run by the Sikhs for Justice, the group has claimed. The group said that its team was banned in Pakistan at the behest of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.

Legal adviser of SJF, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun claimed that the authorities in Pakistan had stopped the groups activists from putting up posters and banners of the Khalistan referendum campaign at the Gurudwara Panja Sahib in Hassan Adbal.

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